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Monday, August 16, 2010

Lullaby for the Procession- 1995

In fields flagelled,
By lonely pass,
The scores of souls
Who, with bludgeon cross heaved higher,
Yet to stride with burden held aloft -
The Cosmic tread hard trod.

Fresh born,
The dust of Heaven,
Immigrates with those who stepped,
The dew of its far reaching plains.
These bright-eyed men,
Traveled well in a circulatory horizon,
And then to form and gather and form again.

In marshes distinct
From the crusty outcrops,
Arbarnarthon waits welcoming
The souls entering the World.

The Woods, still and silent,
Ancient elders who surpassed
The centuries advance.
Watchfully, there -
The Master can tell the whys from the wherefores,
The spirit from the soul.

By links with dorsal aptitude,
The concord lives by euphonic justice.
Peopled, then coupled then peopled once more -
So builds the World,
So builds the World.
This physics of nations,
Compounding their trades,
With goods port to port,
Interbound in craft, in blood.

Each man-child born beneath this our Sun,
Is a Christ-child first with a Heavenly home.
As we as men depart from distinction,
Through Him,
- Unique yet not so far removed ...
For each being sits underneath the one Sun,
And wonders out of his future to come,
And of who he has been when that day is done -
And who he shall be with the new day begun.

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