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Monday, November 23, 2009

Comments on "Fur & Feathers"- 20th February 1992

The fish are small, the ocean groans,
The tides did swell, the winds did moan.
Upon a tail a dusseldorf sat,
And rode the plains, those vast terrains,
Upon the foam, and that is that.

Fur and Feathers is unlikely to hold interest with someone who is comfortably ignorant of social injustices. To have made 'peace' with one's karma and settle such scores in time which accrued, in far less than a blink-time of wakeful consciousness, speaks from a particular consciousness viewpoint and not from on high. Dare we presume or dare they presume? Sticky, at best. 

Arguments are best left to the argumentative, who with skilled inquisition run patter up hill and down tales, usually until one party tires of colloquial chit-chat. The 'get serious' talks are left for those who are indeed quite serious, especially because their lives have been awakened to the suffering and need.

You know, there are many profound outstanding arguments and likewise there are doctrines and dogmas and 'petitionings' which are equally as outstanding and impressive to those who cannot discriminate between profundity and path. Truths will be truths regardless of interpretation, however there are those who inquire as best suits them (of course) and would persuade others that they are the only truths to be had. 

If I am to be injected with any powerful truth, [see Seven Most Powerful Truths] I am best to work from a base of selfless interest in order to accept that into myself. For example, they are missing the point - Divine love is so received because we so love the Father; not that we do love ourselves firstly and wish for ourselves such Divine love. We commission such on behalf of the whole of humanity; we may only make such definite contact with this sublime essence as described, by the realization of our devotion, our gratitude, our dependency, our love for He from whom we are born - not that we beseech He to bestow upon us, something which is to be but realized, and is already pledged and given. It simply goes without saying. It is as though this mantram has been turned inward and inside out.

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