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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hope & the Sun- 2nd February 1992

HOPE is remedial to hopelessness. One usually finds the powerful presence of hope when no signs of hope are forthcoming. This of course is a paradox and nonetheless true. 

Therefore what exactly is hope?

Hope defies presumption, because presumption is based upon a sequential series of assumptions made prior to the presumption, irrespective of truth itself; being rather truth perceived. We may presume upon a certain outcome and speculate because of previous assumptions that it is likely to be. However hope does not require such reasoning or forethought, hope rests on intention and desire - a certain longing for a particular eventuality.

This is a serious question. All men understand and experience hope. There are however, a certain few sorry fellows who come to a condition whereby they are no longer capable of experiencing hope within themselves, who come to suicide - this being the prime reason for a man to take his own life. Whilst we may be faulted here and now for an oversimplification of the desperate that turn to such self-destruction, we would suggest that it is regardless and despite of their personal concerns that they would exit this world hurriedly, not because of them. For even a soul who suffers the most horrendous of conditions has within and without, far more beauty, knowledge and harmony, which is accessible at all times, outweighing the immediate and dire problems inflicted. If this were not so then there would be many, who in poverty, in disease, who would not fight to live, regarding life as precious as it is. 

The mental suffering of a man is a torment of soul and soul condition. This is why the most brilliant of psychologists have difficulty in effecting great healing and wellbeing in their disturbed subjects. Verily, those subjects may be inhibited in expression and experience because of factors exterior to their soul, but pertaining to the soul of a man and not separate: not so divorced as believed to be.

In other words, it is difficult to treat a wound on the arm of a man who has been poisoned by such wound. There comes a point when the removal of the arm, the original problem, does not heal the entire man. And it is for the man, not the arm, which one tries to effect the healing. This is the perspective. 

When a man becomes morbid or morose, poisoned by guilt or poisoned by hate, he is so overcome that the divine qualities (much like the blood), are blocked and hindered, causing much pain. For they rush in, as they always do, but have no circulation, no proper expression; and the man suffers accordingly. For the Administering Angels - who try best to encourage a man - are of what use if he will not receive? Even those qualities of divinity predigested in large or small amount, will not inspire him if he refuses them. And this is within his perimeters of will to choose such neglect.

Sadly it is true also, that a 'bad' childhood may well be accountable for a sorry adult. For the child who is so imbued with heavenly qualities may be badly abused and morally corrupted, that the adult in the forming is rendered incapable of such receiving. And this is a terrible plight. Those who would be charitable have come to understand the men who need it most - those who are left wretched, divorced from their true and glorious selves. It is of necessity that we are not hateful in return to hateful men. 

It is not that which we do hope for that sustains us; it is rather the experience of hope itself, for there is nothing that would satisfy the soul indefinitely that the soul does not already have. And there is nothing so permanent upon the earth that could promise a man such steady happiness. Hope of itself therefore, is an essential provider for the soul. Hope leads desire; it is the well desire springs from. 

The qualities, which are the Heavenly Graces characterized in men, are as the geometrical solids, are as the elements, the fabric and substance of Creation - imbuing, sustaining, comprising, forming, incorporating, exacting and vital - both to Cosmos activity and humanity.

Hope, being one of the Graces, is neither extractable nor measurable, but is continually within and essentially without. That which makes up Creation is of a reality more tangible and more determined, than the manifestation itself. It is not merely a concept 'made up' by man. 

An animal who despairs will die. A plant which despairs will wither.

The sun forces, which are the manifestation of hope, are essential to man and his wellbeing. Without hope we should not have the ability to learn, without love we should not have the ability to know. Without charity we should not have the ability of affinity - therefore to commune, communicate.

Hope streams into our being and we in turn radiate life. It is most fitting to come to understand our beloved Christ in these terms. There is much that might be suggested of humanity, being preordained, predestined by those who desire certain outcome. But Christ Himself is central to humanity and the longings of humanity - and only because He is the manifestation of Hope itself.

Have we the freedom to desire, the freedom to go out and grasp knowledge for ourselves; and the ability to love, the ability to be and become? Not to just simply be, but to become.

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