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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love, Light & Live-16th March 1996

THE sounding of the rain outside our windows as it falls into the night, as it presses in upon the pane and pools without, the choirlortuous din of varied note, the bass thrumming, the arpeggio within a singular splash, with a mixed and varied rhythm.... Listening to the waters come, whether heralded with tumultuous groan or in the gentle simplicity of a summer's fall, we may sense an exact process being mirrored to that which occurs within our being, that very processing of such experience, from the 'inside out'.

As described, there are some which this pleasurable life denies a reliable pane to view the outside. The 'rains' press inwards upon their constitution, all weathers be them savage or obtuse, can dampen and damage those resides which are porous with spaces unfilled, unsealed to the tempest's designs. For those individuals who are not strong within this world, it is no wonder that their reasoning, along with all other faculties in this regard, should be pitched and turned against the discomfort which they endure.

There are men, (a few) who are placed well within each body which houses their manifestive beings, and here we might add that a man is twofold in this respect, just as the mystery of the planetary conditions was brought to bear.

Man too has his organs of being which are active and connective, whilst also he brings those hidden 'sentient' organs of fathoming the spirit-soul activities, which are not in any way represented or manifested in the world or objects; or for that matter, fully developed in Man. Thus we do make a distinction between a man's manifestive powers and properties, and those which are sense impressionable to God.

So in returning, there are men who are snuggy-comfortable within their exterial devices that they inhabit and maintain, whilst there are those who are not. 

Christ's healing appealed to the many planes of Man, not the least which pertained to these connecting 'organic' forces in the first and essential instance. The healings as described within the Gospels are, on the face of it, precipitating the spiritual healing to follow. Yet in the reality of all such about-turns as they occur within the obvious example, there has to be change within the spiritual world effected that the physical world may then follow. We can remember however that the Gospels do not maintain to examine the workings of the spiritual world primarily, but do cordially account for this World in truth, as was best recorded. For the purpose of this was plain and faithful and connected to the original power of its happening, for by entertaining a spiritual conjecture alone, one would have kept it upon that plane of understanding, out of reach from the world they sought to bring the connection to.

The 'living word' in this example, is one which the presence itself as witnessed, has testimony and shall of itself bring about the spiritual awareness as it becomes known - but known it needs be first. The Bible is of incarnating; that is its function: to incarnate spiritual events by the record of their happening within the world. It is quite unashamedly exoteric in this regard, as it is necessarily so.

Worlds converge in physical expression, particularly in the turnaround of an immediate and obvious healing, and yet we may understand from this plainly, that the events which led up to the very happenings and intercourse had to be forsworn and foretold within the spiritual mappings. Physical life is anything but random.

Ongoing malady needs an interruption which usurps its authority and overrides its current reality. Only within the spiritual domain may this occur. Apart from which, in the case of the healing, it is the spiritual world reclaiming its reality by setting in order that which has the right to remain.

There is a natural preference for harmonious health. There is a better expression to return to, in likeness to God, rather than in unlikeness to God (i.e. anything but - distortions of the fact, underdeveloped and incomplete).

The Incarnation was for all incarnation, the transference of the heavenly worlds into a world to be made perfect in relation to the harmonious order to be. Although we are saturated with heavenly substances, although Man is heavenly, once cast into the physical world he becomes detached, semidetached from his divine properties and incoherent to their worth. When a man is overwhelmed and awash with love that flows to and from another he is immediately converted to Christ. All is proven and all goes well. Heaven rejoices and the world itself swells because of it. However, men do not come to love easily. The experience can be inhibited by many causes which will not be entered into today, but instead we shall address that concern whereupon the constitution itself is disrupted and unfavorable.

The Moon is the cold womb of the world from an ancient mother. Her time, though passed, still expels the very forces which once gave creativity into the new being; whilst now she calls by memory alone, entering into the cycles made manifest which pertain to the fertility of all womanhood as well as the planet. When the waters are driven by her magnetic wanderings, when the children of the harvests are plump with the world's waters, when the children to be are washed out from the womb, her matriarchal governance still maintains our physical periphery.

This is why we brought certain allusion to the analogy of the rains outside the window, for verily this is what occurs within the woman as she is overcome with those moon-forces which she cannot withstand or be impervious to. Furthermore, the problem is so common it is not to be thought remarkable or even outstanding, for it is to many a question of degree rather than title of a particular or given illness. There are moonly occupations and persuasions that incline an individual to become even more susceptible to moon-madness and the disincarnating process to follow. Interestingly enough, the nocturnal lifestyle which has been cited to correlate with those folk who are so inclined, is the first issue, symptom and aggravant of their condition.

The first and immediate relief can be effected when the consciousness is brought into line with sun time; and yet it can also be said that the sleeplessness of the 'misfit' concerned usually occurs because of the impeding moon influences beating in upon them in a way which they are acutely perceptive of. It becomes as a nightly lamp made visible (with or without the eyes shut). There is no reprieve. They are therefore more stimulated according to the density of the Orb above, and then encharged throughout the remainder of the day with moonly effluence as well.

In the healthy perceptive constitution wherefore the individual is cordoned well from the explicit gravitations of the moon influence, we find that the 'new man' of the future has emerged with the vitality which defies the deathly corrupting vapors which have overstayed from the remaining lady.

The Moon is in the process of decease, although in technical terms it did die long, long ago. Associated with the Moon, alongside those attributes which we must give due gratitude for (maintaining our entrance into this world, it does come through the portals of the past in ancient rhythms) there are also many undeveloped beings which have yet to know the light of Christ, for they are eyeless creatures of no warmth, clamoring about the lower recesses of humanity. The base demonic clan which is attached to the Moon's influences have yet still quite a way afore reformation. Their populace is made of the stuff of nightmares (literally) and their devious blood and bile is generally anti-Man - one could not describe them as pretty beings at all. That is not to say that they shall not find their time and place alongside Man in future ages to come. However in the present time we can add most blunt and plain, that their aspect is promoted in moon, but denied in Christ. Here we have the picture in miniature of good versus evil, made candid and bold.

Narcotics lend a man into moon-influences as they overshadow that glorious light which otherwise illumines his godly reasoning, his imaginings (in pertinent and wondrous projections), his foreseeing, his comprehension, and his light into perception into this World. Enter in the forces of the night when we take the draught of death, the smoke of ambiguity, or the drug of the ego's slashing - every time we forsake our selves, we do weaken our self's resistance furthermore. Enter into the heart the corruptions of a corrosive sin, corrosive because it does wear away at the man in those hatreds and malice and resentments harbored and accounted for. These sins darken the disposition just alike to the clouds which censor the Sun; and the warmth of the man leaves him with but a cold and uneasy passion in the world. Therefore if lusts are sought in this condition of malady, they are entered into in an attempt to bring warmth and vitality back, but the pleasures weaken the failing constitution further because there is a lack of connection to the true life as manifested through the heart.

Life which comes outside of the heart will consume a man in whole, in part. Life without love becomes a death. Too much life, too quickly in proportion to what a man may withstand and take to himself and give back into the world through those Christly faculties which are loving firstly, will become as death for the reason that he has not the wherewithal to suffer them.

Therefore the pleasures as experienced in part by the individual who partakes in false loves (e.g. drugs), are only vaguely promoted experiences of love and goodwill because of the drug and not because of the ego so knowing it; i.e. narcosis is a false loving because one does not experience the love outside of the ego, it is rather experienced all within the being - it gives nothing and receives nothing.

There can be a false love with fornication whereupon the couple cannot complete the rapture and make manage the fiery essences that are invoked if they do not hold a true love, respect and knowing within the ego also. It then in consequence becomes as powerfully detrimental, as it can be archetypically divine.

There can be a false love when truth is departed from and the passion of a 'good story' is preferred to the reality as perceived, for then it does happen that the individual prefers their own being's interpretation before the love of the truth. This false love so named is then dangerous as regards to further chances at true perception to follow.

The meditation of Christ being the Light and the Way is the most wholesome benediction and remedy a misfit may have. If they may hold this before them - perhaps it may be suggested that it is inscribed in words that they may carry if it is not possible to commit it to conscious remembering, then as short answer in recommendation we do suggest this.

"I am the Light and the Way" is remedial, powerfully remedial in that it strengthens a man, calling for the light of love and knowledge to be inspired within as a cohesive harmony, being the most powerful truth for Mankind for now unto eternity, that we may view the world not by moonlight but by sunlight evermore.

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