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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Intense Combined Study- 24th August 1994

WHEN gathered with the purpose for study, one of you shall recite the work which all attention will be bent upon. This may be anyone and may be a shared occupation alternating one with one another. However there is an important point to be made about the role: that to all else it may be regarded that your very teacher is before you during this time as the words outpour.

As your concentration moves in and around the text so given and now enlivened, being issued from the reader who is for that time not as himself but is as the author of whatever the study you have chosen, the aspects of that author who is connected become him, so it is preferable for that very time that he be regarded as such.

So enters the philosopher, the doctor, the naturalist, the specialist, the occultist or even the saint - and the beings who co-inspired - all are drawn to the one who shall address you on their behalf. May you come to know the due reverence which well respects the learned (and their representatives) as you are delivered of their offerings. And too, that those who enter through the gates of inquiry together shall regard the reading with such veneration that hesitates to violate the sequence with some interrupting remark.

This consideration of correct attitude is of importance, for it is that by such we may address any study, making more effective our effort. Reverence need not be reserved only for prayer. May we consider each and every time we prepare to work creatively together, what it is that we are doing purely in the attempt, and what that very attempt reaches out to.

Indeed there are marvelous accomplishments from good men who forge futures cooperatively, bringing design and all of its significant aspects- the divine and pure mathematics being combined with the uncertainties of variables, with then the multiples of variables, where entire towns are born and bravely engineered, then lost to time. The variable of that vision is lost too with the original men who have now evacuated to Heaven, and then to return to create anew in lands quite distinct, building cities and circuits and plotting clusters and citadels where the folk may go. How it is that they position the mazes, with dwelling upon dwelling, huddled in set formation with connecting lines, not only of waterways and now electrical route, but in maps of activity, and being of who they are and what they do and how it is, as it has all come together. 

Some men leave and in time yet again, the pattern breaks down and the souls of the community depart their grouping and move on. Is there nothing left? What is there for men if there is not communion? So more maps and charts, earthmoving and brick-slinging - divine charters infused with the material expression of this their vision - that men may be in community with one another for that time that they may have together. The configuration and their movements within are all of tremendous importance, each unto another. In commerce or in friendship there are constellations of men throughout this World which influence the individual within, now and for his future. And so we may also look upon our study-nebula likewise, to which the satellites are drawn.

There is no such thing as greed in the advance for higher knowledge; fervor, even yes a desperation - but that we should desire to learn and to know is holy, both in aspect and in origin. It shall be the reawakening to Wisdom which shall draw men out into the light of their extenuated souls and ennoble. It is the second savior to Man, bringing the power for Man to know for himself of the strengths and the beauty and the license he has been given to unlock those secrets of Heaven.

The Mystery Wisdom is there to be known! For it in itself may be loved and be cherished, being but the mirror to God; and what we may find in our learnings shall be that tribute and joy in the revealing of Him. Every wondering excites the ethers; and of that which we may ponder together with holy cause and attitude, pleases our divinity because this is the task for all Men: that we may bring divine comprehension back into the World, having made the journey forth retrieving this knowing into the harbor of the consciousness and thereby being causal to the upliftment also of all men. (Being a collective effort.)

This stern and noble enterprise therefore, may be begun with such thanksgivings as are attributable. Every pupil does revere his teacher, else he should not call upon him for instruction, and so it is good practice and polite, openly or silently, to offer gratitude to those authors of the study you are to commence. This is a practice which shall remain for a very long time to come, as there shall always be those just up ahead of you to whom you shall come to rely upon for guidance and instruction. Courtesies are valued and honored.

We may sincerely bring to mind that all thoughts which may follow on during later discussion and are subjected to the class for scrutiny, are significant, and when expressed are done so for a reason. It may then be the object to examine the pertinence and also that reason (if known), remembering that it is then and there that the worth of the associations can be realized; particularly for the one who has given them, there becomes an opportunity for either further insight or then the complete disregard of. In other words, a study group is a working group being active in that part which is designated so.

However, the first part is that time wherein we may pledge obeisance to our teacher, realizing him before us in the man or woman who speaks for him. Let there be no argument against him as it is uncommon to proper consideration to issue objections and detract from the study thereby. The objections have their place, most certainly so, when the (reading) part is completed and discussion ensues; and yet we might add, that we have known recitals to actually extend over days whereupon the class have enjoyed the power given in the wisdom-rendition and lent themselves wholly to that teaching for that time.

Being asked, (this is only to say that if one wishes to experience a study which shall assist in proving a certain intensity- and this is not recommended to be the way for everyone or every gathering) we should advise that there are no consumables, (although water is beneficial) to be had during the study session of concentration; but that this is allowed for afterwards when the mind has relaxed and the study has been absorbed somewhat. The writing of notes is also to be discouraged as it is active and distracting to the full concentration - sleeping would be preferable to such activity.

The words as spoken - as distinct from being read silently to oneself, or listened to from a recording - shall as with the same qualities of melody, make impression upon the listeners. They shall impart some of that they are to convey. It is therefore to be well decided what it is that is chosen for study - the character and the nature - for the influence will be pronounced and withheld in the psyche and makeover of the individuals present.

One may make use of a bell, that it be accessible to all, in the event that one need to break the intensity for a period of rest. The bell may also be used to summon the reconvening, so as there is a very definite sandwich of study being made apparent and obvious to all concerned (the invisible presences also).

That a study may be enjoyed to be repeated many times over, can be valuable; bringing different qualities each time. This may be during the same sitting or over a period of weeks; and the participants will reckon with an eventual strength from that piece thereby. 

Group study requires much and cannot be mastered all at once. There becomes a delicate power accompanying intent and concentration when exercised constructively and cooperatively. In point of fact, each such effort is individual and builds upon itself according to the grace, characters and purpose set.

There shall be ongoing guidance as it is watched over with great interest from those who have made this very subject their business and their delight.
Happy trails.

Requisites: Flowers, Candles & Bell

At the beginning of the meeting:
• Ring Bell


Beloved Christ, Master to all great teachers in the World,
We beseech Your Presence and commit all learning to Your Care and Direction,
We come to you today in prayer to ask for Your Guidance, in these our efforts.

Too often have we erred with false judgment,
And many times prone to sweet deceptions,
Still yet we are eager to become as perfect men and women!
We pray that we shall not be dissuaded from this,
But hold fast to Your Promise, Your Vision, which You defend.
And we shall be your champions also -
Defying doubt and the guiles of false logic.

Let those who protest the glory of men
Suffer their visions affecting no other;
Until such a time that we pray will arrive,
When they exhaust their improvisations
And come to You Dear Christ, again.

Lord, Your Sweet Breath enters this very room,
The same Breath which spins orbs upon their axes,
And moves with such might,
A might that will inflict no harm.
May we come to learn of the Mysteries of this;
And cheerfully repel the insults of all great and meagre contestants.

We ask today that the surrounding and immediate ethers be cleansed, that that they might be in accordance with those aspects most suitable to wholesome, healthy, enlightening discourse, meditation or prayer - that the atmosphere be relieved and be unencumbered.


  • Prayer: We invite and offer thanksgivings, both silently and openly to the Masters, and our friends who also join us today. We are in gratitude to those authors, whose work we study. We pray that our will is pure and that which is given is given in the name of Christ.
  • Divine knowledge surges in. 3X
  • We now ask for silence.
  • Ring Bell.

"It is a sad day if our students hesitate to proclaim Him as their course-leader or Him as their main fount of inspiration. What a wonderful and protected way to begin any new meeting with - alongside the public or with the students-in-common - to beseech His Presence and commit all learning to His Care and Direction." – Gravity & Levity, 1st July 1999

"Of the favored practices today, we find that folk do often sprinkle the water, light the candle and incense, ring the bells, the gongs or whatever, chant, incant, cut the air in imaginative motion, sit in circles, etc. etc., and or pray.

"Now the practice of the above list is fine and quite helpful, and certainly does make a difference (which we shall outline in a moment). However it is the last consideration which is of the greatest difference; and as one may often start with an opening prayer, it is advisable to include in this conferment, the wish and the need for a 'clearing of the ethers'. Because the very sobriety of prayer does indeed clear the room of unsavory influences to begin with - those which cannot tolerate prayer evacuate readily - one is halfway there to the whole job done. Furthermore, conditions surrounding one may be altered and attuned; but only if asked for, envisualized and concentrated upon. For not all have the good fortune to sit acrest a mountain top or bathe in the crystalline air of the sacred. One is impinged upon by influence upon influence; nothing which would particularly upset or hinder a man of itself, but does not make for a good response time, set in the spaces between a man and his thought."

-Sound in the Ether,
27th June 1992 

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  1. I call down upon the labors of this group, the power and the grace and the love of those masters of wisdom who guide and direct the work we perform in brotherhood within such groups. I call down the grace and the power and the love of the masters of wisdom who are directly connected with the forces of the higher hierarchies. May there be with this group the spirit of good that is in you, great masters of wisdom, and may there also prevail and work in this group the true spirit of the Movement!
    -Rudolf Steiner


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