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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Abhorrence is to be Abhorred, Part 2- 28th February 1996

CHRIST will not be franchised. The spiritual realities will not be denied of their existence. Materialism is never useful.

It is materialistic to believe that spiritual powers and properties of sanctity may be invested artificially where they are not actively due. It is materialistic to maintain that Christ prefers a given when all is given by Him.

If men are to deny the esoteric teachings partially (i.e. they are not completely ignoble to higher thought, but are rather more dubious about the exotic and the fantastic) it is usually because they lack the imaginative powers to carry them forth into a sense for the extraordinary.

The word "imagination" is not used to imply an unreal fantasy or delusion, for it is the imaginative forces which penetrate through into those realms the senses cannot correspond with. It is the imagination which works our sympathetic and empathetic processes whereby we may travel through to another's soul and give blessing, recognition, communion, healing and love. And if not from our recollections of direct and immediate experience, it is our imagination which may instruct us so as to 'know' something of the instinctual, intuitional art-pneu-veau. 

The Petrine way was to restrain the creativities, even though in Christ-quality man has been given to life-as-art, life-as-soul, life as life. 'Freedom' horrified Peter, and in this he continues to deny Christ today, in that aspect so continued of the Church. In measure of safety, the confessors are withheld from greater realizations of the Christ as He lives and moves around the present-day world. The mediocrity insists that it has the whole value tied up, prior to the heavenly attainment to follow; and the established hierarchical systems feed themselves before all else - for this is the way of the papacy and the like, when the order so ordered, is said to be decreed by divinity. The concession that "God has no favorites" did not extend to the unnaturally elevated status awarded their own.

Understandably there shall be men whose place it becomes as a spiritual leader, who may guide men prudently and share their well-earned wisdoms. As Paul made a list of, there are officers and stations befitting many separate talents. But the Church itself is no more in complete dedication to our Christ, being rather in dedication unto itself - Oh! The perpetuality of a rotten corpse!

We do not discount that which the Church in intention has and does, and will come to stand for, but there are empty hearts and wondering men, who are of an age that presses for knowledge of our Christ in His action, as He moves here amongst us and calls to us to know Him better.

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