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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Repetitive Easter Story-17th April 1996

Unsheathed, this sword is brought forth in peace;
His Light rays out from behind the shield,
And our warrior Lord, naked save for his armor of Light,
Stands upright deflecting the bows of iniquity.

Of whose might and of whose splendor shall we attest?
Wherewith the frame, yet subtlety?
Love, most pliable, endures beyond all else,
And it shall not be vanquished, defeated or decried.
Christ, You are the Heavens, Holy Waters and the space between,
You shoulder men and carry them,
Knowing both of their fathers and their children to follow.
You know of their histories, the public and private,
Of the eons upon eons which brought them to this moment
And you know of their destined ways,
Designed with Grace, made strong in You -
You know.

Common to all and yet a specific,
Mighty above all, and yet the provider.
Where shall we find thee?
Once again the angels cry.
Once more comes Eastertide, and He has gone.
And then returns.

OVER and over His story repeats in Man. Inwardly working, the powers involved turn over in Man with dramatic repercussion. This He owns, as too the world He dwells in, a copyright to Christ's own story, as the self of man does struggle too for recognition.

The higher man, the Christos-self, holds presence within the corporative body, soul and ego of Man. Our own personal divinity urges to incarnate and become recognized. It brings into the consciousness the full weight and meaning of all things important. It is cohesive to being and to knowing other beings, bringing healing and new order. This gracious and most noble self of selfs, overlights our contrasting consciousnesses and inspires us to an illuminatory advance beyond our simple and meager selves.

The story as recounted strikes deep and true within each man as he finds that the insult to Christ Jesus is but a daily occurrence within himself each time he denies his heart, conscience or higher determining. We negotiate daily and sell ourselves short; we deny ever having known our higher being when we subscribe to the folly and imbrevity of the common rabble. With mock revelry and choice-picked slang, a man may pride himself with a deceit and a treachery if by his associations he is trying to hide in amongst them saying "I do not know my higher being, my innermost drives, my Christ-self from which this world gathers mass, as the grit of the pearl".

Christ surely grieves when we disown Him like so. Furthermore, as the story goes, we too know well of the crucifying. Bind our hands and bind our feet and bring a death to all that is pure and fresh within, each man. Each and every man bears these demons which commission the insult; for harm is harm, whether grand or slight, it offends and contests the higher powers, and until our words, our deeds and even our refuse is pure, we shall continue to bring suffering to our greater Christ, our lesser Christ and our self's Christhood in being.

Figuratively speaking we are perfection realized already, but that is simplistic in terms of the truth. For truth has many parts to it and a beginning an end. Truth requires context and application and only then may it find its place amongst its own. Essentially we may be perfect, however and accordingly we know that in worldly life our struggles are born of inadequacies. Whether by physical limitation or in spiritual definition, we have yet to make immortal this world.

Would that men did honor their Christ within, the matter of this World would be transformed and made impervious to decay and to ruin. The spiritualizing of matter as echoed in the rising of the dead is a condition of the etheric regions predominating our physicality to the point of exchange. What is meant by our taking His Body into ours is this: the original condition of our Globe in immaturity was etheric before the physical world could gravitate organically and then take to itself those mineral properties which were later to follow. This etheric globe was (and is) the inner sun within, being core unto the rest, being also the gateway to the very soul of the planet and its being.

Without the inner sun the planet would decease and be unable to respond to the many inflowing forces which are attracted and permeate through the many substances incorporated presently. However, the etheric shell which layers the planet, haloes the band of world - the plane of world that we know it to be. That etheric shell provides the bed of life in which the physical sits and pertains to it, according to its needs.

Man alone and without Christ dwelt upon a planet that was decaying prematurely. The soul and the body of this planet needed Him also, for it is as the heart is to the spirit. Alone, the inner heart-sun could not sustain and support the whole; the mass could not find the connections into life and then further on, and so Christ lent part of His own Body into what is now our Etheric region, changing its makeover into that which as we may understand it, was somehow meant to be. One could see this in the light of it being the spiritualization of the planetary being within, that this enspirited planet has received Christ in that way that we also in turn shall take example of and be renewed thereby.

The only afterthought here is to add that remarkably it has been Man himself which has detracted in the first place from the high station of spirituality of our beloved planet. That is to say that by our corruption along the way we have corrupted the bodies of the incarnating globe who has suffered and surrendered to sustain our manifestation.

Once again we find The Story told. Once again it strikes as a truth within our darkened stage, with curtains drawn we witness its play, again and again - the sacrifice, the suffering and the overcoming, the resurrection.

The event of Resurrection is as a birth played backwards in respect to the Fall happening. Most usually, as is known in time these days, we have all things born being subject to certain death - beginning with those perfect qualities and properties and virtues which are both sublime and pertinent to incarnation, to then be followed by eventual death, with some measure of forfeit and suffering in the process. The story of Man is of inevitable death, were it not for Christ. So we now find that it has been turned in reverse. On behalf of the higher suffering which has instigated this change (as only it could) the powers which make cause for desisting and resisting life are now subject to an etheric enhancement which transposes the law with a divine contradiction. Namely, that we may embrace a death firstly that we may go on into eternal life, suffer first but not last in the sequence of renewal.

We can call out to the Christ in our brother that he may show himself, but be prepared also that by contrast the higher man may be unrecognizable to us, unless we truly know him well. 

When it is said that the Christ event is played out in Man again and again and that he is moved to recognize the story from the inside out, it is intended to convey to you that this is so in a soul-reality - most real and visible to one who can perceive what goes on inside an individual. It is so tangible it may be witnessed, even though the man himself may not realize the many impressions that live and work within him.

Such stories live, truly live and breathe with varying spreads of intensity and power. When we turn inwardly and are drawn to concentrate on associations that invoke a stronger relationship with this particular story, then it happens that our 'firsthand' experience can bring significance and understanding, whilst also our interpretations shift and illumine special moments, roles and powers. When we are presented with choices we then go internally and seek our roles in this matter, in this story, and then out again into the demands of present time.

But all the while the higher self of man which is indeed his most valued and credible part, is abandoned to idleness and unemployment. The gifts, talents and attributes afforded to this higher man are not called upon because the consciousness dies - lives and dies - many times a minute. The thoughts which have entered into the consciousness have difficulty finding a sustained and nourishing concentration, that and in turn they must discharge quite quickly and often without embellishment.

In time, as man does strengthen (as this is achieved with practice and repetition) he may manage the concertive powers in a way which brings life and not death, to that which he harbors. One way we may do this is in sacrificing self to higher thought. In greediness our whole being seeks to saturate itself and bloat with whatever influence it seeks. In being immature to such procedures we take ravenously, when our attitude is greedy - greedy in the sense of self being first and more important than that before us.

When one is rapturous, for example, in a condition which has led one out from self but into a knowing of something other than self, then the attitude of ego has altered the process of receiving and giving. Greed by nature expends life (in both parties) whereas love restores life to each. If I am greedy for food and take it to myself to solely appease an appetite then I shall have sacrificed the material of the substance and have it die. Whilst also, the very same shall take place in a part of the physical constitution correspondingly. It too shall die a little. In this way feeding oneself may be starving oneself into the bargain. In due reverence for Life we may love that which we take to ourselves. Our greed (our sole preoccupation with self and all else in relation to self) may be exchanged for a greater interest in that which presents and may come to us. It is an attitude of being, it is an openness to other beings and it is conducive to Life itself.

In point of fact when we eat for life, rather than to appease an appetite, we are seeking nourishment for the host of beings which incorporate our many bodies and their manifestation. We may also begin to discern that which is right and proper to take into ourselves, and further to that we may responsibly apportion with gratitude those attributes and seek to give back to them (as is law anyhow) as they do give to us.

Our lives may reverse the death process essentially and completely by our selflessness, and conversely our egos shall enstrengthen thereby as well. The ego of Man may only incorporate into itself that which it loves and knows well and holds deep affinity with. In order for this to occur it must know how to lend itself in selflessness, which does not require giving but rather a lending, that we may go on to incorporate self as well without the loss of self in this happening.

Were Christ to lose His sense of Self we would all be lost and His gift would come to naught, for one must not entrust those of lesser ability to be solely responsible for that which is beyond their comprehension to care for. However, it is that He does lend Himself, in body and in hope, in sufferance and by endurance, in absolute faith and love, projecting now and for the future.

All things must live according to the Law. We are comfortable within the Law. But we must now work to transcend the common law with that which Christ has brought to challenge, reversing death and all of death's suffering. The key to this comes of a considered thoughtfulness, one of respect for His Creation firstly and one's own self then secondly.

Every millisecond as cells renew the flesh, as the air revives the breath, as the hope restores the outlook, as the shoot and spring defy the gravity, when the burgeoning blooms inhabit the once vacant space and the mists skip the grass reborn in the morning's dew, with the osmosis of soul-life in all its beading, seeping, saturations and humidities, as reasoning is crafted and the sensibilities are sharpened - each time with a life longer living and involved ... there He is.

Happy Easter! 

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