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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Miracles Translated- 14th December 1995

SIMON, dear Simon [Peter], brought many men to Christ whose destinies then altered; and during their submissions Simon would hope that his score could many the rest. None would allay his own doubting however, as this too had brought him to persevere, to search for those men who might qualify his reasoning and become his very mainstay. It was not a doubting of Christ as Lord, nor was it ever a question of His having being, it was moreover an uneasiness which rested within his own soul, particularly when the darkness was about to be quenched with a light invasive.

As if the breath is caught in expectation, our soul's cavity may seize when invaded with a life drama, and with Simon there were suggestions that he confused himself with Christ, and this also made him quick to comment otherwise. [Luke 22:61]

Can one imagine the many forces commanding which our Christ continually beckoned forth? And all of the mightiness that was contained by His Presence and brought to perfection! The forces which bring sight to the blind are the same as the forces which bring Man into this World. The entering into incarnation is made possible by Christ, moreso than before, because He now has protected each child and pledged their souls completely.

When men used to arrive into matter to be born amongst their particular people in a given skin and organism, there came to be a mingling of karma and a confusion of self which for the main, overrided the sense of the individual soul. In this way incarnating was extremely perilous to the ego, because a succession of lifetimes induced falsehoods within the consciousness whereupon a man was only partly himself and incorporated greatly with ancestral incandescence.

For Christ to bring those same forces which correspond and invoke our visual perception, he commanded that same discrimination, but which was now differentiated perceptibly within the consciousness also. No longer would a man believe that he was none other than whom he had been. He was now free to develop quite naturally along his own inclinations without the cooperative of his forefathers.

Accelerated developments did succeed because of ancestral tallying; however as a means to an end it was quite useless because the effects were only good given a single lifetime within the body itself and its surrounding influences. Men seldom retained the better qualities inherited unless they could consciously endorse them within their own egos. This of course took effort - and without effort (because it was already in place) it was not what it was.

For the lame to walk, the Christ forces brought to bear the same motivations as those which metabolize the furies. A man maintains his mobility and activity and connections within his parameters because of those forces which combust with the fires of creativity. Traveling hither and thither, Man busies himself within the world. We walk this way and forever on, the man being happiest when he is moving forward upon an active course, and here Christ assists us all in bringing also those forces which course the World at large. When man moves, everything else moves away from him.

Our weight gives us the augmentation to drive our wills as well as our limbs - and where more importantly than in the imaginative forces? Creativity pushes against the impulses of law and of will, and of presiding realities. Imagination defies all of these very rigid parameters thus defined, and yet because of Christ we have imagination which may go on to negotiate and walk against the winds of stagnant thought. The strength in the legs is the same strength that takes the mind into creativity, and this He brings. Before this men had not the abilities as they do now, to move forward in their thinking ahead of their experiences.

The lepers are cleansed: there may be two causes of premature death, one being decay and lack of life, whilst the other may be too much life overriding another. Decay itself comes from the desistance of life. Men would decay overnight were it not for the etheric influences which permeate their spirit's flesh. They would simply fall into dust, as was often occurrent in past times, when men were loosed from their etheric doubles.

Death by life may appear unconvincing, and yet we find that Man is host already to so many other life organisms and ethereal entities that he is unaware of; remarkable, that as a community he may exist with cooperation at all! This is predominantly our Christ's influence here as well.

Cleansing the lepers, in forces translated, implies that the commodity of flesh has been purified by Christ Himself. By His incarnation we know that the body of all Men is prepared for divinity to be properly housed, and those elements which cooperate in Man are made welcome, whilst all else are given no privileges and in time shall be cast off most permanently.

Our physical development is ongoing and far from perfection, however the forces now introduced have made way for such development which is to be fully realized as we go along. Of course we invite Christ to ourselves in our similarity to Him, and in this we must also invoke the forces He makes possible accordingly. As the soul of Man matures, and the ego also, he will introduce unto himself the possibilities for complete and perfect health. This will take time if it is to be individually won.

That the deaf can hear brings us to our correspondence with the interpretive faculties and forces that work within and without Man. Once it was that a man was only receptive to that which he understood, that he could not achieve comprehension or even acknowledgment of anything outside of his experience. Christ enabled men to interpret just this, and fortunately so, else none would have come to wonder of even He, if it weren't in the history of their family or their own.

Of course even He was introduced into the World by preparing somewhat with an earlier arrival. In this way He could connect again with those souls to whom it was required. He was in part, King David.* David brought two lines of Man into being. It was the east and it was the west, and it came because there were two distinct types of soul so manifest.

Half of the men then born were truthful 'white-foots': they were pure and passionless and reluctant to incarnate. The other half were barbaric and uncouth, and with concentrated vim they broadcast their indulgences pushing irregularities with hearty defiance. Spirited and dangerous, these men were a prelude to the teams to follow, who as mentioned afore, began to be aware of selfhood before association. Christ became King David, although King David did not become Christ. He entered into the very forces of that propagation which inspired the offspring to follow. This appeared necessary that in the periods later such men would come to fully accept His presence as placed within the physical makeover then given.

David was John (Baptist-John). He was on envoy then, having tried unsuccessfully for incarnation some ages previous. It is not to say that other grand souls with lesser parts do not make their appearances - there are characters reoccurring throughout - yet the captain soul who was responsible for men before they came to this world, had to lead the path in that many more might follow and resume their corresponding connections. His influence ceased to be and was relinquished into the greater Christ at his death - John the Baptist shared then an identity so sublimely extreme that his departure took with him the appearance (countenance) of his beloved Christ. It was as if there were two to look upon him. [Matthew 16:14] (Or three, counting Simon-Peter). (Here lies a clue about James.)

The forces for raising a man out from his death are those same inspirative forces which motivate a man out from his sleep - consciousness! and our driving connection into this world. Christ brought a distinction here, for hitherto a man rarely knew the difference between his waking time and the world beyond in his sleep. Rather than there being a concentrated consciousness which maintained this world completely, the dreaming man was prone to death because the spiritual worlds offered no anchor for Man.

That Christ promoted the 'here and now' is evident by His call to repent. Repentance requires summation and conclusion, and as it is affirmed within a man it makes change possible. However and likewise, at the same time he is freed from past consciousness because he is enabled to forsake that which is not necessary to him, and retain in the present all that is worthy and wonderful to him. Therefore by repentance one may come to settle within the moment with all the joys of selfhood in that very moment, being freed from the scourge brought by unnecessary radicals within corrupting behavior. 

That the poor may have the Gospel preached to them offers a range of contradictions to a system which promoted 'fitness' and nobility of 'right'. We have a universe of good angels and principalities, but also introduced in conjunction with this world is a compassion which may bring the divine properties of angelic influence into the realms of demons and lower man. Worthiness was no longer solely won by merit. All beings have been considered worthy of the highest exaltation solely by merit of the fact that they are united and conjoined and born of the Father. Man is truly blessed when he may incorporate these new forces into his composite self. We can study quite readily what happens when spiritual malady befalls and corrupts these empowerments and the old ways return.

  • The false spirituality discourages men to meet ever with this world, but rather calls them to veil their earthly eyes and only seek out 'heavenly' visions. They are misplaced in time, and caused to great dissatisfaction. The world becomes acutely painful when a man closes his eyes to the happenings around him and does not wish to see the poverties but only the beauteous.
  • The false path deprives a man from his will and motivation and he becomes less and less effective within the world. He would rather lay down and die than lift the food into his mouth. His desire is vanquished and he becomes prematurely old. The limbs lose their purpose, as he too shall faint away.
  • The false path welcomes death, in that it will corrupt the organism recklessly. A consciousness which is derided by alcohol or narcotic stupor is but a lepered consciousness deformed and maligned. If occult practices cause the heart or mind deformity by over-stimulating other centers beyond their capabilities, then this too is an example of the retrograde forces as opposed to Christ's positive effect made possible.
  • The false path can also be indicated where no longer may the man comprehend the truth. Self-interred, this comes through lack of active loving whereupon he may truly find his relationship within actuality. We are insensible to the world by our selfishness.
  • The false path would dissuade a man from incarnation and lead him obviously into forgoing his consciousness. Christ's duplicity allows for Man to be able to commune in such a way that he can 'share' egos for a time and surrender consciousness at will; all the while the man retains his selfhood and may resume his own ego having gained from that experience of communion. However, the false path would encourage a man to give over his consciousness having no desire to return to it enriched or otherwise.
  • The false path would determine the recipients of its generosity. It is particular and full of pride, and so one may quite readily find those who have not the Christ forces developed in true charity and community, but prefer only certain company and believe that entitlement is especial. Beware these thoughts of fancy!
Blessed are they who may recognize Christ as He sweeps through the order bringing healing to our wanting souls. May He be received wholeheartedly and knowingly, incorporated into our prejudice and dilemma; known to us by His Perfect love made evident.


*David’s verses from Psalms: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring? " 22:1

"For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they {pierced} my hands and my feet.
"I may tell all my bones: they look and stare upon me.
They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture." 22:16-18

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