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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Church in Radical Transition- 4th April 1995

In reply to question from J.W.-
HE may ask of these things because he is entitled to ask. He may inquire of the priests simply because of his having been such a priest. His questioning therefore comes deeply from past experience and does not dishonor the priests of churches today. There are many instances where such qualification is necessary afore probing a mystery with intensity; particularly if 'groundbreaking' is the pledge and the progression of Man the very purpose.

As said before, new impulses cannot simply arrive of themselves; they must be drawn on to the former and in relationship to them. It is a speciality to receive and entertain various qualities of inspiration. Intangible as it may seem, it can be a work of its own and with great merit for mankind. For where else and how many can 'rise to the mark', and also carry new thought into the future?

There are many purposes in one, but this is intrinsic to the rest. There may be little outwardly to signify the working processes of grand interplay, and very few to recognize to what extent and how far the implications; however such is the circumstance when broaching the uncommon.

'Egotism' from this is unlikely to ensue because of that matter of distinctness - it requires more inner confidence than false egoism to proceed with one's careful meditations (seemingly alone). If there were many involved and adoring, this would be another matter, and a disabling distraction. The many who are affected in spill-over, are so because of less recognizable employs, and no less enriched by the efforts thus made. It is the exact difference between hosting a dinner and sending off food parcels - exactly.

If I strike a wet match is it guaranteed to light? If it cannot, should I thus imagine the flame nonetheless? There are other means to flames other than a standard match also. A reproducible spiritual experience? Everything renews - this is a constant - all vows accordingly; particularly in the instance of a practicing priest. There are those who have most naturally altered vocation but not title, and continued to practice as rehearsed and learnt before.

The issue here is of a higher self-consciousness. Supplication, great supplication, is administered to attendees of sacramental ceremony. However, this occurs in such a way which is rarely consciously felt or realized. Part of that is in the giving over to the priest trust of him that he may demonstrate such godliness and it will blanche the soul. Part of this also is that the physicality is commensurate with unknowing; that open-eyed experience is a distraction from the inner activities when it comes to pure self-conscious realization.

The practicality of St. Peter’s Church system is physical, with the soul consciousness not having connected in the way it may in future men. For although the esoteric wisdoms are present, there is no means in place to consciously re-conceive them. However this was never the objective of the Church, and by bipolar equation it is (or was) the wager in saving the souls en masse (in Mass).

The powers are diminishing. They have moved out into the world and spread. Once it was that both the magician and the priest could effectively summon elemental forces which overran the natural world. Of course they were of differing influences, however their powers were apparent and the Church brought into this World the illumining prospects. It received into itself the great Divinities and it transformed this space with invisible cathedrals built of a yearning for God's Blessing, and the rightful restoration of place and people to Christ.

So it was and so it will be, but in a spread advanced and changed. The spires of thought need now find a vital connection, not into the physical World alone, but advancing through to the penetration of Earth-man's waking consciousness and thus relayed into their heavenly aspects also.

  • Outer activity performance = soul-consciousness = with no ego-involvement = insteeps the Physical World = Incarnation.
  • Inner activity striving = involving the active consciousness = ego development = the unknown becoming incarnate in realization.

The process has evolved into the ego life of Man to be substantiated there. Does this throw some light on the question?

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