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Friday, November 19, 2010

Chymicalia- 6th October 1999

THERE are times of great influx whereupon the spirit-beings of incarnatees rush fervently hither-thither searching for some opening - almost frantic, sometimes with reprisal, ever hopeful. The driving force to be born into this world propels their desire yet further. As it is right now, there is a clamoring for entrance (en-trance: also an apt word in relation to the present day consciousness: within this world the spiritual becomes subject to, in part).

Would that this hasty eagerness could infect the egoic knowing and the heart’s determining; and that all thoughts given to Mind were of Christ and of His Becoming.

This era is both volatile and giving. Just as the seeds of men will plant themselves wherever they can, so also will the divinities make their call, seeking out those responsive enough to receive their most intimate of wisdoms. The World is stretching and straining. The complexities are not merely physical, nor even of themselves, most fixable.

The Rosicrucian Temple exists 'out of Time'. It was initiated as such, so that the pilgrim could always return regardless of the calamities which beset his efforts in and out of current fixations. This is why they go on to exist presently and still remain accessible, (as one of the key symbols does imply). TIME.

Chymicalia involves a process which when effected properly (with both inner and outer conditions in compliance) there is a happening. Prior training and knowledge shall equip the pilgrim in the process, but are not of themselves the process made active. You may know the engine's components, you may hold the license to drive, but the process of this animation is involved in the combined actions of this actually happening. You've got the car, you've got the road, you've got the fuel, you've got the key, you've got the theory, you have possibility. (You have a passenger also, and a picnic lunch.)

We have watched worlds be born and die. The layers of this planet still recollect such events, and as the most humbling of stepping stones you can walk from sphere to sphere out into the Moon through a different kind of death-camp of spiritual refugees, where the vanquished souls of dismembered men await for a return that will not be permitted. 

There are beings with luster (the phosphorescence of an all-giving love) and then there are beings of just lust (demented with want, cold entities, imported mercenaries, sinewy and ragged, bloodless and bony). Radiant Angeloi are unperturbed by the grotesque frolics of their contending foe. The Heavens are TAUT with such competing forces.

Man is sensitive, so sensitive, to the arguing that occurs about him. This is not often to be pondered upon, but made mention of here in relation to the Crusades and their higher purpose. When the spiritual man ventures out into the reaches he needs be strong enough within his faith to withstand these arguments and tensions and strife. And yes, look within as well. Be always vigilant: knowing WHO and WHAT to trust, and what NOT to lend yourself to.

The crucible is guarded. The crucible is HOLY. No artifact could equal its prized value. It requires a true man to infuse it with his giving. 

Through process there can become actuality. KNOWLEDGE couples with his handmaiden, WISDOM. And the two must be given to such a process in the crucible that will ever after bring about substantiation to their fragile beings.

The King and the Queen may then be crowned, and Life goes on.

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