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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Instantaneous Sufi Healings- 4th July 1994


We have a letter written to us (to you, actually) from a Dr. H. in Jordan, who has been experimenting upon people, trying to find ways in which he may invoke miraculous healings to traumatic wounds and enable these folk to be impervious to pain also. As well as this, he has managed to interfere with such gifted men, Sufi dervishes, [Tariqa Casnazaniyyah] who can, by some mysterious technique, have cuts inflicted, which then heal immediately. (Although in the case of these experiments, he claims he has blocked the process independently from their will in the matter.) We have felt obliged to come to you and ask you for an essay, please, that we may send this on to Dr. H.

THE vital essences of a man are not for indiscriminate use. There are three parts to this question, and they are as follows:
  1. What is the process by which these mystics may repair injury before its effects are determined?
  2. What is the outcome, in respect to man and the living organism?
  3. What are the legalities of this issue? (In Cosmic Law.)
There is an ability in some whereupon they may step backwards in time, that their bodies may reference the condition that they were and return to it. This method relies upon rapidity, in that the time-principle involved is better served with a shorter interim. In other words, a man who has been split with a sharp knife can tolerate the according issue for a very short period of time, and we can presume that the exercise therefore is to be brief in both the physical insult and then in the mending.

The mystic who has charge over his plasticity and coherence, will work to maintain what he was rather than heal anew. It is more difficult, as every minute passes, to arrive at that fixed time of the past for which the body may recall being a particular way. The miraculous nature of this 'talent' is that the physical body has returned completely to what it was, with no evidence whatsoever of intrusion - there is no scar for which the seal was broken, no fluid imparted or evident.

We refute the notion that this principle of immortality may be artificially invoked within another man. That it might be interfered and interrupted is another matter.

The rhetoric of healing (as a case to justify research into this phenomenon) implies that this technique may prove useful for surgical purposes. However in respect to the adjunct factor of the man returning to his former condition, one would (if this was achieved) result in same preoperative condition - disease, cause and all.

The vitalities of a man saturate his physical composition. These same vitalities amass the heavens also, and are combined with purpose that they may bring endurance to being. By this we mean, that the very powers of life are empowered by God, Who by Will and by Wisdom does inspire the principles of adherence and of form, of beingness and of withdrawal; and with that withdrawal, dissemination. Without the governing Will and discerning Wisdom there should be no differentiation. Vitalities to any degree, may be directed into the adhering or the disseminating, and so we look to divine qualification for life, one that is decided rather than random.

The terms of withdrawal do not imply that one actually desists from being, but rather that they are removed from one plane of activity into another. The principle of life overall is not thereby negotiated against itself, as it is proven in its complexities towards renewal, revivification and the subsequent endurance of all enspirited souls.

The instantaneous healings of the past which have been effected by great and wonderful souls (as opposed to technique) were brought about because of the very nature of the men and their condition of being, to which they could share of their marvelous velocity of life-principles executed with perfection. But even these grand souls, who when moved by compassion did give of themselves - and did tire their selves in this transition of life - even these could not heal the entire world at once, but rather needed the actual contact, the touch, as when one soul recognizes another; as this they did do and did spend of themselves.

You ask: what of future bodies? Is this not the way of the future and therefore permissible intervention? It is important to realise that the fakir may deliver a short-term trick by which he is no more advanced than when he began. In other words, by returning to what he was before he has injured himself, he is no more the better. Now, the condition in which you aspire to with physical qualities of immortality exist in the higher worlds already. Man already endures all!

The prolongation of one's physical coherents is an act reserved for the discretion of the soul, rather than the purposes of worldly consideration. The soul dictates the term, unless it is unlawfully given cause to withdraw from the world prematurely (from abortion to murder) and it is with sacrifice and with love that it seeks to blend with the physical World at large, in its own time.

There is an impatience that is quite common to men who already know achievement. This impatience may be to see men as they will be- of future conditions afore their proper time. Certainly all aspirants have been frustrated by the very visions that compel them and there is a delicate balance to be maintained, that the savor of today is not soured with impatience for that of tomorrow. We have often asked: "For what use is a perfect body, without a most perfect man within?"

Immortality on any level implies static. Once the pinions have been leveled and the furthermost advantages defined, a man shall be 'locked' into those 'set' charters and with all of the working implications which rest with those qualities given permanence. So it may be understood, that Man at present is far removed from his physical destiny, working a little at a time on towards the next stage, so to speak, with the actual 'completion': the final physical result, not being known.

Murder is unquestionably unlawful and offensive to Life; and those who would murder will not be tolerated by Life itself and all of its lovers. Contrary to the principle of existence and the ineffable right as apportioned to every being afforded such Life, the intent to disable another's capabilities, to thwart, to insist, to will against, to intrude into their fields of fiery activity uninvited, to cause a premature death and subsequent departure, is unlawful. By that it is meant that the laws which do preside, protecting each being's freedom within existence, shall be answered so that all actions which run contrary to Life are commensurately returned.

Our actual actions are of remarkable significance and are repeated - not being the once that we shall involve ourselves in this or that deed, but rather in point of fact, we shall experience our actions many, many times over.

Although our self-conscious awareness is not fully awakened to much that we do, our preoccupations, by their review, shall enrich the awareness as it shall be enjoyed in lifetimes to come. Our participation with other men in particular, offers us insights to the experiences as they come to us from our involvements. 

These mirror-insights for which our brothers do give us well, become devastating to that soul who has brought horror and repulsion to another. Violence is taken up by the soul, echoing through the many bodies which comprise a man, and momentarily shocks the individual into repulsion. This word "repulsion" is quite meant in the literal sense - that there becomes a repulsive wave which emanates out from the being who has been in any way unlawfully set upon. The impressions of such horror as is come by are released from the sufferer, who shall not bear them ever after. However, they are attached to the very one who has issued assault, finding their parent so to speak, and remaining with that pitiable individual until such time as he may exhaust their presence.

The one to whom the horrors were emitted from actually 'owns' the key to this appendage. The horrific impressions shall not be let loose from the man until such a time as the original sufferer is satisfied and moved to love or forgiveness; and only then shall they be duly exhausted. Therefore, he who would assault becomes enslaved to the very suffering he does cause, and as manservant to all of his fellow men who he has inflicted injury upon (particularly with death), shall be bound by their terrors until such a time that mercy retrieves their troubled beings.

This principle in itself, is kindly to all men who do benefit from experience's learnings. The fact that there are still men who are without conscience proves the necessity for sympathetic karma; just as the numbers of men today who are with conscience prove a good example as result of the law.

Men for whom there have been the greatest conflicts between, do by necessity come to attraction and love in fellowship thereafter. Not only are we led to love by way of these grave altercations however, there are the special affinities which coincide also whereby two souls have only ever known joy in their companionship.

Entire races who neighbor and battle with antipathies, consolidate in later generations with many of the incarnating egos intertwined. The World ever calls us out and we demand upon ourselves by our activities and our influence, expending our vitalities where we will, with creativity or with harm; and assured to find result.

The vitalities which work within a man may not be borrowed, extracted or taken. Men are empowered to share with influence their marked vitalities as combined with communal activity, and it is by a balanced interaction that one soul unto another may call forth such life-essences that are drawn by the attracting activity of the two.

It is in mistaken pursuit that one may believe that the life-essences may be stimulated or quickened to manufacture. There needs be cause for life to enter in, and not by its condemnation do we encourage it - i.e. by the injury of existing life. 

The nemesis of Life is wrought upon those who would degrade her. Be wary of who you should offend in this manner, knowing that the only immortality worth winning is that of the pure and beauteous spirit; as the one who embraces Life with great Love, who shall forgive you of your loathsomeness and show you joy worthwhile.

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