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Friday, October 23, 2009

Keys- 16th November 1991

ONE thing is but an increment of another. Colors and sounds, moods and associations, are all incremented, and are what they are through relationship to fellow increments - all being distinctly a part of a greater unit containing. Through various means, artificial or revelatory, we may come to sense the common unity, the family, of that which one single part in large comprises. This recognition may be wholesome or awesome, depending on our abilities of control over such an awareness. 

A simple notation of music is discriminatory, whilst the family of sound from whence all notes are derived, is as one sound. The one sound is overwhelming to one's differentiation and perturbing to particulars.

And so we might establish that there are two discernible realities:

1. Being the family host, as single expression.

2. The particulars, incremented and extracted from the main expression.
This is concurrently understood by each and every one of us, save that the impact of the 'whole' of any one, cannot be so readily identified within our absorption thereof.

As with every heavenly manifestation there is earthly counterpart with physical representation, even though one might argue that physical representation is of singular particulars - and that is what deems it so. 

So where might we find the physical representation of a parent color or parent sound? And are they to be experienced as is? Where should we hide our solemn treasures on this terrain? The alchemist knows, and does extract color - all manner of colors - out from the one material. Light, blessed light, is the parent from which all colors are extracted; and mysteriously, we find gems a'colored deep in rock, and so secluded, babes in womb, all rosy pink - and this tells us something more of the nature of light and its permeations.

Sound is contained within physicality. Physicality is of course quite 'soundless' to the ears, however that which we understand to be sound is nonetheless extracted out from physical manifestation, firstly and not secondly. Physicality is sound condensed - whole sound, parent sound, being as a well for all chords and syntax.

Similarly Christ is Man, in whole and complete parent manifestation. All multifold aspects of our experience, are of His experience and are extracted from His being.

From the four elements we are truly born: the ether, the earth, the fire and the water; all being reactive to each, all expressive of divine determination; all being impulse, essential to the manifestation of host parent and particular. These four elements so described are what they are, as parent representations (physically) of said impulses; not of the impulses themselves, nor of the many and various extractions therefrom, but rather, simply our perceived counterparts of such. For there are keys laid about most everywhere.

We live in a system which is kind to investigation, one which contains its secrets, but does not deny us them. They are not withdrawn, but are as heavenly linkages there for interpretation would that we understood their speak, would that we were to hold the right perception.

A true symbol is such a key - a key to that which it is; and holds for further extraction that which is self-explanatory and is profoundly divisible.

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