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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tears & Upset- 1991

CRYING does of itself bring much remedy for the condition which prompts such unhappy salutations. To sob, weep or moan, bewailing an infliction of such bereavement, is to outwardly console our inner conflict - much as hiccups do relieve tension in the diaphragm.

At times of immense shock an individual may not react in the way of releasing their inner suffering. But instead there is silent and most dumbfounded resistance; tears may not even be manifest. The condition of shock is then as an asthmatic response, whereby the regularity of function is apprehended and the individual so distraught, withdraws into a process of disincarnation. Of course to the extreme, one may faint and in losing consciousness has temporarily severed certain connections with that which is most difficult to confront and accept. But tears do come in measure, bringing an essence of that very healing and divine consolation which the soul cries for.

Extreme episodes of inconsolable sorrow so stress the individual that remedy is answered only in that substance the tears call forth. For every time a man does cry - cry from a suffering, a suffering which presses unbearably, tearing heart and mind into frantic and desperate reserve - the heavenly worlds lament. In times where an individual may feel to be most alone, there surrounding in answer to tears and pleas, are many gathered sympathetically in comfort for that soul. 

We may cry for ourselves or may cry for another. The tears of our Lord fell upon the wanton earth and the heavenly remedies did stream and flow awash through that medium of tears. Both sweet and salty were those tears.

Great sadness be to those who cannot cry tears; especially so for those who may depart the earth in suicidal mania, which has deprived them of these springs of divine consolation. For to enter death mid despair and desperation, complicates any intervention or assistance that should have otherwise been known.

For those who have survived suffering long enough to smile again, they know of the solace, the communication of spirit comforters within. Some have never felt so close to God as in those darkest most perilous sorrows. Whilst pain and suffering is never welcomed or suggested, the valiant who have risen from these trials will tell you that the experience of life may be so clearly viewed and renewed, yet again.
It is the most difficult question which confronts Christianity: the question as to why our Heavenly Father should permit a soul to suffer, if even for one moment. And more so, is it of His choosing?

Those of the higher worlds do not relish the anguish of men. There is no pleasure gleaned from sadness. The heavy-hearted and broken are received daily, hour by hour, minute by minute, forlorn and sorry, pitiable creatures whom even the Devil himself can find no delight in. Souls of sorrow are as with shadows cast over them, shadows which cover the face of a once beautiful spirit, now dejected and downcast. Whether such suffer this on Earth or whether move into spirit with great upset, all children of our Father suffer too with great distraction.

In such times we must try to be open to all assistance. Clocks may not be turned back, however with patience one will come to see every desire fulfilled, every bond completed. If one had the ears to hear inwardly that small but golden inner voice that speaks of serenity and future hopes which in time will come to bear- nothing is ever lost.
If there is something we should have wished for, it will be in time and with which requires patience. Even if the humble years appear to amount to an eternity, there will be time and place reserved by those tearful moments cast out into the future, to be set aright and made good again. This is the promise of our Lord. Not that gratification may be made instantaneously, but that all lost hopes shall be regained, all past and longed for acquaintances will be renewed, all opportunities missed shall be afforded again; and if so desired, again.

For although we live moment to moment, that substance of our life does not work in such ways. We may count on this with surety.

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  1. Many times I've experienced such pain and sorrow, surely I would die, tears would fall for a long while; that was the time my prayers were most humbled, the pain would bring me to my knees. I could hear my inner screams, then I knew I was not alone, there is a mighty force at work in the world, and totally master of this universe which called unto me, to surrender to our heavenly father.


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