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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Mothering Earth- 20th October 1999

THERE is a general assumption given to earthquake activity, tornadoes, volcanoes, and subsequent other extreme events (such as tidal waves) in which the environment is disturbed to the point of devastation … there is an assumption which says that these physical catastrophes are a response from the Planet herself to the conditions Man has imposed upon her delicate ecology, be it physically or spiritually.

Firstly, it should be said that at all times the Mothering Earth does love her children, and nothing changes in this.

If one were to measure the 'negative' thought and calamitous behavior felt and known in the spiritual spheres adjoining the physical here, they would understand that we are, in point of fact, most greatly improved today, from the human view (as far as the input of Men is concerned); though the tensions which manifest through the demonic community are much the same as they have been for many Moons. ('Many Moons' is a great esoteric phrase allowing for many incarnations of a planet and its deceased remnants after the fact.) 

So spiritually, in the thought world or in the astral membrane, one can happily suggest that although negativity does collect and compound over time, it is not so much greater than has been tolerated and dealt with in previous eras (i.e. a century or two ago, for example).

Physically it is true to say that there have been insidious corruptions - the most sinister involving the cross-kingdom practices which cause disassociation between the life-giving properties and the realms affected, being forced to participate. This, and even the chemical/aerial diseases (for the time being) are not so significant as to be the cause of earth renderings.

As to the magnetic influences given by planetary positionings, yes they do assist in certain changes which are effected, but are not in themselves a cause of any happenings - just as astro-logically there are influences offering differing virtues, and yet our reception of these influences is governed primarily by that one stellar body, which comprises ourselves.

Picture a whale which is overjoyed to meet with you, coming right towards you in glee. Now having pictured this, you have the just the beginning notion (with this whale within the ocean, and the motion of the ocean) of an earthquake and its in-tensions in this activity of great calamity. When she shudders and splits and moves so - exposing cavities and new ravines - it is with an excited love that has awakened the sleeping body that rumbles so.

When the spirits within the air gather force enough to sweep the horizons with such whirling speeds that lift up the ground beneath, it is with the exaggerated voracity of consciousness - a deliberate action of self exclamation, with newfound excitement. For us such excitement is dangerous, yes, but the storms mean us no harm, and neither do any of the elements (and their beings) wish to cause the havoc that inevitably follows after their exuberance.

Christ's own consciousness is bent upon us and gazing now back into His World … and His World is looking back. When she feels His Mind upon her she is greatly made happy and becomes, in very quick instances, much excited. Rocks will leap, rivers will swell, clouds will race - because of a heightened activity, because of a newfound exuberance borne upon this enlivening coming from Him.

Diseases too will flourish, just as all things will become MORE. So too will the capabilities and possibilities flood into the very deserts of want.

We must do all that we can to care for the folk who are dislocated from the lives they have formerly known, because of the changes which will come. However, in our own thinking upon these matters it becomes a kindness to all to realize that the elemental forces and the Earth Herself are not displaying political statements against the community of Man upon the Globe. They are just powerful cohabitants and benefactors which presently cannot maintain their own strength for the while.

Man's problems will be assisted by the receiving of Christ's influence into the etheric, into the matter, and into our own hearts and minds within.

It is prudent for us not to add to the misfortune of these times by attaching a paranoid mistrust of the very system which does support and sustain us, and loves us so well.

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