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Thursday, December 2, 2010

His Love Increases- 1st December 2000

Around the dial,
Around and around;
Beneath the sea's swell,
Up and down, up and down,
Moves the ceaseless spirit.

In traffic of words,
Chatter chat, chatter chat;
In water through fiords,
Spashity splat, spashity splat,
His Love increases.

Through hymnal praise,
Sing-song-sung, sing-song-sung;
And nights, bedding days,
Season after season and beyond,
We are one.

With troll's endless laughter,
Snickery jeer, snickery jeer,
And befores giving way to the after,
Tear upon tear, tear upon tear,
His Smile is upon us.

Oh gladness, joy and magnificent men!
Who work and toil for a better times ten!
Be it peace, yet be great,
With the life Heaven meant,

May your days and your raves be one Christen-event!

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