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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Extraterrestrial Beings- 7th February 1992

IF we are to study and decide for ourselves something about a matter which is outside of our immediate experience, we must take time to observe as best we can what we do know; or at the very least, try to ascertain exactly the question in order that we may weigh the true from the false, the correspondence from the jargon.

The beings who are purported to arrive and travel in mechanical craft, are certainly here with us today. They are a reality, not to so much in visible terms and not in relation to our proportions. The fact that they are depicted as being from a 'higher technology’ is a key to their nature. They appear naked, without covering, without hair, and are bony, wiry creatures that have a love of science and find it necessary to be incorporated in a craft which has many buttons, doodads and levers. They are assumed to be of great intelligence, but rarely communicative. They inhabit all things electrical, as this is their only manifestation upon earth; they dwell within such activity; and the computers which devise the special effects are so stimulated (operators also) into depicting these creatures as best they can.

Some sensitive individuals can perceive the reality of the world being overrun by these beings, and many assume that the whole of Heaven operates in this fashion. They are not however, someone one should willingly take up with, no matter what the level of initial curiosity - and nor would they directly correspond with all parts comprising that which makes a man a man. We call upon them constantly; they are driven to those parts where they are best employed, and they have now many homes accommodating the life-giving forces implied. 

There have been many eras and instances whereupon man has invited and entertained beings which are so far removed from that of his own development. Usually the pattern is that the connection becomes so overwhelmingly apparent that the creatures do become manifest, and appear in much larger proportions as they are revered as almost demigods, and respected and fed with much sacrifice given in return for their magical talents.

Then as circumstance would have it, there is a direct and immediate breakaway. For as false lovers they are destined to part - and usually by abrupt means with rude awakenings, if they are to be expelled before total damage is done. This is difficult because man has settled into an order of kingdoms which for the time being have given over to semi-quiescent periods, whereby man is encouraged to find identity which is his own; without distraction. And yet also, aside from the mainstream evolutionary kingdoms, we find that there are many beings who should visit and gain 'a footing' upon the Earth and her destiny, and stimulate vast contrasts within Man and his Family.

Men are happily absorbed by all of this technology so offered, and as a child with a new gift, they are intent and thinking only of what it can do for them next. Of course the full extent of this intrusive force has not become realized; nor the natural consequences either.

But what of the beings who may visit and instruct? We blush! For we realize too that we are taken for being exactly so. And what of the fact that we are all extraterrestrial- especially when we are discarnate from this world and Heaven bound. And what of the demons who are deep within the ground, and what of the elementals, which are many and characterized so differently with great distinction? Yes it is true to say that there are indeed many, many beings who exist, coexist, who are not human, whose destinies may cross. 

However there are boundaries respectful to all inhabitants of Creation, and it is only at the extreme of the boundaries (overlapping in time, space, perception), where in the case of this world they shall become visible (but not physically so). Certain conditions or efforts of condition, can produce visibility, visibility which may or may not be true to actual form, for the reproduction may stray from the real appearance depending on will, on perception and on contrivance. 

It is very unlikely that conditions would allow that any of the entities who are not of our family directly, will be able to hold relations with man in a tangible and lasting manner. They can induce certain responses, certain chaos and certain order, and they can reach a man by his affection and attention given inadvertently to them, but they cannot become physical- which by the bye, is a very difficult, extremely difficult thing to do. It is difficult for man to have endured; it is no easy matter and not to be welcomed by those who have far easier vehicles of manifestation at their disposal. They may persuade our physical substance in many ways, but not effect a physical substance that is their own: surrounding and attracted to their mass. 

One must admit that if there were not perimeters set for worlds and for spheres of consciousness, then the chaos would be more than confusing. For it gets back to a question of space- space, which if you consider, you may expand into and become yourself enlarged, if it were not in the same space that others too can manifest and be. Then surely the universe and beyond could not extend past infinity to accommodate all in like manner. If we are infinite by nature (and we are) and have license to travel the length and breadth of many, many worlds, and yet our personal spaces did not overlap as they do, we should be constantly pushing out many others before we could come to their space. But this is not so. There is a triality of accommodation whereby it is fine for many to share common space, and not perceive that this is so. How many Angels on the head of a pin?: All of them.

Therefore it is entirely necessary to this design that we may not become entangled consciousnesses, and are free to explore what we will as we will, without impingement. Otherwise we should become so confused by activity (which is even relevant to ours), that concentration of individuality would be awash and devastated. Thus it is that those beings cannot encroach upon our physical substance to the point where they themselves gain form or mobility in the apparent. But they do not need to do this to become powerful presences amongst us.

And what of the motivation of an entity who presumes to be more advanced and more knowledgeable, who wishes to openly participate in the world of men? Worse still (if one can use the word ‘worse’), oft as not, as it stands to reason, these beings (all of them) are in some ways extremely more developed and advanced than men in their specialities. 

There is no question about this. But they are not on the other hand, balanced in nearly the same ways, nor have they the capacity to understand the complexities which comprise a man and his understanding of the influxing Cosmos and Divine reality. And as with all entities, some are helpful, some are open-minded and interested, and some are frustrated (being not aware of the whys and wherefores of our evolution) and some are antipathetic and have interests of their own to fulfil. And whom do they go to and what do they desire? 

It is natural for men to hold fascination for the concept of there being other beings. For he surely feels isolated, and isolated from realities which are nonetheless present, regardless of his lack of perception. Courtesy never alters, no matter who you are. The first point of an inquiry, such as this, is that we may look individually and decide if they are company preferred, and use all of the standards in which we would rightly and justly, judge any brother. For this one is required to understand right conduct personally, and in so living the life, may be able to assess most accurately whether or not we observe characteristics which are honorable in those entities, of whom we inquire.

One cannot simply extract that which we should like to have and return nothing. All relationships are twofold. In the best of instances they are complementary, in the very worst the weaker party shall cling to the gravity of the compelling.

In short however, man is always taken up with the concerns of others before reviewing himself. He is loathe to actually elevate and develop himself, and searches for the work to be done by another. Without discrimination as to who he may pick, he may provoke exactly the opposite to that which he would hope for.

Were there times former in which 'Gods' or 'Space People' roamed the earth and the two conversed? The twelve tribes originated from twelve differing aspects, twelve different globes, twelve different planets. In this sense, we have had origins ourselves, outside from the Earth, and continue to do so during sleep and after death.

The question then is: Were there beings besides mainstream man and his kingdoms which were manifest concurrently in former episodes? Yes most definitely, when the overall conditions permitted and the Earth and its constitution differed accordingly. One might even speculate that the Earth as we see it today is far removed from its former self, and is representative in a totally different region. The earlier one returns in time, the more the shores do overlap. The consciousness too was more flexible and capable of naturally perceiving images from the spiritual worlds. But this did not make Earth for a planet of a larger community, spawning all manner of entity mix. Some with little regard, would associate us as a melting pot of various streams of individuality, but at all times the beasts have been contained and the Angels semi-withdrawn. 

If a man was truly open to the desire of meeting with a Master who should show him the way to self-betterment and love of humanity, then he (the Master) would not be restrained from making himself apparent. All of the qualities that men say they seek from 'higher intelligences' are so much closer to hand, than realized.

But what do men seek? And what should they prove? It is unfortunate that usually the motives are rarely substantial and enduring. The ever-curious delight in looking, looking, looking, and speaking, speaking, speaking - but (fortunately for them), rarely come to find those exciting 'other beings'. Frankly, they cannot be entirely convinced for there is seldom a follow-up plan; for what they should do or want if their dreams became manifest? The grass may seem greener, but shouldn't they attend to their own backyard first? Or are they on side with those who are frustrated by humanity because of a lack of understanding in the first place?

One must be honest with oneself at all times. Would you really board an alien spacecraft? Would you care to work a laser that was so powerful it could devastate all physical matter? Are you interested in communing with someone entirely unknown, or do you simply wish to know if they exist? Would there be no apprehension before passing through the unknown door? Is there comfort in great secrets? Are you made of the stuff that could be all powerful? And why the interest?

There are wonders to be had - real wonders - which when one takes the time to study and contemplate, become revealed. It always gets back to the point of one defining exactly what they seek and why. It is prudent to self-examine and be cautious, regardless of the stimulation that exciting ideas may comprise. It is only through correct and proper living that we will be able to attract those entities most desirous to entertain. If the heart be black, then what would be the nature of the characters who should be accepted within?

It is we who block the Angels from the doorway, tantalize the snake with a stick. If we shun our brothers then we shun our Heavenly Father also, and all of those who stand by Him, all of those who have worked so long and so hard to cherish and care for us. Divine compassion has to be known within ourselves, and from ourselves throughout our Humanity. And we should not settle for anything less.
As sight requires focus, our inner-sight rests upon our focus also; and at present we as yet do not know ourselves as the extraordinary beings we are.

There is recreation and then there is solemn encounter. The lighthearted may tell you a circus is fine; but participation is not desired. Who cares to step inside the ring? Who cares to put their head in the mouth of a wildcat, or frolic with the clowns?


  1. Yes, I have to watch that: "a circus is fine but participation is not desired."


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