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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Grim Troubadour, part 2

A mission of Christ was to free any man afflicted by a 'seal', by an 'imprint', by a mark which claimed as the mule. What on Earth do people imagine that our beloved Christ came particularly to do? And what is there, that he cannot do for those who abide with Him?..... The old Egyptians would have their ways! They stalk, they pace, defile, degrade and then disgrace!

We cannot speak of seals in great detail. To do so would become a prescription for such - and that is not desirous. However, what may be said is that this attachment within a man does not dissolve and does not become incorporated within his being after death. One does not bear artificial appendages that are 'withdrawable' - transferable, yes, withdrawable in and out of incarnation, no. 

The 'Keeper of the Seals' was the term given to the chief hierophant, who, during spells of initiatory ingestions required that the subservient pupil would allow such seals afforded to them, as a mark of their lodge, of their school, of their faction; and such were imposed, given and known only to the hierophant whose jurisdiction prevailed. In times of initiations into spheres, venturing into planes, such relationships were as linkages, from pupil to master - like a lifeline from one to the other, and thus they stayed. Such seals did however have definite form given to them, and had power to override the will of the pupil in those times, as necessary - depending upon who was the keeper. Much the same as the 'learn to drive car' which has two steering wheels, two brake pedals. As one can well imagine much trust was mandatory on behalf of the pupil as to who he may trust....

Some would only understand that to be seen to be good, is as good as being good - however, this is an unwholesome reality. One is either good or not good, in whatever aspect that is chosen to review. It is not enough to be seen to be priestly, but rather to be made of the stuff in which priests are made of. That is: to be administrators to men, servants of God and His people - Minister: to administer - whatever it takes, in the calling, in the service, and in the glory remonstrated by the celebrations....

To some, at one time, the world was darkened, in a claustrophobic, constricting sense which stifled the aspirant, weakened and overshadowed even the most pious. This darkness consumed the air and many saw only demons - invisible, and within men - and trembled throughout the incarnation. One might well understand an unswerving and determined individual who, by today might be seen to be 'pigheaded' to say the least, not understanding the needs of the day and the plight of those who were awakened enough to perceive the ghoulish grip upon the hearts of men.


It is only a small number of people in each case who understand all these things. For as a rule these societies are organized in such a way that the ceremonial magic they practice influences only those who are unaware of the implications, merely desiring to make contact with the spiritual world by means of symbolic ceremonies. There are many such people. And those who have this desire are by no means necessarily the worst. They are accepted as members of the circle of ceremonial magic among whom there are then a few who simply use the rest of the members as instruments. Therefore one should beware of all secret societies administered by so-called higher grades whose aims are kept hidden from the lower grades. These administrative grades usually comprise those who have been initiated to a stage at which they only have a vague idea of what I have just been explaining to you. They comprise those who are to work positively in connection with certain goals and aims which are then realized by the wider group of those who have been merely inveigled into the circle of ceremonial magic. Everything these people do is done in such a way that it leads in the direction required by the higher grades but is strengthened by the forces which come from ceremonial magic.

-Rudolf Steiner 

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