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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spiritual Healing- 7th August 1994

I have a query regards Spiritual Healing which I think will be of general interest.
  1. Is there much point in the Christian Spiritual Healing as practiced by Dr. Christopher Woodard, where he prays directly to Christ to intervene?
  2. What of healing prayers?
  3. Of the laying on of hands?
  4. Of Reiki?
- Bruce

Firstly, we must look carefully at what we might mean by the term 'healing' and what it implies - what it is to be 'healed'. We are most perfect for what we are at this very moment in time; for what counts, counts, what doesn't, doesn't, and what equates in expression is what it is.

The concept of healing requires radical change, whether it be in one or more levels of expression of being, and interacting and harmonizing accordingly. In origin we come from perfection, and this is carried through so far as our true spiritual position - our essential selves, our spiritual souls, are wise. To be wise is to be adept, capable, uncannily precise, without dementia, inherently accurate to, and so forth - and this we are, and so shall it be.

Furthermore, as regards this incarnation and physical malady, we suggest that there may be obvious discomforts and problems apart from the weaknesses which are shared by all. However, it is of important note, that the true path to physical perfection has not been acquired and won by anyone as yet. (Except at the very point of death, where there is agreement within the entire constitution all the way through, whereupon the man desists at every internal conjuncture.)

Physical perfection is being worked upon at this point by men and their extended family - it is not even achieved by those who are spiritually defined and purified (their bodies break down very quickly indeed, under these current conditions, and cannot suffice to withstand the fiery temperament which whips and circulates the ethers/elements and fluidic circulations).

In many respects, in the more 'perfect' the individual in advanced and progressive ways, it is found that there are 'in and out' performances required (much like sleep, but with consciousness) so that the body does not become insatiably tired or torn. This is how it is at present, because of the element of physical form in relation to the astral and etheric palavers. This will not always be so. The future bodies of Man shall become far more fashionable (in the context of being fashioned according to spirit); and he shall find that there becomes an immediate example of what he is and what he does, which is more common to the spiritual realms today. However, this responsiveness in form is saved from us, for the most part, as is the pain of our imperfections of expression.

Every time an infant awakes from their sleep, they are bonded furthermore into the worldly consciousness. They have secured themselves there, just a little bit more. And in practice of this repetitive waking - many times in one day, until there is just the one (or two as the case maybe) - the man becomes enforced as he reunites with the circumstance of his incarnation.

We can consider for a moment what this is. Sleep fetches us the necessary starry vigor which sustains our life-beings and is incorporated throughout our etheric charges. Returning from sleep does something beneficial also: it increases our power of effectiveness upon this Earth. Every waking is a marvel. That we return to our bodies, to our circumstance in whatever it is, is an incredible event. It is true to say that we are reborn every time we return from the realms of slumber, back to our beloved World.

So we find that there are men, women and children who return to their frame but suffer that they do, in some extraordinary way. The causes of ill-health are not so easily attributable; even an occult physician who has the power of insight to distinguish where the life flows and where it does not, may ponder the final remedies for this. We have often indicated that one may trust the discernment of Christ, for He can know a man from the inside out, and be him that he may be recovered.

The problem of healing in general terms is that it denotes that the entire evolution of Man culminates in it. Then there is the suggested argument also that says, that without the healing first, Man shall not sequence his chosen evolutionary path. This is why we look to Christ to manifest perfection before it is attained. For if we are to be ill-fitted to our selves - caught in unobliging constitutions - then we shall have not the means to know otherwise.

The laying on of hands is dynamic. The reason why some good men maintain that it is not required in spiritual healing is because spiritual healing does not need it, and can be effective in many ways other. Also there is the concern that the practice of the laying on of hands (or more correctly, of palms) might involve touch from the fingertips which inspire emanations that are personally characterized and willed. This is not conducive to natural healing, for we must respect that the individual who is the point of focus, is bound by complexities and does not require that of our own. We carry associations and desires and all manner of relationships to various conjunctures within our own constitution, and the living virtues/vitalities which coincide; and we may impart some of this, which translates as further confusion, to the already disrupted individual. And so, the practice of touching another, for the purpose of natural healing, is best when -

  1. There is love between the two or,
  2. If the laying on of hands is palm touch only.
The reasons for this are that our Christ's influence can come through the streams of heart-ways from the palm of the hand, should a man consciously give his heart to this, and make his body a vessel for such. Divorced from the characteristic influences as imparted from the active fingers, he may lend himself to purposefully deliver the Christ qualities which radiate out from the heart and translate in every way to the receiver.

The ramifications of touch, from parent to child or wherever there is great love from one to another, completely alter in relation to the usual occurrence. For it happens that every influence as is imparted and expressed out through the fingertips alters in that contact - in an extraordinarily beautiful way, it becomes a manifestation of perfection realized.

Casual contact, for which there is little empathy passing between two individuals, may bring about uncomfortable or even injurious, twinges of emanational activity. We are usually not aware of the cause of discomfort, but much is transported to us via touch, which speaks of a man, representing but a part of him. And that part is more than likely to be a momentary exaggeration, rather than a true indication of his refined nature.

In other words, should a man drop money into the palm of your hand, and briefly score it with his finger tip, you silently acknowledge his presence, his physical presence - then it may be that he has been brutal with himself not only five minutes before (perhaps distressed or angered, ill-tempered or short-tempered) and even if this is only because of habit, he shall quickly transmit such inflammatory exclamation through that one touch. A moment later and he may have consoled himself and become quite enlivened to enthusiasm.

To be accurate in this, we could point out too, that people do not give over money (of any amount) with much happiness usually. This is not an attempt at humor, but just yet another point to be aware of, that certain circumstances will unconsciously evoke responses in the moment, which will travel through the various fingers and emanate with a tangible strength.

But as in the case of physical touch with a loved one, a certain timelessness can be experienced, because the defined aspects of the moment (the one presiding exaggerated expression which dominates) becomes overwhelmed by the experience and expression of love itself.

This is why there is a confusion about the ego and its impressions - by love, the ego is not discounted but is fully enhanced - it appears to be forfeit, because it ceases to be intrusive and the will is appeased and satisfied, whilst the individuals, in turn, lock consciousnesses. The natural healing which follows on from this experience does so because the individuals are thereby relaxed - relaxed in order to be open to the renewing vitalities which are given the road to go in by. For example: singularly, I may express this or that as the moment does take me, but I do not become comprehensive until I may actually come to it, or to whom, with love. Then the effect within and without becomes truly effective. The love as is experienced allows Life a greater entrance, and in this we are brought healing, where it is most needed.

Now to the question of psychic healing. Every poison carries a key to its own antidote. This applies on every level throughout every phase of being. Furthermore, the entire cosmic system is friendly to men. Man doesn't just happen to 'fit in'. It goes beyond having just a place in the natural order for Man is the natural order - in toto it is him.

Therefore the multitudes of remedies and woes are of vast score and significance. There is no final solution (which is not death at this point) and there is not one 'method' to instigating a change, for the better, for health and healing. We have discussed the very most wonderful - namely, the Love of Christ and the love which passes between specially forged relationships - and now we may consider the aspects of the administration of vitalities by those who are skilled with the intent of such. Reiki maybe examined under this heading also.

There is a way that some healers have come to a point of being readily effective, and that is from that of their own experience. Some folk have suffered considerably in previous life-times, and because of the acute experience at that time - of grave pain or threat, of deprivation, of great shock - there can be deep memories interpreted in the identification of similar concerns of others.

Because of this identifying, the psyche of that individual, who is now well, actually contains a certain key which suggests the way in which the problem was answered; for in time, there has been resolution. And the presence alone, of one to another, may be beneficial and a great instigator to help. It need not be a healing which is brought about instantaneously, or remarkably, but it is conversation to the soul, from one man to another, which shows of the way in which one individual has found triumph and succeeded to survive.

Men may suffer sadness and impatience, but this of itself is a distraction to the condition and brings no supplication. The folk who feel impelled to heal may offer much, if in fact they do hold the keys as described above. If they do not have the measure of empathy and experience to draw from then it indeed becomes another matter. We may coax much in life that we may not will for. We may encourage but not summon. We may pray but not demand. The wish or the desire for another's healing is best served selfless.

Practitioners of any kind who are paid for their healing, actually 'buy' the illness they serve to treat, if they fail to deliver what it is that they have promised. Our promises hold good for all time, and no less in this manner, whereby a man may believe that he can effect a cure within another and in exchange for his intervention perceived, he may take money from another. Because of the money he has taken from the other, there is a pact between the two - whether or not either or both have an infallible faith in the cure being effected. The practitioner commits himself to the very complex binary of their now intermingled karma. It is a brave speculation - with great rewards, eventually.

Healing is a return to grace, in soul or in stature, we pray that:-

Let there be no further insult to our being -
This being of Man, and our being of Christ.

Within each one of us there is that undertow which summons us back,
Back to the perfection of Love
Whose pinions brush past and carry twofold.

In strength of the soul,
Great and fantastic goodness does multiply,
Whilst virtue's draughts infill our being
With momentous tribute to this Life we are living
And compounded to.

We pray, as we wake,
That our first choice is made and made well,
And may each of our brothers also come to this World
In full happiness, and health -
The health of a happy spirit,
Who understands the Grace of God
Which smiles with constancy and Love
Undeterred, unharmed, unmarred.

Christ give us the patience,
Whilst we are incomplete,
To forgive ourselves of that which makes us weak,
And know only of Love as is perfect.


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