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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thoughts on the Soul of Australia-17th October 1995

THERE are protected spaces sometimes imposed upon great expanses, so made so by pioneering souls in the original survey ... and much of the country of Australia was thus reconciled - to wit, given to an order of solitude. 

The imprints of men are to be found all of the way around the Globe, beneath the seas and underneath the muds, trapped fast in rock and sandwiched in upon the alluvious remains. Although their footprints have long followed both the foot and its shadow, the greater imprint of a man's being is incised upon all matter that did know him, and still voices his impressions thus left within the World.

In all that we are and all that we give out into the ethers and beyond, we impart ourselves in situ, localized into those material places in which we abide. So it is that lands themselves become colored and characterized with all kinds of deeply held impressions from their countrymen, so that only after but a very brief episode of centuries past there becomes an atmosphere marked and immovable, attached to the mineral remnants within the ground. 

Organic matter is free from these impressionings. The etheric life does not inhibit itself with past reckonings. It is one of a selective memory, in that it gives to future life and does not hearken to the ways of a strangulating death; such as one does find in past palaver of the ghosts of men preceding. 

It is true to say that there are noble stories amongst them all, but out of all of those, what truly was good made recovery and moved on. The goodness of a man travels with him, and as he makes his way into future realms his glory becomes his apparel. Whilst the sad echoes of former stories usually tell only in part, that of his real impressions thus had, we find that recounts are in tenor most melancholy or frivolous, factual or eventual, but without the humors or the lusts; the gravitation of eager recovery, as is also.

This is why it is that a man's review of his past lives so lived, may well prove misleading even by that of his own interpretation. All that was delightful has traveled with him and exceeded those details which remain relatively lifeless, now committed to the past. The collection of detail and of service, the evidence of his very being, is but hollow and no clear portraiture of the minutes and heartbeats won and then gone. 

There are often fantasies given about time-travel and such access into the past happenings. Should this discount the present were the clarity the same? Would it be possible that the fervor of the future could be known again and again, played out with but starch and salt? No, it is there to be witnessed just as a cellophane film; and true also that there are possibilities with every representation, that we may come to contact the present-day soul to whom that past was connected. But in themselves such impressions in the world are as empty of soul-meaning as the whining winds which sing through the rockface pass - as sing they do, and the men who catch their breathless sound bend their thoughts to find interpretation in the enchantment of a voice which comes without tongue and resounds from no being. 

Countries are populated by ghosts. They become opinionated with ghosts. They are contaminated by ghosts, save for those areas which have been concealed from the emmanatory influences of men. Australia is as young as she is old. Her population of ghosts is few. Her desert areas were once infilled with great numbers, however the periphery which is, was once but a plate below sea level.

Long before the Atlantean period there were communities of 'plasmic' men whose sensualities were overall. These men had intense sensitivity at the edges of their mortal bodies, and when plant or creature was surfaced to them they would identify their form within their own constitution and become visibly much altered. They appeared almost as the womb sac which contains a baby, and would take on the images of that which they came to, that it could be seen through the 'skin' of the outer of themselves. They were the original shape-changers, which later on various races could still mimic in like manner. However, these bodies of men were organized in such a world which was not hardened or with contrast as it later became. To take on the form of that which you came to was not as great a marvel for those times as it would subsequently be, of course today.

The actual discernment between what was the man and what lay without him was difficult. The consciousness at that time was quite dreamlike, and yet too there were about them those whose wills were most powerful and commanding. These men could not only 'become' in like fashion so seen inwardly, but could impose outwardly their imaginations so that they could creatively become what they willed. This involves a far more developed exploitation of matter.

Even then it happened too that the impressionings of men made their way into the immediate substance of the minerals about them; with this difference, the mineral bodies themselves were also quite different, being far from their manifested selves as we recognize now. Minerals were not caught in form either, but appeared in fluidic trace and also in ether as advanced spirits from those quadrants which they originated. 

These spirit-beings of the mineral world gave men their elemental virtues, and these virtues took visible form; and the men in turn could 'become' in their likenesses also. Today they reside in Man in minute quarry. Their spirit selves are divided into other realms, with their consciousness living elsewhere. Man's virtue is now his own, although he has made it such with the help of their association. Their traces still make for this within him, yet their immediate beings are no longer incommunicado. They cannot penetrate the ways of matter or the consciousness of men, for the gateways closed with the seizing of the Sun.

Christ determined His sole relationship afore and beyond the lesser principalities. Gold verily became the king of the metals as it embraced the etheric properties of Christ, which the other metals and minerals could not. The Beings of Virtue were evacuated and made distinct from their 'bodies' of metal. Gold itself incorporated each higher part which was hitherto empowered, and the minerals slept dormant beneath the ground, forming and growing just like the toenails of the gods.

The men of Will aforementioned, brought a perilous threat to those fellows who were susceptible to trusting and becoming as they bid. Formerly a man could mirror life and this would be to no great harm, however the men of Will conjured lifeless forms, from which when assumed were as a condition of disease upon the whole, for the interpretation of the further world became confused by those deceived with this creativity, and ordinary men did not hold the means to know what was real and what was glamour. (Similar to the foodstuffs consumed at the table nowadays.) There becomes a dim and shaded sense for the life properties within any given material, and in this instance it did affect the man markedly with a confusion which injured his whole being.

The beings of Virtue were implicated here by their very involvement with form. Although matter was precondensed it was nonetheless remarkable unto itself. That is to say, that although quite fluidic it did not combine and was not solvent, and in this was enabled by the presence of mineral bodies encased in an etheric world. 

Men themselves were wise and knowing, but even a literate man in a pitch-dark room cannot read; and the Men of Willing found the means to darken the World with their imagining's shadows. This behavior was not all of their planning; it itself had come about from the 'progressive' elements assisting the men to develop themselves so. And thus they were banished. Even virtues can present with overwhelming strength which endangers their usefulness and can cripple a man. This was just such a case. In intermingling with Man the influences of the stars fought for predominating sway. They ventured outside of their license and were sent back to their respective realms that they be coherent there from afar.

Deposits of gold bloomed in those areas where the men of Will came to renounce themselves. At the time when the Beings of Virtue had departed, Christ offered a chance to each man that they had choice to follow on and leave this World (and Mankind), or that they should stay and surrender up the powers turned wicked. Of those that chose to pursue their given bent freely, they were allowed their leave, deported to Mars, Venus and Jupiter.

Of those that stayed, faithful and dependent to all of this World, there was a gift in place of the powers lost, and this was of a spiritual Gold. Christ did commute from the Sun and gave His Signature (in part) into the Gold, and into this He sealed the other elements also. 

There became a transference of signature and organic matter would then go on to leave such residue which collected the metals upon it by virtue of its own. Virtue was inherent in Man and he could command it. Virtue then became inherent in matter and matter itself could receive it.

At the turnposts of life, where the organic matter is so reduced and lifeless, it may receive life anew with bacteria or with metal. The induction of metal precludes the bacteria. It does not present an etheric life, but it does not inhibit it either. Some bacteria consume the etheric forces out from that which they inhabit. They are not self-perpetuated but rather are pirating life from elsewhere. The appearance of minerals can be an antidote to this occurrence, both in the constitution of man and also in the earths upon the Globe, by which the astral invasion of a belying bacterium may be held back from a rampant disclosure.

It is the nature of history that the markings of a particular cycle shall be repeated in that same area for which it was given to. This has been witnessed both in great and lesser periods, whereupon trends and impressions have taken similar route; although it may be added that consequence from time to time does vary. Quite so in regards to Australia and its deep history associated with that earlier time involving the Beings of Virtue and the Men of great Will, and that time of transmigration with the metals and their associated keepers. Throughout Africa and Egypt and into the Americas, these continents too, witnessed the reformation of the powers within the Mineral Kingdom as such. However it was to be that Australia was from where it began, and was then so kept protected because of that.

A similar contest will one day come to Australia again. Christianity itself has new charges with not the contaminated history it has suffered on other shores. It is true to say this for the spiritual atmosphere, because it has known and won a great success, and such successes are paramount to future wins. 

The special nature of Australia was not originally preordained. It came about because of the intensity at that time of both the powers represented and the powers then overcome. It was to have the first of the men to whom the resignation came, and it was the first home to be of the converted, transformed Gold.

Ever after this country was given to keep much of its original wisdom, without having to suffer from the impressionings from great numbers of men. It is not to say that countries do not love their men, for it would be false to imply that - no indeed, a country does welcome all manner of people to people it, however and regardless of the changes which do consequently occur upon its face because of it. Yet there was need also for virginal land to be kept for those histories yet to be succeeded, and succeeded with no distraction of defeat. 

The people who inhabit Australia at present are often known by this attitude amongst them. Defeat does not hang heavy or shroud their concerns; and for this they are held to be immature or childlike in their countenance. As with the plasmic men of much earlier times, they have the same innocence to suggestion, characterized also in their willingness to experience the outer life, rather than diffract upon the inner concerns. The activities depend largely upon physical and material involvements. As a nation they have not yet developed a thoughtfulness or reflectiveness born from suffering or dark history. This is not their compulsion. However, for those amongst them to whom this does not apply completely, we find that there can be remarkable degrees of genius in our 'panning for gold'.

Dear Christ of the terrible Love,
As here Your sacred party stands,
With fine and solemn expectancy -
We men may languish, fail, waste and weaken -
Yet in Spirit are Your perfection truly,
Because we are Yours, dear Lord,
We are Yours.

The eager watch is held from the summit,
And so cast down into silt and condensation,
Into likeness and its hideous representations -
May we pray for the forgeries and the impermanent.

Luxor on its mount invisible sits,
Ethereal and intangible,
The second Avalon,
Car for the elect,
Known as a gypsy town,
With no particular country home;
The embassy being held for all men,
Stalwart, faithful with a stronghold impenetrable to infirm minds and witless scoffs.
You may come with only the highest vanity in likeness.

Christ, You are above us and upon us,
You bring us here the lover's promise appealing faith in fact,
Entreating just one sovereign resolution,
And that is Love:
That love to brave its contenders tirelessly,
Matching the irate with an affection,
But no retraction or apology;
Your love is terrible, formidable and stirring,
Vigorously vital and exacting,
Dynamic, irrevocable and ever there,
Driving, imposing terrains with always new life;
Constantly welling fluidic charm,
Coursing the inconsistencies and objectifying a harmony,
Insisting a compassion, a fierce championing Spirit
And securing each soul,
Your Love's tenacity is the most potent power of all,
Without a doubt Dear Lord, without a doubt.

We pray to know this terrible Love,
As it spills through the gates of heart and into Men and back again,
Forthwith to God, we say:

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