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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Into the Bays and Beyond- 16th November 1995

As to the local Church - if it is our express desire that we would wish to bring aspects of Christ into the bays and beyond, then we do so with the blessing of His Host. Philosophies corrupt because they tire - the initial spiritual precepts become diluted with use until they are untraceable - then only to be empowered anew, by becoming reborn in the hearts of striving men.
- The Sacred Art of Spiritual Teaching

ONCE again the homeopathic principle has been described, in the context of those philosophical ideologies which have ceased their vigor and dispersed within the world. By this we can see that should the fundamentals of their systems resonate with a true spiritual association and relevance to Man, then they shall empower the up and coming systems which the 'modern' man can embrace.

Therefore that which was seemingly lost to the past, in religiosity or with projected idealism, can be regained, dwelling in the very spirit of a kindred system; brought together by those men in which that spirit-sense lives.

Herein are known to some, these elements of spiritual purpose. Their throne, and principality for that matter, are from one familiar source; and yet it is that histories unite in those men in which the hopes are largely unique; grand masteries that sought to endow their humanity, and draw the Heavens (and God Himself) much closer to this World.

Yet this World with stubborn mass, recoiled from tidy plans contrived; but did prefer and always heard the heart of Man, when a man could love most genuinely. Matter hardened and hopes were bruised - with so many words issued upon a dying breath - but all to be reborn again! And none to have given over their expediency, still to lavish their enthusiasms for future Man ...

Many things are quickened within during the compartment of Communion. The tides are drawn much further in, knowing is enlivened, believing is enstrengthed and comprehension deepened. Further to this all manner of seeds are awakened - seeds which were saved from trees long fallen - and although we may go to the altar with only tiny remnant and slight example, we hold the mighty prospects also, that might be realized.

A man bereft of inspiration becomes hapless and unstable. Too often the true resurrection within cannot begin because he mimics life rather than is living that life. There needs to be real connections which inspire the affinities given to the future. Sadly most men have no care for the lifetimes ahead, they instead regard their present self and current world as the only continuum, and this is so when settling into a familiarity devoid of spiritual purpose. 

To many there is no conception entertained as to the impetus required or the necessity within Man. There is a silent but obvious protest which contends that indeed 'all will be well anyhow'. However, if this were the case then one should wonder why Christ Himself labors the night and day, and good men may fret knowing too well His Sorrow. Too many empty hearts and loveless grins; too many trivial pursuits with too few questions.

If all is not well now (and it is not), there is no guarantee that it will become so - unless something changes. Men themselves must wantingly effect those changes, defining their purpose with lasting application. It may appear that the advance thus far is too small to qualify its purpose; or is too crude, or too slight; yet all the while it increases and accrues and challenges the sloth which scorns those visionaries for Christ, and lovers of the World.

Wherever a man is placed he is given the opportunity for ennoblement. He can present himself with an open heart and offer himself to his immediate fellows, bringing before them such esoteric reasonings and Christly impulses. He can attend to his brother with a sincerity which is intrinsic to being, placing himself neither above nor below the individual he may reckon with. He can have knowledge on their behalf; he can be patiently observant of their praxis and of such in contrast - and he may introduce Christ further into their World because of his solicitude.

Little inlets and bays are as basins in which the tempered tides frequent. At the neck there becomes a crazy torsion within the open ocean, and although the bay appears to be the sea contained, it is not; for of course the ocean may circulate freely even though it is subdued and pushed back by the land to which it flows. 

The shoreline contrasts with the sea and the bays give the waters within their definition. Wherever our faith flows into, whatever the harbor by its outline denotes, the waters shape to take; there is Man separate and distinct from God. If Christ is drawn into this spiritual font (basin) we may have all of the seas in one.

The Church maintains to characterize our Christ. The notions may become perilously absurd to those who would prefer precise examination, yet all of the while there is He also, distinct from the parables and distinguished from all argument. There He stands.

Beyond the bays are more bays and beyond the images and portrayals of Christ there is The Christ. A man may need look no further than into the heart so given him by another - beyond himself - and yes, there is to be found his Lord also.

Knowledge, like Man, is comprised of a soul, heart, spirit and intellect - all of these things one may find in true knowledge. It is not disparate by nature, but is alive, warm, active amongst the ethers and self-characterized.

All of the truths maintain their own existences throughout the reaches of the infinities. They have substance - a permanence in their own right. They have love within them and are enspirited by God and connect with a reasoning both pure and profound within the community of thought, actuality and dreaming.

Knowledge comes to Man and he believes her to be his and his to keep. But he must tend to her heart and her soul and then come to know what she brings. The hidden answers are held in places deep. Beyond the bays we may sail our ship.

The Church was begun as a satellite for this our Sun - the seed for a new Sun, a new station for those aspects of Christ to be known. There is no exact way to create a future here. It needs men who by their very being shall qualify the task ahead, and as they say, make it up as they go along. ("It" meaning the future.)

We improvise, ever at the ready to respond to the actual moment's prompting. Freshborn, the new ideas bead the Earth like dew; and this with careful harvest we collect. We can no more measure His Light in each droplet than discount any one hope that will draw Him into this world. Each man does have his significance here and will come to his purpose knowingly vouchsafing the future for all men.

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