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Monday, November 15, 2010

In the Cold Light of Day- 13th June 1999

Therefore, fellow denizens of S98 [Steiner 98- a now defunct internet discussion group], how about we all get together onlist and work up a specific question for the BeeHive Brothers who really do have a keen interest in whatever it is we are doing here on Ahriman's substitute for the Akasha Chronicle.

Right now, I would like to ask them what they perceive about the
nature of the Internet medium, the specific good and evil spiritual beings attracted by the medium and what positive value the Internet has for our spiritual evolution.
- Tom

It has been said by men much more learned than yours truly that we can help to redeem Ahriman by understanding such things as computers.
What do the Brothers think of Ahriman's redemption?
- B.J.

IT is not uncommon for creatures to be fed upon when they have died. Whether by road-kill or slaughter, cull or murder, there are instances, crossing kingdoms, where the dead are devoured by those who would take from them.

You could picture a fox and a hare. The hare is dead. Soon the muscles will have relaxed into frozen. Soon the warmth and etheric vapors will have evaporated. The intelligence, the intuitive forces and keys of the animal, have departed as well. The fur-clad limbs give way unto the tearing, and the blood seeps out, some to whiskers of hungry fox. And he is empowered, he is nourished, he is excited, satisfied yet insatiated all the same, with this his kill. 
  When life has withdrawn and the body remains, inanimate to the presence that did formerly drive it, you can see a queer bluish glow about the flesh. You can define very clearly what is life and what is death, for that which is dead does not resemble in any way truly, that which it was - it is different.

The cadaver and even the forces which now move out from it, are surrogate to the beings who would make use of the remains, for that time which it is present. All forms of life are opportunistic. If there is an opening into further life, into manifestly becoming or consuming, enshrouding or even invading, the beings within the locality will hurry into any such lost-property and make it a home. There is a certain adaptfulness and usefulness almost everywhere.

Further to this there are three types of beings that can be graded, who live concurrent to each other, yet live with great distinction from one another. Directly within this world and close-by affecting its evolution, the three distinctions are both in vitality and of purpose, namely:
  1. those of the past forces,
  2. those of the present living
  3. and those of the future impulses
- all 'alive' with vitalities and permeations which pertain to those three categories also. 

The hare, when it was alive, manifested and gave home to those beings which were current to the physical existence, as well as some which pertained to that of the future as well. Its consciousness belonged in the present, and although one could argue agreeably, that much of what it was belonged to that larger Group Soul, which incorporated all of the ancient qualities of hare accumulated (and this in itself is true), we can establish that primarily its consciousness belonged in the moment, as it happened. The consciousness is what we may look to in order to define the nature of the being in relation to its timeliness.

When the consciousness departed the body, the remains of the hare were rapidly given over to the new forces then driving in. During this transition of decay, the astral body begins its phase of manifestive dilemma. This dilemma will eventually assist with the breakdown and dissemination of its own formation (something which is not easy from its point of view, as it has remained 'true' to the life of the hare and resists change terribly). Yet concurrently within its own opposing activity, there shall also be emissions of such 'death radiations' as they pass through the expiring material.

It is possible for new life to find its key into the physical world riding on the back of the astral, just prior to its complete and perfect dissipation. At the gates of death small life forms will creep through in trojan fashion, animating something which was formerly representative of some other life which bore differing qualities.

The hare has traditionally represented our Moon. If we consider the Moon in its period of decay, in relation to our Hare and Fox analogy, it can be understood that although we may still draw much in from those forces about the Moon, they are of a very different nature to those which were present at the time when it was consciously inhabited by the originator of its form. 

Similarly, we have beings which are absorbed within this Globe that do come directly riding in upon the moonbeams, as it were - and with the ancient rays of now decayed sunlight as well. These beings which are conveyed in the electricities you ask of, are the ahrimanic beings now overcrowding our sphere, inspiring the technologies and illuminating the properties amongst us with the radiations from form which refuses to break down.

In our message/speak prior to this there were the passages (on the subject of Horticulture and the etheric world):

"So we may contemplate the bringing into this world of yet further life and so rejoice. The Horticulturalist knows life in its voracity and virililence. He has met with the Trinity in its unaffected and most wild happiness.

"For the student who has not this element of understanding there is a compulsion to order, to cold divisioning and to decisiveness such is choleric, yet over-so. The very profile of the ahrimanic contender, who has forsook their natural joy for a seriousness that will consume them if their natural world does not return within them.

"Let us look then to the Trinity in relation to this matter:

that of calling the higher laws and love into realization.
Fixed realities
No freedom
No Change - only repetition & a constant maintaining of the past
The higher Life empowering the Manifestation, realization and expression of lesser life
Contests further development
Ego of Man -
Empathetic reasonings;
Starry virtues realized;
the order of a harmonious ecology;
etheric healing
Great Love.
False glory:
Requires submission to the higher being of Lucifer.
Watermarks Life with the ‘L’ of Lucifer which also stands for Loss.
Loss of identity, consciousness, ego, and true love. (Christ-hood)

Aspect of Trinity
Aspect’s action on Physical body
Agent opposing the Physical
Agent’s action on physical body
Father God
Sustaining -
ability to ‘go on’
Fixed conditions
cold element
cannot receive light or warmth for renewal
Holy Spirit
Life’s vitalities
Fiery life when it opposes the physical (rather than by egoic assistance)
Death threatening Fevers;
susceptibility to erosive viruses
high blood pressure
(being an erosive action on organs)
absorption of nourishment,
harmonious systems,
glandular systems
False Light
promoting the overstimulation
of growth without symbionics -
or ecology
kidney failure

"This table (above) is not intended for diagnostic purposes - it is moreover an indication of the physical condition primarily and how it can be affected or afflicted by given influences. Second-guessing the spiritual causes to any condition within the physical is far more involved than any one table could explain, let alone from just one criterion understood, therefore this is just to be taken as is - and be noted duly as simply pertaining to the physical body itself rather than its occupant within."
Ahrimaniacal beings are 'one-eyed' single dimensional entities whose comprehension and focus is straight forward, yet unbalanced, as far as perspective does go. Our own pineal 'one-eyedness' is not as one eye alone, but in actuality it is as a thousand - seeing all around itself - whereas the ahrimaniacal being is the original Cyclops as then depicted, as perceived in distinction to Man.

Assembled machines, computers, or for that matter, egg-beaters, do not of themselves have a consciousness. The entities which swarm around the action of the engine of a motor vehicle, those that live in the mineral fuel and its emissions, those that hover in the noise and delight in going for the drive, those accompanying entities do not comprise one sole intelligence which could ever consciously drive that vehicle anywhere.

At best, the magician has in past episode made an appearance of such ... of making the inanimate animate with what does seemingly contain some being within ... yet this frankensteinian concept is of itself promulgated by the ahrimaniacal beings who would wish it so. It is a key concept because it discredits life and manifestation as we understand it, to hold to this process of incarnation and all that that means.

Critically speaking, each associate host which belongs to the kingdoms of Man itself, holds signatory understanding (even if only in infancy), of the many phases of soul and of ego that there are (even those yet to be and to become). Although latent, the lesser beings have their measure of Christ-likeness - of warmth, of light and of future possibility. They have the desire, the very Budhi and the Manas which holds a revelatory composure. In other words, all that comprises Man and is Man, has great potential, a potential which is larger than itself.

The nature of Ahriman is not one of that of the visionary. He is practical, unpersuadable, at times indelible, but he is not, characteristically, made of the stuff of the future. He is submissive to Christ, and given to Christ's tolerance. There is much about this world that pains him and much he would not even choose to associate with, were it not for his worship of devices, gadgetry, and Christ Himself that draws him ever nearer into this realm.

Of the most solemn issues regarding the individuality at the apex of the beings of influence incorporated within, we shall not make comment. There is no worthwhile reason to go there. We can study the aspects as they affect our daily lives etc. but to make a study of the most serious characteristics this being has, would be like dipping the quill into the poison (something we shall not do for the sake of the lessons).

In relation to the internet and all of its conveyances: one of the most beloved attributes of Christianity is that it can be blissfully transformative just by its courage and its purpose. One can leap past the uncertainty and danger that presents with the qualifying optimism and drive of a yet higher purpose! How often we see a meaning transformed because of a higher motivation so governing it.

On the sub-psychic strata concerning magnetisms, magnetic fluids, radiative and permeative influences, one can say that by having intercourse with anything which is infused electronically, one finds it is wearing to the etheric vitality, debilitating to the ego's veneer and illusory (therefore disruptive) to the intelligence.

If we absorb these difficulties and proceed with a good purpose, the results will become clear to us also. The gains can quite easily exceed the cost. The fatigue can be replaced with yet a higher revivification, coming from the enterprise itself and all of the worthwhile joys that it does bring. It does not ever need to indicate that we are inextricably bound to the ahrimanic demons who frequent the ethers that we work with. Conversely, it does not mean to say that we shall rehabilitate them into anything other than what they are either.

Such a transformation shall be acquired through more protracted means ... can you make a guess how this can be achieved S98? ["Rudolf Steiner", 1998 group]

Keep in touch!
Get back to us with some ideas here? ....

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