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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seeking Christ- 11th August 1994

SHOULD you seek Him in the West, he shall spring up in the East. Should you hearken in the farthest outreach, He will be there in the nearest of proximities, but still unseen. If you were to give Him your faith, then He shall still ever surprise you.

Forget that you have sight, for one moment. You may close your eyes. When this is done, and you rest from the multi-tiered visions set before you, you may not see Him at this moment, but truly you can experience His Presence, His Breath, His Voice, His Guidance, His Touch, His Wisdom and His Love. All of this about Him you can know...… right now.

You do not need to see Him for He is the Light, and He hides in that Light, which is Him; and we, as this World, infill His consciousness. His mind is bent upon His Creation; and as He determines, so does it continue. His whisperings are with you - they are there in all inner certainty. For He lives in Truth, as in truth, He does live.

One may say to another, be it whoever: another man to a man, or an invisible being to that man; but whoever speaks, if it be truthful and pertinent to the spiritual realities, then it is issued from Christ also - more intimately than ever imagined.

We may look and we may look, and to some there comes even a despair that He is not presenting as we conspire. But think that we are urged to reconsider, that there is no distant day to aspire to, but rather today, in which we may truly begin to feel His Presence and acknowledge our Master.

Nothing is what it seems and everything is not what it seems. We may gather much hurriedly and score little, and always it is disbelief which prevents the complete submission to the ecstasy of full experience. It is this disbelief we carry everywhere which enables us to find interest and enthusiasm in those things of the world which are laborious to the soul itself. The soul may become over-fevered and overly joyed when first awakened within its physical domain. Many joys that were dormant arise, and all of the great happinesses as known before, return to the man who can 'suspend his disbelief' that he may 'see' without sight.

For it is the light side, the brightest side, the freshest clear clean water, and the sweetest warm-scented breeze; it is the bud and the new sprout, it is the right moment - that time in which Creation is at her best. He is manifest for all of it, but is at His strength, when it is at its. He is in all goodness and is adherent to all Truth, as the Truth is Him.

Our peace and our times of 'knowing' bring us the nourishment, and also the enjoyment of the savor of that nourishment. Our impatience, when experienced, becomes as a hunger which is satisfied by such commune as does answer our sadness, in the beauty which it brings. So from one to another, from the savor to the hunger and then to savor, we travel the boundaries of great thought and explore the realities, intent on their 'higher natures'. 

The Elder Brothers consolidate as one mass, as one Being, in what they do. There is no sacrifice of individuality - absolutely not. As a matter of fact there are personages here which are extremely distinct from one another, who prefer the ways of a certain age and have cloaked themselves according to that manner. The characters are most dear and discriminately different - we have no trouble telling each other apart! You might however, have difficulty differentiating between Brothers.

We may teach you what we do because we are of your Future. We are the draftsmen of the Design, having such freedoms to come and go the stretch of the immediate Cosmos, at will, and pass in between the shouldering millenniums as though they lived today. Unlike ordinary men we have lots of time - as much as we should want. For there is an ability to address any number of calendar events in the one day, and still 'make' more time where and when needed.

It is to be remembered that the conditions which prevail at present are by no means an accurate indication of what shall be forthcoming. That men do not perceive Christ has nothing to do with their physical psyche. However, it is the make-up of their mentality and the rigidity of their heart which prohibits the undeniable certainty. It is to this end that we endeavor to bring assistance, that men may make dissolute their false realities and exchange them for a 'good grounding' in higher knowledge. And this can be done, as we have hitherto witnessed in those men which have so developed. And because of these accomplished initiates, there shall be more to follow, proportionately. Once again, it is often a matter of 'who you know', or who you follow.

Some men who have advanced, have been lost to other planetary realms, but even they will return. For that part of them in which Mankind lives, never ceases its persuasion. The great souls become what they are because of their being men - men of Christ - and plainly, it shines through in each one of them.

Yes it is that Christ does come as a Teacher, before the souls who may see Him, because their vision is extrasensory. There are many apparitions of high and splendid individual beings who do visit, and some, by duplicate of themselves, and some as only representative. However, of the Christ Himself, the lesser Christ, which is offered in the fleshy world, there are abstractions of Him which do appear and converse and participate in such communication. There is a real treasure amongst the forgeries. Only this is not alike to some starship campaign, with a 'Commander Christ' and His following of automatons - we are, as we go on, far more imbued with our individual differences rather than with less. And Christ does know each name. (Each real name.) He does not just come and go, He comes and stays.

The Indians would mimic the real name, usually with a teacher trying to 'find' it for the pupil, and by this it was thought that the pupil, could go forth in strength, having the identity which was to remain forever on. This may or may not be the case, however, in likelihood, one's real name takes much to acquire, and is only so found at that culminating peak of initial entrance into the spiritual brotherhood of Adepts. There would be little significance if one were to find this name afore they knew its full meaning. Such a thing is built around and upon over eons of experience - the naming itself is a little like a birth to watch, as it becomes apparent out from the man. However, for all, until such a time, Christ has given us our covenant and His Name.

Our dear boy [student] is not being too intrusive - he hasn't yet begun to scratch this surface! - as welcome as he is to try to, (and try he shall). Frustration of itself when put to no purpose and not acted upon is deleterious in its action, for it wears one away with the very vapors it creates. It is, as with ourselves, that one must hunger before becoming satisfied truly. There is not one difficulty or demise that you know that we do not. Every effort which seeks fulfillment is to a higher purpose, every higher purpose shall uplift a man ever further, and every gauge so increased is won forever.

The special tasks for those who pursue these ideographic baffling mysteries, are decided upon firstly by the student himself; and so, the rewards. If we are to feel nonplussed or confused, it is usually because the attempt to grapple with something has been hurried much faster than the heart should wish. The heart has a timing all of its own, independent to the mind and its understandings. 

It may be sooner or later to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the study that one has set themselves to adopt and incorporate and fully know within their being. There may be an anxiety which arises from the two becoming as so distinct that it becomes sensitive to the man within. However, and most importantly, even though it is achieved in its own time, the heart of a man once brought before a learning, shall fully develop in that respect, that the soul may correspond. And this is healthy, both in the intuitive realm and the physical realm of being.

The feelings of desperation which may flood the student from time to time are pronounced and enlarged by the sporadic enthusiasms which are thus compensated. Like a dog at the feed-bowl, he is eager, and in fervor, and once again the heart is hurried to bring to itself what the student so desperately wishes to hold for himself. But be assured, it does come in time.

It is of no real consequence to try to describe for you those things which you cannot, at present, come to know. One might hope that distant (or not so distant) memories would be stirred perhaps - that Christ is known personally, and was 'seen' (when this was possible) before your consciousness took root in this World, this time around. But there is so much to look forward to, and one must take heart in that - that, and in the present.

Some things that you may try to grapple with are simply beyond the reach of the explanations of the mind, no matter how sophisticated its thinking is. The mind will nonetheless seek such qualifications, and perhaps believe that it has done so. The thinking processes are very different when it comes to esoteric and exoteric thought. The mind is very capable, when practiced, to adopt higher thought and mirror it well. 

On the exoteric level it becomes used to reaffirming what is - tangibly is - and identifying it. When it seeks to identify those things which are elusive to the tangible thinking and have parent realities in higher spheres of activity, then it must necessarily become so inclined, in line with the heart, or else it shall compensate by swapping modes of concept - exchanging and mistaking, one for another. In other words, we will look for a physical Christ in the form we project materially, when we begin by seeking the higher being to which the exoteric thoughts cannot penetrate.

The same rules do not always apply. Thus it is that we may learn to suspend our disbelief - in that the disbelief is the very logic of qualifying which is derived from theory abstractions - i.e. what something is, or what it isn't. The method is useful as far as it goes. It then becomes a talent to learn to switch over into the field of comprehensive inquiry which steps aside from the material translation and may reach up into the very rise of thinking, where it meets with its reality. Once again, closing one's eyes will help make this transition. If we are visually inclined, we are pronounced in the exoteric world and called there - no matter how beautiful the stimulation, it is remarkable to that outer activity. Thus it is a natural instinct to pray with eyes turned inward. And also to sleep.

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