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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christ the Spectacular- 23rd November 2000

GREATNESS is hidden in all of its manifold mysteries, in Man!

What is this greatness? It is the Christ. You cannot separate Man from Christ, nor Christ from Man. There is in truth, no such distinction.

When you speak of Principalities and Thrones, are your bearings given to time (as in who came first) or to authority (as in original truth) or to power (as to who is most mighty of all)? By what criteria are you trying to name Christ and to what purpose?

Is the Christ in Man less than the Christ in the higher Logos, or are they one of the same? And by whose authority shall we speculate?

We are men. We know what we know as men know. We also know as Christ knows, for He indwells within us. Higher divinity knows. The consciousness of divinity does not know only selectively, but comprehensively - knowing all things at all times. We shall not discredit our own knowing by these distinctions. But what we shall do is arrive at an honesty from the outset which does not profess the ability to know what is unknowable to us at present.

If you accept Christ as the first and final authority … the One who was not only at the beginning of all primary manifestation, but also the One to which such Creation was the Author, then you may find something of this origin within yourself. He is the first and final power, the beginning and the end – the Alpha and the Omega … indwelling in Man.

Why look to another time and place? For in the way that you are telling of Him, he is none of these characters, which rightfully present within their own self-conscious identity. The mystery of it is that He is more of you than of deity one or deity two, as you would have it.

Find Him here. His Passion Lives in the Present. His Duty and His Pain do also. His Story is verily in the living moment. His Blood is red, and not black. His Breath is sweet and not fetid. His countenance cannot be contained. Find Him here.

Do you recall that for every age there is such a celebrity that hundreds of thousands of souls exemplify and find identity within their context? This is not unusual. In same manner, so have there been exalted beings who too have, in fragmented ways, identified with our Beloved Christ and faithfully mirrored such characteristics which are of Him. There is a myriad of key angelic lineages based on this principle. Great Bodhisattvas also wear the signature of one who is more exalted than themselves - a borrowed identity which they may be known by. So in like fashion there are scores of greater and lesser beings for which He may be attributed.

We ask you again to look to Man. Here within is our chance to find Him as we may know Him best. It was out from His desire for Man that the worlds unfurled originally. Nature was born out from our limbs, and the fruit and the wilderness both came from our loins (literally). When we danced through the Heavens our place upon the Earth was prepared … and when the creatures spilt upon the burgeoning landscape, it was our circus that commanded their appearances.

There are no other windows for us to look out of other than our own. Light streams in through those windows. That light brings us vivid images of far away gods and graces, who still glance in upon us upon His Light.

We are humble. Our greatness (His Being) is hidden from us. The lesser gods are not humble, they parade their glory, they emanate their beingness. Men suffer a false vanity from time to time, but even this has no real idea of the greatness which could be claimed. Paradoxically such greatness is no more useful when it is acknowledged, for it needs be shown in action, demonstrated in Christ-likeness: in the imitation of.

Christ is the beginning and the end, and all others are but characters within, which may carry a part of Him and be of Him, but are not Him in totality… save Man.

Duplicity lives in Man. This is the mystery at hand. This is why we burn to know and to name, but feel intensely His own breath within us. Added to this, for all of the characters depicted and given His Schedule, we can find those too within. This is because Man (and we of Mankind) bear these greater cosmic realities within us. We hold a broader capacity for such comprehension through Him.

And yet it is but our window.

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