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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Dove with the Hairy Chest- 30th November 2000

IN ancient, ancient times, it was not uncommon to find a bird with fur and not feathers. The pelt was not unattractive but rather soft and glossy and ingeniously rippled with peacock hues.

These furry birds did not fly as they do today. They would run or jump far, or simply turn invisible and transmigrate through matter when decided. They would cuddle into the hollows within a tree or sandbank. They would sleep with their heads sideways, nestled into a furry neck, and their gem-like eyes would close for a time whilst they rested and dreamt of flight.

Ages hence and they are more delicately contrived. Their coat has been exchanged for an aerodynamic feathered wrap. When they drift into sleep nowadays, they are still carried away in dreams of flight, even though their day's occupation is filled with the air stream channels and the diving between. Their aspirations take them to higher skies, beyond the mantle of cloud, even further than the membrane surrounding the Earth.

For this is nature; and our nature too. We shall always be called to go further, and shall. Whatever form we may take on the way, will give over to yet another that shall take us even a little more further.

Like the birds with the hairy chest we all seek a freedom out from the conditions we are in. This is natural and a way of knowing that there are vast skies all about us, which we will travel in days to come with great joy!

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