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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Inner Child- 20th December 2000

SOMETIMES it helps to go back to the beginning, to that one central starting point for which we can be certain. In our spiritual lives, our living concepts too, we carry within us a heritage and a story of origin which ekes out all other truth to be later weighed against it. We can become our own point of reference as it were, when we seek out that time before time, of our original selves. 

This is not to be morbid or self-indulgent, for the practice of this reminiscing is restrengthening in itself when it returns into that innocence. It verily puts the 'fun' back into fundamental - this sensing spiritually of our own beginnings.

Folk often presume that we are a collaboration of knowledge amassed, compounded and evolved, developing ever larger. In Paradise there was such a communal condition that individuals did not necessarily know much for themselves at all, for the knowing was all around them. Stories and fragmented concepts could be gleaned and experienced from plant life, animal life, angelic life, spirit life and human life (even star-wisdom if one liked). We were surrounded by an accessible wisdom and there was no pressing need to take it all into ourselves to keep. (This would of course, be an impossibility anywise.)

In truth, in spiritual reality, this is as it is today also. Wisdom is all about us, and even the most guarded of esoteric truths are truths because they are based upon a tangible reality which is self-evident and as such can be found and made known also. There is nothing that cannot be known and experienced by us if we have the enquiry and the patience to see it through. The Heavens are at our beckoning, reasoning is ever more obligingly reasonable and the guiding spirits who have been our benefactors for many eons welcome our questing to learn more of our life.

However, as indicated before, much of our thinking is somewhat fragmented today. Concepts are drawn away from their parent stories (and therefore inevitably out of context and immediate relativity) and our ability to listen to the wisdoms has been deterred by a static, a communal materialistic nonsense, which blocks the commuting of an otherwise empathetic understanding.

And no, this has little to do with the developing egohood and its fledgling activities. For the course to a greater sense of self needs be imbued with the virtue of great listening rather than closure, for it to become all it can be. It is not natural necessarily for folk to become stupid to the soul's wisdom evident in others, merely because a little of their own has been given over to the egoic knowing.

What is meant to be said here is simply this: soul life is amenable to all other soul life. The aspects of soul speak to us from others and reach us in subtle ways which are agreeable. Within our egohood there must be challenging conflicts continuously. These will occur within our own reckonings and also in contest with one another. Through our egoic knowledge of each other we strengthen by comparison, and we comprehend in a rhythm that requires subjective reference as much as it does objective reasoning.

However, on the soulic side of our comprehending we have an immediate insight as to the perspective and nature of those others we are trying to share with. This being so, we are most fortunately placed when making an effort to understand or to listen as we might, if we are really motivated to learn from this other who is different. In this we are not compelled into pseudo-sameness, but rather hold the means to meet with a language and a presence which is both agreeable and comprehendible to that of our own nature. 

The story of the birth of the Christ Child brings before us a soul-picture of great trust. It is interesting that this pre-egoic condition is portrayed so well, because later it truly and wonderfully becomes in that transition during the Baptism, whereupon the ego of a man gave over willingly to Christ and allowed the succession to follow.

Now this was prepared for, and the ego of that Jesus knew of the precedent he was helping to formulate within the world because of his act of sacrifice. He knew that by this act of withdrawal (and it was painful) that future men and women could similarly (though not as dramatically) have the Christ permeate their beings right into the material world. His Being could be fully incarnate through them, whereas before it was not.

People often confuse soul-wisdom with an ancient wisdom, and yet the soul-wisdom is far older than that! (No Dear, we are not splitting hares here!) [That is 'hares' - a moon reference.] This is in fact the whole point of this topic. Ancient wisdom - Arcadia - is marked with a very distinct signature of its own, representative to an age, to a people and to a message which was more relevant to its pertinence then, than is likely now. 

History can be a superb teacher or a complaining ghoul … but whichever of the two it is aged, whereas the soulic wisdom is ageless. One cannot draw vitality out from the ancients! It is long overdrawn and without. It may inspire us in a fashion which promotes a vitality because of our enthusiasm, but of itself there is naught there but remnant discard.

Yet with the soulic wisdom there is a paradisiacal youthfulness with an utter recollection of origin, of beginnings, in the simplest of forms. This is our own Christ Child within us which can speak to us, over the many languages unknown and gesturing behind the otherwise veiled comprehensions. This Christ Child can prepare us for a yet greater and more complex knowing which goes on to translate into our egoic reasonings and then to permeate our material consciousness. 

Folk often wonder as to why we are not merely our spiritual selves; why it is we persevere with the physical condition and appeal to it in ways which will hopefully transform it remarkably. One of the great mysteries of the physical connection lies in its relation to the spiritual worlds, in that we may perceive it as an island separated off. The spiritual beings themselves may have difficulty understanding much of our own experience here as well. Yet the 'stuff' it is made of is actually soulic in substance and of great rarefied beauty … not at all coarse or dense as the New Age or the Gnostics might have condemned it to always be. It is inhibited, but not without hope - and certainly not without its own spirituality.

So when we look now to the world, we look to our Christ being Incarnate. There in amongst every particle, in fresh sprout, in perspired scent, He is. This story is perpetuated daily, and is most known to us because of that inner child within us. Not the child of our own selves who protested adulthood, not the child of carefree vulnerability, but rather the child, the inner, inner child - the Christ Child.

It is through this process of the Christ Child can we receive Him incarnate into our beings, into our consciousness and into our fully developing egos as well. This Child is not one of nonsense or trivia, but indeed does carry the woes of the world, because of that incredible empathy known which is conversant with every story which is livingly told in the world today. Yet we need not be frightened or alarmed at these great stories, at these wisdoms all about us, because it is through Him that we come to them, through His Knowing that we are fully instructed.

Sometimes we can experience a feeling of great peace, of great love, for seemingly no particular reason. And too, at times, we might look out across at something or someone, and appreciate them in ways which are undefinably beautiful - and there will be that little Child.

He is often slumbering in the bud with a flower fairy. He holds the hands of the trembling parent. He walks alongside the child and stands by the bedside throughout the dark night. He sits with the very elderly in the quiet. He plays with the lambs in the spring paddocks. He teases the trolls and rebukes the tedious gremlins. He welcomes at the North Pole, and blows kisses at the South. He counts his fingers and toes and therein finds all of Humanity. He whispers secrets to our hearts, when only our hearts can know.

Merry Christmas and Christ be with you!

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  1. Beautiful... Thank you!!! Merry Christmas to you�� the God of love and mercy love every and all creatures...may God Bless you 888


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