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Friday, September 17, 2010

Angelic Soul Agencies- 4th October 1996

SUBTERRANEAN to men live their Angels. In one sense, Man's Avant-garde (first guardian souls) encompass such an extended view into their lives and their immediate futures - as with a broad-range telescopic lens - that the Angels' interpretation alone brings intuition into the man's consciousness and helps in the governing of all relevant and proceeding wisdoms.

A man on his own would be rather helpless and without. He could no more motivate a steam train with his own puff and pant than instigate the necessary negotiations within a single day of a single life were he totally alone.

It is true that we are given a certain privacy and sense of solitude within our consciousness, this being only right, as the concerns of other beings (other men, women or otherwise) must hold to their own quarters also impinging not; whilst it shall be the wit and wisdom of any man eventually which makes his decisions upon his own life's leading. However there are whisperings from his life's interpreters and would-be advisers everywhere, making many suggestions with an eager interest and at times an overbearing concern. Men instinctively push back such assaults from other men or beings, although needing an effort of will to do so because all other's opinions encroach the freedoms of the future and subsequent decisions therewith.

This is mentioned because it is relevant to the guiding angels, who do not work to direct or advise or coerce, simply and firstly because the man himself would eventually refuse them; and both spiritually and consciously would be right to do so. They cannot intervene with an assistance which objects his thinking, crosses his decided path or pushes him against his desire. To do so would instantly disassociate them from their role beside him, besides which, they love their fellows so completely it would not become possible for them to act willfully against him.

Also there is no self-interest or self gain. Unlike other beings who enjoy the saturation of a man's attentive company and the vitality besides, the guardian Angels of a man do not receive a 'kick-back' of any kind; they are not elemental in nature. Were this to be so one would find that they would soon become depleted in themselves and well spent, having to rely upon a constancy which would not sustain them. No, their own pleasures and sustenance is quite removed from the interaction; and yet as said, the love remains, being pertinent to their greatest joy and ward.

So there is a different way which they may intimate their warnings and express their offers of help in their companionship. Before continuing on it should be added here that there are myriads of helpful entities that do not come under this subject today. There are numerous varieties of angels themselves, some which are so large their bodies can encompass a whole mass of sky. There are helpful souls who having moved from this world return to their great loves and keep contact. There are faerie workers who are brightly intelligent and servants to men. There are, of course, those selected animals which oblige and assist, alongside the spiritual beings of the plant kingdom which live to serve men completely. So we are placed within a commodity of community that offers itself ever graciously to meet our desires.

However, our guardian Angels are to be distinguished because they may personally know us in ways that the others do not. It is they who are the chief comforters bringing this to the man or child when he is without. No matter how deep the devastation or how lonely the experience, there is in the world, behind this and every sadness, the consoling of our angels, which can be felt.

Comfort itself comes from a medicinal, remedial love which understands in essence the nature of both the man and his calamity. True comfort is the most wonderful supplication and experience, because here we are instantly brought to find (yet again) something of the miraculous qualities which we assume should exist, however profoundly. The properties of pity, nurture, compassion, communion and divination all invoke the highest intuitive powers which are communicated not only from being to being, but being to God and then God into being and back again. Think for a moment of those cherished times of great and meaningful empathy - a reprieve from our own consciousness! Putting self aside we may come to God (and if to Man, then to Christ) by our very unities. For the greater cosmic influences are subtle yet powerful, in invocation. 

Our Angels in this are often our teachers, for they speak to us not in words, but with intuitive reasoning which enables our own to come more readily to understandings. If we are without the means to interpret another man justly or comprehensively, we are afforded the faculty through that of our Angel's, and also their relationship with the other man's Angel.

So instantly we have access to a greater ability improving a wonderful friendship, providing it is those powers of intuitive knowledge that we decide for ourselves to firstly call upon, pertaining to the higher aspects of the other man concerned. You may consciously try this, and with the ensuing assistance shall find that strangers will become endeared to you in no time. You may have met them for the very first instance and have had no past signatory relationship with them - no experience to share, no resonance mainstaying - and yet by the powers of your guiding Angel it will happen that you may intuitively know them with all of their appeal as known to God.

It is guaranteed that if a man approaches any other having first asked for the counsel of his Angel and so attending to it, his company will recognize that the reality between them is not set upon the ordinary and the obvious but has been removed into realms of insight which provoke the higher influences now working through them. In other words, because of the Angel's wisdom there shall be a lightness of heart shared amongst them. The heart is well eased when it does not have to battle with inaffable people. A soul may relax when he feels truly accepted; as by great Grace we most certainly are. It is often with the qualities as brought to us by our advisory beings that we can quite quickly come to understandings which ordinarily are out of our ken.

There is so much a man can come to! Our Angels cannot lead us by any means, but think of the multiplicity of ranges we have as yet unknown, but have the means to interpret because of their insight. They are, in a manner of speaking, our higher faculties; whilst at the same time they are also very much beings in their own right, with their own consciousness and their own being.

How may I know that the cow finds the dewy new sprouts of grass so sweet? What may fire my imagination in a way that, although I am not a cow myself, nor have I eaten grass, I can bridge the signatures and appreciate it as the cow might have it? It is by my Angel that I can do this. I have a key into perspectives and a key into the higher natures and their aspects. Because of this, as well as all of this, I am also given (should I listen) a key into the remarkable events pertaining to my own life just outside my own perspective.

To some these intuitive gifts would seem inadequate. As powers go, there are many who would prefer something more worldly perhaps. Yet what has just been described if cultivated seriously, brings such a talent and leap into knowing, that there could not be a greater service provided. 

Oh yes, our Angels may alert us to an impending danger, or even the right spin of the wheel, or an opportunity arising; but the cognizing factors to these are one and the same. For example: the overview of the Angel realizes predestined events because of their pertaining to the higher nature's of all around them. It is not merely a gift of seeing outward events as they may occur in the future, as they live in possibility, for that vision alone is exterior and an event like any other if taken to be so. No it is the interpretation of what incurs these events that makes it realized as to their forthcoming. It is the interpretive powers within the higher intuition that can work within the outer world understanding its spiritual causes.

Our Angels therefore can be our spiritual eyes and ears when we in earthly incarnation have not the ability of range for ourselves. The fact that we have the faculty to interpret our Angels however, is in itself a supersensory talent acquired by the correct exercise of conferring with them to such a purpose. There is no cunning to be had, only an examination of things as they are in the spiritual worlds.

After death these Angels can make for wonderful companions doing likewise, providing we have incorporated them as part of our lives whilst incarnating. They are beings of Christ, subtitled to His Thought and Wishes.

As Man has bravely gone on into godhood he has challenged the existence of all other kingdoms, if only in his inquiry. Uniquely alone and upbuilding evolution, Man holds to one side a predestined certainty and to another, the unknown. It is through these individual charges that we may come to be known by Christ as we to Him, as they are of His Substance, of Him Himself, that we may have a secure and accurate reasoning in higher matters. For it is He that understands all keys and all signature characteristics and all futures within.

There are two types of beings, the Creative and Angelic - from Father God this was so; so too, from Christ as well. Demonic beings come from when the one develops into the other and the perversion of influence reaffects malevolently those whose influence still streams pure and intact.

Creative spirits who have come into Angelhood and have been inducted into armies by higher beings who drew their will away from them and bled their individualities away, are now dark-angels who are in service to that which overpowers them, and uses them for the creative vitalities which they hold signature to. It is the inordinate blend of corrupted creativity and the subservience of a lesser angel which creates the malformed anarchies. Then also, in regards to the 'fallen' angels, there is the truth that when they stepped out of their parent stream and incorporated powers which were not of their license, once again the unfavorable influence upon all else in the plan ensued.

Our own Angels cannot perceive our Double's activities. Their higher concentration seems to preclude much of what our formidable selves present. It is not in their nature to understand and therefore not considerate to them. So we find that Man has the loving assistance of the higher powers directly beside him when required and called upon, and yet also his examiner in which he has invested much evil.

The thought and desire-bodied elementals which Man colors the personalities of, are firstly compliant to Man, impressionable to Man and therefore angelic in nature. However, by the very creative impulses man has imbued them with, if they are not of the higher substances these creatures become 'demonic' in their action back upon Man. They are useful in the negative sense and reinforce much of his own behavior, but when developed properly they can be aids in measured disciplines and repeated behavior, by establishing many constants within the individual who has brought them up, so to speak.

Similarly, the agent of our Double is also angel in makeover, and once again, in the more permanent sense, has been individually characterized by the creative factors as given in Man.

Angels by makeover, have no capacity to willfully make new and varied anythings. Put simply, if you had one hundred thousand tiles to make a mosaic, and all of the palette of colors there as well, and if you gave these tiles to a one hundred thousand men you would have one hundred thousand different murals to purvey. Then give them to one hundred thousand Angels and you would have but one. Angels are like that. They would be most pleased that they had got them all fitting and looking the same. In point of fact, they would be in pain, if one tile was traded out of place.

Having said that, offer one hundred thousand Angels the plans to follow according to the Creation of our great Benefactor and watch the world then grow! Give that same plan-sheet to the men (or demi-gods) and not one plant would take in the grit of their chaos!

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