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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foreknowledge, Comprehension & Degree- September 1993

DEAR Life is impassioned; it does not run anything like the Public Service or the clerk's budget! We are furthered by change and empowered to direct our course when met with such change, and no day is ever really predictable. That they may become synonymous with the calendar year before, is due to lack of observation rather than detail.

Foreknowledge actually inhibits possibility. Some wonderful decisions have been negotiated by those commanders who had not the prior knowledge of their logistical difficulties and overcame them with a projection that they themselves gave out into future providence. They stipulated the outcome and the future with a foresight peculiar to their own vision alone. If we are given foreknowledge we are immediately altered in relation to it, we begin to oblige and fulfill its determination. So the overall question must be (within): Is the foreknowledge presenting to us, desirable, good and worthy of us becoming a part of?

It becomes possible too, that a man carries a multitude of prospects unordered in time and in relation to one another, conflicting in time also. For he may project much of his future belonging in the countryside, whilst also in proximity to his relatives; further on he perceives the possibility of Paradise. All the while he is ill-content unless he can satisfy all three, which perhaps he may or perhaps he may not achieve, concurrently.

There is a school of thought which suggests that we limit our expectations to such a degree that we may become peaceable within ourselves and thus satisfied. If we appeal to Christ for recommendation in this, we find that He has not chosen to limit His Expectations, and He is content to be ill-satisfied until the new order of the new day is realized completely. Therefore in the tradition of our beloved Master may we all be idealists and satisfied with no less - never to suffer the limitations of self, spawned by deflating, spurious, debilitating condemnations.

If a man has doom overshadowing him as his reality, then we may pray for his release and redemption from this tyrant of the future. Should he attempt to mask our efforts with equal morbidity, know that he experiences his own forecasts not ours, of which he offers opinion.

We are ever reminded to fix our attention wisely. Our days are comprised of incremented forecasting - i.e. all thoughts entertained may invoke a certain future. We invite all manner of involvements to us in work, in frivolity, in moments lost, by progress known, in all that we seek to combine with. In all we enter into we make the future, and there are many, many, possibilities afforded us for the times ahead.

How often one should like to ask "Why not?" when attempting an innovative initiative. Those who oppose new suggestions argue that initiative is dangerous, simply because it ventures into the unknown: the realm of new possibility! However this is as so for every living minute - certainty is illusive in reality, for forecasting. Orthodoxy must withstand the change that renewal implies or let go and die.

The seasons perpetuate as this is the law, however the rotund of cyclic initiation, as one inspires the next, is not given to dictate the exact quality of each and every day. Every summer is quite different from the last, just as from differing points of the Globe the nature of the day is different - magnetic influx or the romance of a sun-drenched day. If I am in a valley or if I perch upon a cliff, my senses tell me of very differing characteristics the day brings. When I move about I may experience this the variations: sudden drop in temperature, a rapid rise in humidity, the freshness of a wind that has turned and the sweetness of a mild, warm flow; the early morning 'feeling' to that of the oncoming evening, the descending mantle of night, half-lit by a new moon lamp; or that of the broadway illumined and sparkling. Every point stood upon, encompassed, lends itself to a differing comprehension. The overall feeling inspired by the conditions within the ordinance of the revolving season is quite individual and pertinent to position and man.

The spirits of the air respond and gather in active congregations. The Angels belonging to mist and to dew, will amass in special convening, responding to the men of the area. When we are excited for no apparent reason other than we have sensed the vibrant activity within the wind and are exhilarated by its issue, we are sensitive also to the movement in the ether, transpiring, drawing the plant up and from the earth, summoning growth as the airy souls move in amongst them.

So what we are saying is that the laws provide us with a measure of dependability within which, there are scores of variable experience dependent upon self and positioning of self.

When the air has mingled with the sea and it comes to us from far away, we can experience the orchestrated passion of the percussion of waves, wind and volatile sparring. When the heat calls the scent forth to migrate out from its native bloom, it urges the extraction and the parting in the distillation of a summer's perfume until it can give no more. When the rainwater glances the soil, and trickles find their way rootward, we can feel the gentle perfection of a need being answered deep in the ground. The variables are as considerable as the numbers of leaves upon the trees and veins upon the leaves and shaft upon the vein.

The more men may advance the more astute they shall become to detail. Although it may be difficult to comprehend at present, it will become very possible in the consciousness to be developed, that a man will perceive those intricacies which comprise ongoing reality, and above all, shall not be overwhelmed by this perception which also will enable him to 'narrow down' into particulars at will. Overall, the understanding of the trees, leaves, veins and shafts, shall be encompassed within the comprehension. Whilst also he will be able within the power of mind alone, to go to any given leaf and examine it to the exclusion of the tree, that all of the overall characteristics will be factored in and decipherable at will for individual scrutiny and investigation.

This perception may be initially brought into development by those multi-considerations which provide for understandings which seek to lead into complexities rather than shy away from them. To focus is to hold the ability to 'narrow down' on specifics and to adjust the lenses in order to incorporate the bigger picture. It is a continual widening of perspective and concentrating of intent and will, fixing a particular.

Therefore we seek to always learn more, incorporate more and enhance our skills of perception and comprehension, that we are not satisfied with simple judgments. Immediate impressions are wonderfully useful and they serve to indicate the essential character of those conditions before us, however we are empowered to move further into those areas which are not immediately apparent and enlighten them further before passing judgment.

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