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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Seven Most Powerful Truths- 3rd January 1992

WE all love to be loved, really loved! Some would have it that they seek appreciation only, some would say they do not look for another's approval, and when they do it may be that both have the strangest ways of becoming fulfilled. However and regardless, it is undeniable that all men and women, as with all entities under God's Kingdom, crave His love.

This is the first need, and being so the first glory and the first upset within a man. Those of the evil ways who seek to break a man, would have him deprived of this knowledge and furthermore of such a realization. This is the most powerful meditation there can be.

There are two ways the soul-condition can respond to such thought and contemplation. For in sorrow for such love we are answered, and that the sorrow be painful, the measure of outpouring love becomes evident- for no one would go without who is asking to receive.

It is the denial of such receiving which upsets a man. It is the distraction away from this primal truth which leads a man into the world and into the illusion of separateness. That he believes constantly that he stands apart and alone and is content to be so and withers accordingly as a dead limb that may not be nourished, may no longer be part of. If we are to be entirely honest and completely calm, then it is of first importance that we return constantly to this all-humbling fact and arrive at that condition which is 'open' to this, and therefore many truths besides. The truth does not hurt, it never hurts. It is rather, the shafting away of certain lies within ourselves- lies as painful scabs irritate afore their dropping from our personage. 

The second most powerful truth which we live by is that we in turn are so loved by God that we might be. Although it is painful to throw up the possibility of non-existence and entertain that premise (that if it were not for God's loving attention, we certainly would not be), it is also quite positive to reconcile our needs and be explicit as to say that "Without Your Divine Grace, I would be no longer. Therefore as surely as I speak, I am forever indebted to you for my ongoing existence. And it is this I humbly pray for."

The third most powerful truth is that being a man, of men, we not only seek the company of men but seek also their continuance. For it is only through the mirrored aspects of others that we might come to find identity perfected and claimed ourselves. Therefore, we love too as the Father loves, all of Creation, but firstly we know those of our own kind and seek community, true community, with our fellow men. All obstacles of difference and indifference, become thin and so transparent, that before us we envision a sea of faces, a massive ocean of souls alike to ourselves. And we pray that these too are infilled with the Grace of an undying love and commitment, that they may become strong in an ever increasing, expanding cosmic whorl of activity. 

And who among this veritable ocean shall stand amongst and be so strong - who might we approach and go to? The fourth most powerful truth is that of our dear Christ who is amongst us. His Face is unforgettable, and His Face has been viewed by all. He who we entrust our future to, for there must be one perfect that we may grow to, and come to know in time how man is to become perfected.

This essential truth gives us promise of a vision made perfect through Him, for their needs be one that the many may follow; without which our future would be indefinite. This is no synthetic being - we are all a mix of kingdoms - here is divinity (as we are also) giving over the model for perfect man. And this is attainable. 

Therefore the fifth most powerful truth is that perfection is attainable. And let no man who is mistaken to believe otherwise, cajole you into such remission. Never consent to the possibility of failure, for it is disastrous to block the essential and mighty truths. We have still the power to become self-prophets and make of our future what we will. But it is unalterable nonetheless, that the ways to perfection are attainable, and so being so are to be striven for with certain knowledge and comfort in this.

Man is only as frail as he would allow himself to be: this being the sixth most powerful of truths. We are all afforded opportunities time and time again, and qualifying decisions will be made. Each must seek out the light for himself, and natural current provides the tendency to 'go with' the progressive path.

Each has responsibility unto himself and also to his fellow man. Although we are all awkward in establishing new ways and encompassing the old, the only prohibiting obstacle between ourselves and the realization of perfection is determined by ourselves and none other. Already one can perceive this readily, that we choose one way before another. That our inclinations are not determined by extraneous fate, but that our destiny is responding to that which comes firstly from those actions, those applications which are from us.

We are afforded opportunities time and time again, presenting to us situations in which we may or may not take hold of in line and in light of the truth. And this is not a 'one chance' offering; however it is wise to act as though all are. If we are seriously striving to live in accord with the Law, rather than interrupt the streams of Cosmic influence then we are to begin to reassess all situations as we would on judgment day. 

The seventh most powerful truth is that both angels and demons do weep for our wellbeing. That the power and presence of Man and all that he may offer his neighboring kingdoms extends way through into their futures, into their concerns. Our mishaps and our achievements are so closely viewed with eyes of necessity, because not only Man is dependent upon Man's exalture. It is with 'breath held' in anticipation that the gentle kingdoms and even the aggressive lowly fellows, watch on. And so Man does not only decide for himself, and therefore his choosing is more weighty than first presumed. His responsibility extends past that of his own concerns, for the soul-folk who wish him greatness, suffer with him with every slip and fall. And this we are bound to consider, and it is good because it is possible to be ever reminded, even just before one dashes into the rocks, that many fall with us. Perhaps this of its own will win back many a heart.

If we are to be mindful of these seven essential and most powerful truths, we shall come to see many reasons behind our daily situations. When we depart the home and go outdoors and into the garden, taking too this meditation, we shall observe that they are apparent and uttermost to our being, inwardly.

When equipped with a powerful knowledge nothing may come between you and your heavens. You may depart for a while, you may forget the solemn awesome Countenance, but you will be reminded, and truly too, you will be glad. For all the hustle and bustle and words blurted which deny these sacred truths shall make less and less of an impression.

If one truly seeks the higher self, then one must talk to the higher self in language and in attitude which it understands. If a man fains to greet in full and knowledgeable communion that which is indeed his spirit, his essence inner, his flame of divinity, then it is necessary to do so graciously, being mindful of one's true stature and truthful to their glorious self.

If we are patient, in time we shall learn the language that spirit understands, when we are in align with said higher aspects; and one may not force this relationship, nor elevate the dross. So there are distinctions and much development to be sought and worked for.

Morality is not preached because the path is to "unnecessarily hard". It is simple matter of flex and tension, and strength from true and proper exercise of soul. It is what it is, and actually quite wondrous and happy becomes the man who finds his way to true development. It is much harder to live against one's soul and hold attitude against the world, much harder indeed.

We may draw much inspiration towards us if we are to hold and expel these seven truths. The student may try this continually for themselves. After contemplation they may like to take notes of those inspirations which immediately follow - and there will be many. For when one sights and names an essential truth there is much activity, much good 'magic' a'woven in close proximity.

Firstly, there are beings who are so affected and so grateful to 'drink in' even that which you might hold silently to yourself. And much excitement, for they can perceive the flames which surround the soul who has come to this acknowledgment. Those flashes are wonderful! For you can imagine what it is, that a man comes to the most sacred of truths and holds them for a time! It can truly light up a night sky! And the men too, who are so charged by the contact of this man aflame, they also are affected and changed, because they too are touched by the truth.

When one calls upon a cosmic truth which comes from the highermost sources, then the radiance from the source it streams from emits the most efflorescent light, which ejaculates within the man who has thus consummated his love with God. For all that God has ever asked for in return of His love is recognition, loving recognition. We are of Him, and what is first for us, is first in Him. And here we return to the first most powerful of truths. .

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