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Thursday, July 29, 2010

At Eastertide- 14th April 1995

THERE are those times, seemingly vacant, preceding the events designated to become. They are not empty as such, bereft of design and configuration; they are as an expectant pause amassed with possibility yet given to the directives and impulses that are to be, are to be manifest.

Every 'space' that awaits to be filled, every passage into place and time awaiting projection, is in actuality, living hope. These 'vacancies' are not indifferent; just as that and those which comprise the spiritual worlds are not indifferent. They are enlivened and stimulated into further life by the very substances of Hope and Joy. This is important to comprehend and re-instil back into the consciousness, that all space, be it filled or empty, is imbued with a joyful, hopeful permeation - it is Christ filled.

The bleak aspect of Golgotha is a most terrifying representation to the spirit. When taken into account, Christ's Sacrifice does make all opponents to Him tremble within, and thereby at least by that measure alone they shall know obedience to Him. His immediate protesters are creatures of sin who live in wickedness as pronounced and vitalized in Man. They are all pretenders to the throne:
  • Malice, defying His Love;
  • Ridicule and Criticism bearing Doubt and Doubt's diseases;
  • Covetousness and Jealousy- the jailers of the spirit;
  • Hatred and its conspicuous enclave Vanity, which chooses self-righteousness over humility and perpetual betterment;
  • Lovelessness desires self-empowerment firstly before all else,
  • Ugliness (in the spiritual reality) assuming beauty and contesting true purity.

Yes Christ has opponents who actively contrive against His ways, who are not as yet so dispositioned to accept His reality in aspect that is needed.

The greater Universe is graceful and with all things contained harmoniously. With the contrast of sin and all of its contradictions we have the paradox of living Man, for in this Christ has made allowances and provisions for His very foes - they are subject to Him for existence also, so great and powerful is His Love and toleration that they be.

Sin may continue to live in Man and not harm him so long as there is Christ there also. It is not so much the sin that shall devour his soul, but that the man would weaken and disseminate without his Christ's infilling. It is not enough to be sinless were that one was Christless as well.

Karma, for the main part takes care of the sin - particularly the congested or overly pronounced disvirtues. Accordingly the holiest of men carries sin within, as part of his uncompromising makeover. It shall travel with him and manifest in lesser and differing ways, but shall nonetheless be that part of his humanhood to remain.

Before the crucifixion of our Beloved, the inner sun within Men was eclipsed by the falsehoods so compelling to the soul that Man was in danger of losing his very pulse linking him with Christ. Incarnation would have ceased, Love would not be known. Even today men are so disheartened as to the wondrous realities of life.

The perilous death in Christlessness presents itself every year at Eastertide. Once more we are tenuously offered a free decision - just as, after completing an episode of a lifetime we are so given the choice as well - and deep within our spirit's nuances we may embrace Christ or turn from Him. We may withstand the overwhelming Love or suffer the pains of our own lovelessness.

We have been forgiven of our wretchedness, even though there is that within our brother and ourselves besides, that would otherwise become intolerable; it is suffered within Christ and made good. We are loved completely in this issue, in this moment; in all that we are and are to become, we are loved.

In all pressures in twain, in bud and shoot, in mind and dialogue, with here and now, in virtue and its pretenders, there are stresses of nuclear proportion, all brought to peace by the presence of Christ. We may slip in and out of time during prayer; we may cherish our meditations and give thanks for all of the knowing.

The more like Him that I become,
The more He shall reveal to me,
That I should know my Christ, my Sun,
And live His Love's intensity.

I call, oh Lord, for you this day,
Be known, that never shall I leave Your Grace,
In Presence here, my Christ, my Sun,
By mercy sweet, my sins atone.

And now forthwith, with copious Love
Your contestants lose virility,
Yet men who seek their Christ, their Sun,
Increase their strength commendably.

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