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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Heralds of Dawn- 6th October 1993

LISTEN to the gallery of birds: their crowing, their calling, as they herald the new day. These new sounds - new because they are first in - combine the enthusiasm of cherishing angels in the expression of avid chirping. Each and every call, with bell-like emphasis, has meaning. The orchestrated chattering song harmonizes pleasingly, does it not? It does not offend the ear. It is rather, an enlivening experience to partake in the conscious appreciation of the new day's recital.

The bird during dawn expounds, almost one would say, exaggeratedly. Life animates their warbling tongue, their masterful throat, their puffed-up breast; and before the hunt for food and before flight, they are moved to accompany the choir without.

Birds are happy creatures (of the airborne variety), they are the last species which is truly of Paradise and withstanding. They are constant and may be defensive, but are never unreasonably aggressive by nature. And added to that they hold a perception which extends far past the physical reality, they 'know' the world as it is colored with flame and spark and multitudes of otherwise invisible attendants.

They are sympathizers also - they may actually know of the conditions around them. The practice of bird-keeping has long been a consolation for sorrowful men, for it is that the bird may absorb into it such vapors of unhappiness, and discharge them requited. Trees too are an example of this, as they indirectly suffer grievances of sorts. The hardening of their structures was not always so and they have memories of happier times. The new shoot and sapling are truer to the nature of the tree: flexible and supple. The crusty wood became an atmospheric fallout; and also they mourn for independence from the odorous discharges without.

The birds in this way complement their temperament with cheery encouragement. The soil-bound tree, rigid and with many rings, holds also long association with families of etheric beings. Moreover the discontent of the tree is because of the installation of impatience as is wont, from devas incorporated. There is much which displeases them, and once again it is the morning message delivered by the bird which lifts their disgruntle and gives them pure happiness in the experience. This is of course only partially true for deep forestry wherein the habitat is unrestrained. However there are few places to be found now, where the impure ethers do not saturate the tree or the atmosphere of unstable men does not permeate.

As the separation became greater (that of man and his etheric perception), so too did his indiscriminate violations of the natural world. And as regard and consideration is restored in active effort, the consciousness gradually is regaining the etheric perception again. Of course this shall happen slowly, but one may witness this and associated sensitivities in the generations who have past memory-impressions leading their blind ability today.

This is only right and proper, for it is in the etheric perception that Men may also most readily perceive our Christ. And His very Face is often caught in image on this or that flower or on the surface of water, in dewy formation upon the condensation, and in hidden places everywhere. His imprint watchfully gazes, being there but not there; and as the darkness unveils and the procession of Light returns to the land, the tiny winged friends of the Master are privy to the resplendent reality of His Passing before them, as He does do.

For there is a moment they anticipate and then rejoice where Christ in actuality sweeps through bringing an injection of greater life at the time of the sunrise. His Being inflames the day, He is not 'without' the Globe, but ever present and attending each section in part at all times, but also in far greater 'being' at this time of which the birds knowingly rejoice.

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