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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dancing in the Ten Dark Worlds 2

2. Fear of Father God's condemnation

The forces which this fear relates to, emanate out through the index finger of the passive hand. Here we find the influences characterizing Our Father as the Divine Will of utter existence - Quiescent but ever present (and we do mean ever present) hidden, yet always apparent, presiding over all. 

So in a display of yet one more divine paradox, we have the finger equal to that of our own egoic willing showing aptitude, yet the one which is the same but on the passive hand with seemingly less direction, represents the governing forces for the two. 

This fear provokes devastating doubts about the self-worth of the individual experiencing this possibility. In the paragraphs prior to this it was mentioned about the individual who lays judgment upon another from the assumed position of knowing the mind and mercy of Our Father. The tenet 'judge not lest ye be judged' literally works on many levels - not the least of which in respect to our own operating powers within. 

Through our arterial connection secure to Father God and ourselves, we have the ability to refer to Him constantly in prayer and inner referral. We may go to Him for consolation or for direction, when our own wills are undecided or wanting. Yet we cannot go to Him on behalf of another. This is why we pray 'Thy Will be Done'. The very nanosecond we have assumed to become Him and endeavored to judge with our own will believing this to be His, we are gently but powerfully invoking consequences. 

The severe man who abides by an authoritarian view often inflicts himself with the same severity, but worse. The individual who chooses judgment before mercy in perspective as well as in act, will assuredly suffer the enormous shadow of doubt, pretending to be the disapproving Father. So once again we can see the confusion between the usefulness and purpose given to those who:
a) consult Father God for direction and discriminate what is correct and right according to this consultation;
 b) the unholy practice of determining this for others without being privy to their arterial referral or choice in the practice.



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