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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Study & Meditation- 30th August 1996

May the bird in Man return to him

WHEN a bird flies it does not defy gravity, it understands gravity, and through such understanding negotiates its relationship. If it were to simply disobey the impulses of gravity it would go straight up without end; whereas it becomes flight in the very principle itself, that enables the bird, in pressure sandwiched between the waves of wind supporting its horizontal torso throughout the passage.

Gravity itself is not earthbound. Its directions and redirections work elsewhere also. There are greater gravities to lesser gravities, as are to be found spiritually orienteering when the magnetisms work with the man's own knowing, whilst his upright bearing is gravitized in God; Father God being both central and impulsive to the inner cleaving.

As the bird we can renegotiate those impulses fixed in Father God. The higher altitudes of spirit correspond with the light-filled ethers the birds travel. Our sense for questing which refines the thinking and receiving, are the wings of Hermes - the bird returned in Man.

Meditation differs from learned study in that the soul's conception in meditation is instantly and remarkably appealed to. In study there becomes a sequence of pondering - bird goes to pond to fish, dipping in and out, catching as catch can, working the silver pathways, following each elbow bend as the school darts and turns and then swims on. Yes, with acquired learning we labor for our ego's next new catch as we dip in and out of the waters of deep thought, moving between the seen and unseen world.

In meditation (one of good quality that is) our bird can fly and test himself amongst the lively organization of light and regions of current. The soul-wisdoms are brought before our consciousness and we are alight with their truth. The expression 'uplifting' means literally that; we are uplifted out from our mundane pressures of self to that 'higher' expression the truth has brought wings to.

So when we approach our meditative contemplations it is important to receive them inspiritively, i.e. not to look for the skies in the reflection of the pond, not to dissect or disseminate, but rather to receive the impressions whole. For a good meditational picture will work in upon a man, not subject to the ego's deciding.

As with prayer, and also quite similarly with a pleasing landscape that satisfies the soul with beauty, these truths before a man speak to that man, not he to them. Nor do they in any way become altered. It is that they livingly correspond within the soul of that individual already.

The truth of Christ resides in Man. It is not a truth that can be bought or won intellectually. Study itself, if founded on untruth, is useless; and yet study by itself is no guarantee of any truth having been arrived at.

Paradoxically Man must reclaim the soul wisdoms and endorse them anew. To know and know well implies that it is the fish which empowers the engine of the bird, that has then and only then, the strength enough for the mighty uplift. All food is upon the ground, it is not to be had in the sky.

So we can consider:
  1. Private Study
  2. Group Study
  3. Private Prayer & Contemplations Self-led
  4. Private Prayer & Contemplations Received
  5. Group Meditation & Prayer

Private Study
Here we may endeavor to assimilate, having worked for truths which can build upon themselves, or make for good contrast, whichever.
In study we are brought a little further each time in our contention with new thought. The practice itself of giving time to these efforts enstrengthens a man's application in all other areas of knowledge also.

Spiritual studies, when healthy, bring an individual to an overall discernment which becomes keener in worldly matters. This is of course relating solely to matters which are not self-invested. In other words the most dependable discernments come when the motivation has not self interest being the persuading factor.

Spiritual studies therefore affect the consciousness directly (with the obvious results of immediate learning) and indirectly with a general ability becoming enhanced, which overall affects the worldly consciousness also.

Group Study
When in amongst collective thought the action of the study becomes profoundly enhanced. If the material of the study is worthwhile, if the thought introduced and considered is dynamic to the evolution of Man's being, then it shall promote such to not only the participants, but also spill out into the World at large.

Therefore it could be said that a group endeavor is primarily useful, not only to the souls attending (both seen and unseen) but also bringing about many new thoughts to be received within those who have no direct knowledge of the possibilities of such.
In group study we can also bring talents and insights creatively working upon the piece considered. Group studies can bring the very best and very worst of conditions for actual learning.

It is always preferable for a man to solely consider a learning before rushing into discussion along any lines, for it does happen that the words which adhere to the thought in the first association are indelibly difficult to disassociate from thereafter. It is crucial that the process of measuring our own responses to a single truth is learned quietly and without interference from without.

Discussion has the ability to kill out a higher thought in its reception, because it attaches to it another's questions and associations which are unrelated to the responses to be had in another. The personal experience will depart. This is why much learning in schools at senior level is not retained by the adults in later years. A teacher may present the thoughts forth, which if they are true to a reality, then they shall be 'good food' for the wandering consciousness. However if opinions and questions come flying in before the individual has time enough to meet the thought with his own succession of cognitive responses, then his ego has not the ability to retain the learning as was first presented. Therefore it is wise enough to come to the group study having entered into private time well in advance and well prepared.

Private Prayer & Contemplation: Self-Led
That which springs from the wells of need and great loving is accentuated in spiritual repose. Once again our full attention and our full being may be given to God for a time, in a way that no other should intrude upon.

In private time we commune with those we are drawing closer to on a higher level - in prayer, in like inspiration. However it does occur because of our empathetic resonance and not because of an interaction between egos.

We do not will our prayers. We may will ourselves to be fixed or applied, to help form the word or thought or to be silent, but we do not actively project ourselves contaminating the action of the prayer.

The nature of prayer and meditation is that it is given to the higher impulses when we forgo our lesser cares and concerns. Birds may make bed in their twiggy nests, but do not try to take them on flight. We remove ourselves from the world to go where the cares cannot.

Private Meditation & Prayer: Received
Self-led we are taken where we need. If we choose a piece already composed as our feature for contemplation, then our transport into higher thought is affected by the nature of the source as also the spiritual nature generally then placed before us. We can travel much farther flying the imagination's reaches of another who is better skilled. In this, through many passages, we can associate freely with splendid minds and higher divinity.

If we choose to put to prayer or ponder some written phrase or work, we may move out from need to that which can answer yet greater need. There certainly is a place for both.

However, the symptoms of Man, even in his despair, are just that. Higher prayer formed well and above the simple desires of immediate and personal need, reaches out with great exploit that the lively spiritual worlds further be incorporated with conditions here in the World.

The prayer of personal petitions address worldly concern firstly, whilst the prayer without ego directions (given to and from another) summons the heavenly influences foremostly.

Group Meditation & Prayer
The combining of men for higher purpose and higher influence is charmed with the very hopefulness at the outset. If there is no expectation there shall be no result. For the spiritual promptings are quickly dismissed with a sour attitude. This is why cynical folk can never breeze through into the larger experience.

Also if there is no such experience being realized, one is advised to question the effectiveness of the issue, remembering though that the prayers of men are more potent than realized at the time. We can be guided by our inner responses in this and make question of them.

Effective prayers incur their own hopefulness as well. Meditations which are inspiring or healing should invoke enthusiasm, wonder, rapture, fraternity, and answer soul needs. We may reaffirm and reinspire with repetitive prayers and meditations experienced, given to group concentration, when proceeded with in the correct fashion.

This is distinct from study in that once again we do not need to go to the pond to find the sky. There is a time to fish... and a time to fly! ... 


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