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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dancing in the Ten Dark Worlds 6

6. Fear of helplessness (lack of power in the world)

Obedience, by choice, is the theme for the corresponding finger on the passive hand (known as the wedding ring finger) and is the foci point for this fear - being of helplessness and lack of power.

This fear is not about a lacking of strength or opportunity so much as it is about 'giving way' to something or someone we do not wish to give in to. We are unwilling, yet feel helpless in our situation fraught with compromise.

Frequently our sense of self, our 'I am', is contested to reveal or reinvent its identity. This is largely a very creative process. It is very beautiful and inspirational to even the higher beings that enjoy immensely, watching the aspiring being of Man create himself or herself out from a former person.

This individual task is especial to that individual. Although we can thank wholeheartedly the many folk who have contributed to our making, it is nonetheless a singular employment which is private and ongoing regardless. 

Whenever obedience is granted begrudgingly, the person giving way is walking in the direction of this fear of helplessness full speed. It is of course moreover a reality they are experiencing in the here and now, but also an aggravation for the future aspect of mind as well. 

There is no love transpiring in obligation, and no profit from those who give without really desiring to give in the first place. For the individual who persistently 'dogs' around the orders of others there will be a repeated fear of helplessness haunting the in between hours of their 'duties'. 

This also applies very much to the debilitating attitude of spiritual aspirants who believe their future investments should be just a chore. Without a true willingness of self, the self can never be invested and the acts are but superficial.


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