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Monday, October 5, 2009

Subtle & Awesome Beauty- 2nd October 1991

The sky is deep, the water blue,
Around the Sun a golden hue,
Upon a laugh, I shall arise,
To kiss the cheek,
Wipe dry the solemn eye,
I live for life, life lives for me,
I plunge the depths, I skim the sea,
Thy beauty smiles, I live for Thee,
I am a child of vast mystery.

ONE can never come to appreciate beauty in all of its forms, enough. Beauty is undeniably present within the ugliest to the most magnificent manifestation, and is never spoilt by our lack of consideration. It is easy to understand how so many have revered beauty first and foremost, giving over to a life of celebration and enlightenment which seeks to reveal the captured spirit, which in pure form is Creation.

There have been dark periods whereby men were almost unaware of the profound beauty of the world and of the heavens. Conditions were such that the soul-perception was persuaded by just about everything else but our indefinable beauty. It was as though she had vacated the Earth for a period, had been swept off into hiding and required the longing desire of Men before she could make her splendid return; for there are many considerations other than Beauty. It is a strange concept that of all that may be overlooked, Beauty herself may be the one. But there is much that can come before a man and his love, which does blind and bind him to false enchantment with hollow exploit.

There is much that is untoward, for that matter quite irksome, when one comes to soul-instructions set out by men which are bereft of beauty. For whatever reason, there are those who would deny her graceful presence and touch of her hand, and prefer to concentrate all inquiry upon extractions of philosophy or mental chit-chat, and take the child from its mother, so to speak.

For those who suffer a dull and glib existence beauty is so needed, in surroundings and in appreciation. She is self-explanatory. She is not related in any way to subjective desires or compromises, but rather to be known in that which lies outside from ourselves. She does not entertain, she is neither frivolous nor subdued, but in stately innocence, to be regarded, respected and paid with gratefulness, for she holds the mirror in which one may view the Face of God.

Beauty unlike fashion, cannot be cleverly contrived or incited. Although she is far from shy, she may not be brought forth and made known to us because we wish to replicate her in any way. However, when one meets with her and comes then to find her at every meeting, the heart is glad and fulfilled and the purpose of much existence becomes apparent also.

There are many demons which frighten a man from his manhood. He appears to be unreachable, he appears to be 'out of touch' with the spiritual realities. For these men in particular, it is important that the answer corresponding to their fearful malady of incongruous banality is made with impression that speaks once again to their inspirative self. There are answers around us for all forms of complaint. 

The greatest interference which one finds, is when men are satisfied for second best and become content with such. In the case of beauty, men often regard many a mistaken value and draw their appreciation (which is limited) therefrom, without the eyes to see the true reality from the attractive, but unattractive form. Shallow perceptions invariably lead to further shallow interpretations. The heart comes to know of the treasures of Creation as being of themselves truly valuable; whereas those who discern not by the heart, but by some measure of personal preference, only perceive value as value enhanced and not intrinsically in place regardless of appreciation.

Some are not interested in the sky if they cannot attach money to it. Some are not interested in the spirit of anything if they feel that they cannot personally claim ownership over it. And that which they do value, being most valueless, gives nothing in return. They may labor lifelong for the valued valueless mock-treasures: the tinsel of self-gratification and the glitter of personal accomplishment. In all of this unrewarding effort they have little remaining at the end of the term.

It is a question of ego-identity. In truth one's ego-identity may only become infilled by exterior relationships fulfilled. However, the man who is self-enclosed and self-ego orientated and will not submit to the larger world, denies that which it may offer him and goes without. We are fearful that we shall lose identity when met by great beauty. We are fearful that we become as a luckless shadow in her presence. But this is not her nature. For as with all of the goodly graces endowed with the spirit of heaven, she imparts much of herself unsparingly, always. 

Vanity is a shrewd and awkward bitch. She is vile and would have no other in her place. But her rightful place is not within the heart of man, and never can be. But deceptively she may work her way to the outer chambers and stand before beauty in the way of the soul.

If we are to awaken to the true realities of both the spirit and Creation, we must necessarily begin to step out from our own ego-identity and give space over to those graces which offer themselves. It is good for a man. One can see at the moment of certain inspirations, much wonderful activity, much swelling of ethereal impulse lit with colorful and radiant hue. If one might perceive this enhancement of a soul so inspired, they would come to understand that the vague and mistaken dull values give over no such life as beauty can. A good quiet rapture may charge the ether delightfully, whilst titillation or exaggerated wallowing emits and receives only murk and mud.

You will know this to be true in your experience. It does not take a special eye to see this that you know to be absolute reality. A child may show you in his exterial delights, if you have forgotten the great and simple pleasures and the love of beauty.

It is within all of Creation and her peoples that such beauty is to be found. There is no aspect save for that of vanity's denial itself, that is without beauty. And we in awesome contrast shall find it everywhere; and as we do it shall mirror back, that we become too as beautiful.


Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty. 
-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

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