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Friday, August 27, 2010

Faerie, the Home of Imagination- 5th May 1996

THERE are preserves set aside from Man for Man, in which things are kept and held perfect; places and conditions in which time does not spoil or tire, stature does not wilt, spirit is manifest and glorious, sanctity is eminent, and Paradise withstands.

Each man has his own such secure; as he also has those keys which bring him directly home back to his Father wherein all pure beginnings have remained with hope intact. Though projections long have passed before, out and into the future's entirety, we may be summoned, we may advance, but we are always in part, completely with our Father.

Amongst our many stations of preserve there is the island of Faerie. Its timelessness befuddles many, as the quizzical observer may expect a sequence and consequence to which this realm adheres not. For some things may it only imitate at best, whilst in other conditions it would appear as if this World, our physical world, did but ennoble itself upon Faerie's Grace and had not the same reaches into Heaven or wherewithal to know of the spiritual essences apparent and alive.

For every condition there is of Man there is a place. There are planetary homes which encompass the virtues which live out through Man's community amongst his own; tangible realms that men do go to when they are fully awake unto their properties. Spheres and planes do not adequately describe - that they are more natures and nobles, populated by men who developed and worked their condition during the course of their life. There are realms of charity, community, sociality, architecture, congeniality, creation, application; there are continents of music and planetary deposits of war. For all of the attributes and conditions of soul made manifest there are spiritual homes also.

One such ark is often confused with the astral adherent to our world, but is indeed quite innocent and untouched by its mythos. The astral regions are 'magical' in that they lay also outside of our time and there are transformations taking place continually. Forms are unreliable and contrasting, they are threatening to the wellbeing of Man as a concentrate of passions in collective. Here is not a realm of safekeeping as is found in the Etheric World, but moreso of dispatch - the astral mirror-world is residual to Man's effluence, and the lower reaches are grim depositories with phantom life.

However Faerie was born before Men had an astrality, before a physicality, before desire became mingled with selfishness. When a man desired something of beauty in ages past it was not that he should keep it for himself or make use of it, it was rather that the attraction was as natural as we still today may find in communion with a sunrise. In all things this was usual, and delight abounded on behalf of all - the ego was one and cared accordingly without distinction.

The corruption as known to the physical and astral worlds does come about because of involvements which dissuade the natural order with an unequal force; that man or beast exerts their own wants within the world, and does this with an unstable projection because it is unequal to that which it would take for itself. 

In the truth of Spirit when we are moved by the beauteous and the good and knowingly proceed closer to that which will infill us and fulfill us, there becomes an inner response to want, to want not only for that experience of the beauteous and good, but also to want to give something to it. This is natural to our innermost drives. That men would enhance or beautify is an example of the inner goings on herein described. Although it is the simplest of primeval reactions it is most noteworthy, because from this we may acknowledge our future redemption and distinguish our natural involvements, crediting them as due.

Here we may come to the subject of Art, for there is a very special place which brings into being the ego of a man alongside his compulsion for a spiritual beauty. The composer (whether he be composing with a medium of palette, word or refrain) has all the pre-ego adoration for the spirit of that which he now mingles amongst. To create in Art is not to attempt to promote oneself in the effort, but to put effort from oneself into that which is creative for the promotion of its being separate to that of our own. 

Therefore the artist is noble in his unselfish love and by his effort, he touches his work only briefly before giving it out into the world, being the vessel for heavenly transmutations effected by his very love.

Once again the message here is no new teaching. But the subtleties often escape the men who claim 'practicality' to be the principle to usefulness. God's palette was not merely practical, but it is measured in its usefulness by the extraordinary manner of its very being. We qualify ourselves, and that is our position and our place - but not to qualify others in their usefulness to God, for He has taken care of that already; and this of course shall be beyond our discernment where compared with His.

There are scores of beings who are all credited with manifestation and character and spirit and Godliness. Although the families are extended they do remain, and not one being is without the pity and the grace that Heaven will afford. Not one stands apart from our Father God.

It is true to say that as men we are privileged and burdened in ways which distinguish us from the hosts that support and guide us. For Man is central to them, being not yet fixed or bound in capability. 

The incarnating of those properties which are spiritual into the fleshy world is a process of art and creation in the highest sense. The transformative powers involved work their way into ramifications throughout all of the realms, for in this there becomes a space made, as it were, which was not formerly so.

Where spirit meets in flesh and works its way through the currents and moves with the fluidic wash, expiring the system, there is a presence which was hitherto locked out of, abandoned and unknown. For by contrast the spiritual realms may know themselves as they have never before, through this very process of incarnation. By the recognition of the ego of Man and with his love, they may fully become and be recognizable.

As odd as this may sound, and it is not to contradict the very tangibility that presides in higher realms, it is true to suggest that the physical world can hold imprints; that rather than those vaguely dismissed in snow for example, we have now seen those impressions cast most visibly in the clay. Though no one can grasp and keep indefinitely the higher principles and determine them to a lower definition (God forbid), they can give them a body of form, that they find new expression in physical life.

Further to this there is then an inverse magic so known, in that lemniscate law of promotion and return, that the further away from something we skate to the very limits of, the closer to return we become.

When Heaven sacrifices itself into the physical it is given more closely its relationship with God. This is why also that Man is envied, for he is no 'in between'. He has both the depths and his principal nature. He has the desire inhabiting of the demon and desire cohabitating of our Father; and within his own composite shall he bear down upon the former with such spirit as is the Father, that he shall invoke the greatest of magics: redemption. All beings and creatures of the night are redeemed by the true and selfless love of a humanly compassion. Driving down into our humanity comes the procession of beings who gather for Man's blessing, that they shall thereby come closer to our Father, that through Man they shall know of His Love.

We affect so very much within our realm and this extends out into all of those important places that live in spiritual testimony elsewhere. That which passes between men in a love that redeems all else as well, becomes the very love of Christ working between them, for in this they are borne higher than before and so are blessed thereby.

The habitat of Faerie is a kingdom that knows men and loves them well, for they are the 'little Angels', the spirits of our Nature, who have continued to tend to a paradise which coheres with our natural world, in not only plant but in the hearts of men as well. It is the home of imagination, which projects through to the essence of a spirituality untouched by any wizard's demands, for selfishness is exposed there for what it is, and no poisonous plants may take root for they are from the astral domain.

But it cannot advance from the dream that it is until men find the same beauty within their natural world; and that is their peril. For the connections which bring Man into his life strongly, are threatened by astral and sub-astral forces. The astral passions bring Man below his earthly reality when he is intoxicated or given to subject himself to loveless pursuits which excite the forces without equal purchase. The death-forces then corrupt the being, and the physical body is divorced from his etheric vitality and he begins to lose his connection with this incarnation and all of the joys therein to be known by his spirit and his soul directly.

The sub-astral influences have electromagnetic forces which now come to Man through the many illusory, false-natures which draw the ego away from his natural distinctions. Any interaction which is artificial in this way invokes a sub-awareness that does not connect with the vitality linking itself to an etheric life, but rather to the vehicle of 'electric' life as does facilitate the medium in which the ego is lent.

The plant kingdom offers Man his life connection into this incarnating process whereby the soul and spirit are honored well. If we are ignorant of the many virtuous forces as offered directly, then we become unresponsive to their gifts in being. The danger here is that Man collectively will isolate the plant kingdom in a way similar to the disassociation from Faerie that has now happened. If this were to occur and he should give himself over into the astral persuasions or sub-astral conditions, then he should also lose his ego forces, then becoming as the 'undead' we shudder from.

However, he shall strengthen his life's vitality and ego-forces in a love for the natural world, and with an unselfish employment. In turn the lower astral influences will become permeated with yet a higher power defined, and in time our planet's condition shall be worked over that it too shall be more conducive to life and to incarnating the heavenly powers. Then the "little Angels" whose evolution is quite parallel to that of our own, shall be rewarded for their having safe-kept so many essences precious to Man and profound.

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