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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodness, Greatness & Glory- 20th November 1991

SURELY with clarity, we do not perceive our troubled lot; for if we knew such sad predicament we would be forlornly dashed irrevocably. Moreover still, as we endure with enhanced fascination and untiring curiosities, we also lack grave insights as to the true order of magnificent glory in which we are haloed and bathe in daily. For as indicated, extremes are never so desirous- extremes that would shatter and break apart a man in the very sensing. So we quietly have knowing which is both linked but separate, distinct from the experience of such enlightenment.

We are cast into abstraction and extraction to distill and purify the potent expressions of our innermost and outermost being. We come into a life that is all consuming; our consciousness is bound for a term with only the sweet relief that slumber brings. We are so enmeshed in both subtle and blatant actualities that our thoughts may be stern one moment and flip the other, and our duality of inner man coupled with earthly consciousness walks the world semi-incognito.

Outer dance is inner joy manifest. Outer song expressed is active creation fulfilled.

The grey and sullen tones that conspire from the tongues of the dubious and the doubt-filled, that lack the resonance of he who would truly be in clarity, are dull and listless and without reflection. Whilst the higher strivings of an awakening soul who maintains that perplexity is no deterrent to his efforts of perception, the man who at best is defiant of the doubting ways - those doubting ways which are negligent of beauty, but brimful of conceit - at worst is humbled by this his unknowing.

If we fail or we falter it is not because we are frail and unwary, nor is it because we are unloved. For all failure as perceived through these our earthly eyes is but skip and joy to our highermost being, who is ever mindful of further opportunities made possible with greater consequences.

There can be no delight derived from sorrow, not even that of our own, but there can be delight in the fruit and the promise which specifies that all sorrow will pass and touches not our true being. That the days ahead are much the brighter; and if we have ever come to know of great happiness, if only briefly have we kissed the cheek of her loveliness, then surely we must be patient and expectant of her coming again.

Remorse and deep regret are imprinted on each soul stained with misgivings of error and immorality. We all share the questions which cannot set the past aright within the very spectrum of what has been. Only may we address such regret in future callings which will and do present themselves again. In this we have great hope and sense; and time is limitless for all of this to be resolved.

Know then peace in times of struggle. Acknowledge yes, the outer world constantly and meet all obligations faithfully. And when the earth crumbles away, know the fortitude that comes only with a strong regard for that which is truly essential and enduring.

Be shameful of your sins, but not so completely that that you deny your divinity. Give to each man similar regard. For we will all be made bare, as bare and as beautiful as the babes who enter into the world, held tight as we tremble in the bosom of Heaven's sweet nurture.

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