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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salve for the Soul- June 1998

IT is within our deepmost and holiest of instincts for our spirits to seek out and offer a comfort.

  • Separation from God is painful.
  • Extreme beauty can be painful.
  • Truly seeing ourselves, in relation to the largeness around us, can be painful.
  • Slipping into the causeway of Eternity can be painful.
  • Cessation in all of its forms, is painful.
  • Feeling our perimeters of existence is painful - where one life meets another, the surfactant can be painful.
  • Empathy can be painful.
  • Sensing the condition within the evolving collective is painful.
  • Rebuking the woes (in combat to: defeat, fear, doubt, criticism's surmise, depression, blasphemy, dread; and all other such opponents to the glory of Man) is painful.
  • The Calvary within us is painful.
  • The impartial timing of heartbeats - out of step from one another - is wearing and painful to the individual heart that wants for synchronized resonation.
  • The collaboration of evil is painful.
  • The diffusement of reason - both plain and divine - is painful.
  • Intolerable threats to our existence (water too deep, substance contains poison, mountain too high, edge too sharp), all things even in silent standing around us that could injure our physical being, are painful.
  • Intolerable threats to our spiritual existence as labored with on behalf of us by Christ and Christ-Michael, when experienced, are painful.
  • Misinformation, to the sensitive, is painful.
  • Stupidity, to the developing ego, is painful.
  • Bitter or scornful tongues, and the hurt caused by the beings surrounding that soul, with foul issue - these bring injure which is painful.
  • Language, with its current inaccuracies, is painful.
  • Selfishness is painful.
  • Dedication, by its very obligatory persuasions, is painful.

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