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Sunday, September 12, 2010

On the Kinship of the Exalted

The 'Immortals' (not so long ago as is imagined) met freely with men to converse and teach directly. Those of you with special affinities for teachers shared this time in previous lives whereupon the relationships were open and not so mysterious.

It was however, a most sought-out society; still is for that matter, but neither then nor now was it desirable for men to only become their elders' shadows.

Our fraternity shoulders that of our equivalents beyond these immediate spheres. There are men who have gone on, passing through this World and resettled outside its reaches. Although this was a decision of abandonment in the strictest sense, they are nonetheless our brothers directly, and have chosen this advance for their own reasons.

They are not separated or lost, but given to address and have kept in contact. They are our extended family, which too is yours. At times, when they confide locally, it may even be that the essence of a work piece or essay is related by one of these Elders. Intrinsically they are still men even though they have departed from the influence of this Globe, and it can be remembered also that such islands can quite possibly conserve remnants of a time which cannot otherwise remain.

As for our Teachers there are many depositories, many places around and about which we and they can go. There are also those places for which we are ill at ease - largely because everything is increased perceptibly and the adjustments are consumably tiresome if the men or environments are thick with evil.

But when thoughts are turned towards us and we may share in a mutual love as we do, then our company so welcomed is immediate and our attention complete. We can never be preoccupied with keeping track of a man in his day to day affairs. It is rather that he should call upon us when and if he feels so inspired that we may unite in some fine considerations together.

To some we are just as old friends living in distant places, and to those who pledge their like-minded concerns and commitments we offer back in return all that we can. It will not ever be in the form of a guaranteed lottery ticket or such windfall, but it shall bring its miracles and a fun association!

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