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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Letter to Christopher Woodard- 8th November 1991

Dearest Christopher,
You have grown cynical in your old age! As impatient as we all are, for the new order that all men might come to affirm the divine realities, are we to quash attempts in the strivings of the young, fearful of vanity in this their newly regained identity? If the entire world was humming with 'talk' that is genuine and well directed, are we to complain? Would that it was the case! Direct and poignant talk, as beginning to strivings, as beginning to hopefulness, as spark into ether- if not for now, but for the future. Can we have too much? 

Impatience may of itself be doubt - or anxiety that the visions we may hold, shall not become fully realized before our death. Yet for those who uphold the certain truth, of certain outcome, preordained and unshakable, are we to demand proof in timing which best suits our own?

We are humbled constantly - at times there is reprieve. The individuals who are scarred and weakened are many - and through our humbling we come to understand conditions similar. However, we find that it is best to trust every man to do his best and to be his best, and casting aspersions or flinging suspicions is counterproductive, as it defiles true integrity and denies true nobility.

And so, please do not be concerned with who or whom is unnecessarily wavering with false pride or exalted glory. In these times there is glory enough for all, with also an exacting counter-balance that all of us know so well. 'Trust' is free from doubt and anxiety, suspicion and apprehension, and false assumption.

There will always be frustration within this work. No one is above those upsets which compel and confound - at least until this chapter is made perfect. One may be saddened that they may have “come so far” and yet still be hindered by the ghosts of despair and doubt, become weary and lose momentum. But if we can accept that the greatest men suffer still these tribulations and endure them with courage and fortitude, then we are not to be dismayed at our own small failings, our own episodes of falter. And we know the vast contrasts between this and that of spirit.

Is great wonder traded for the impetuous and impatient? Or is the wonder moreover, derived rather from the singular and unique expression!- That fantastic mystery that presents itself through the most meager and frail of representations. Great wonder! With great gratitude! And if we are to be privileged to shoulder concerns and live under the direction, of this our holy calling, then how much greater the marvel! Truly from the sublime, to the ridiculous!

We love you just the way you are - with no notion of you being 'a sweet old man', and ask nothing from you but your blessing and consideration. With or without great intensity, there are great endeavors, with great meaning impregnated, everywhere. In honest perspective, no one ever effects the grand change of themselves, that they should desire or believe to be commanded from the highest. But nonetheless, it is our belief, that it is the very striving that is most potent to the cause - striving, that persists irrespective of outcome.

And we are to be neither desperate nor hurried, but content to work with sure-footed pace - in times of miracles and in times with no miracles, to expect only the best and accept that in time it will be.

One may be passionately exhilarated, and yet this of itself shall not sustain. However, the truth, the beauty, the graces and the tonic of the virtues do infill our being, right down to the toes! And this is continuous, with no provision for rest. And whilst we keep our vigilance, we keep also, our consideration.

And with reverential obeisance, we bow before He who nurtures the vision for greater humanity, and shall be vocally grateful, pronouncing into the ethers and beyond, all echoes of His word.

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