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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Solstice & the Global Day-1991

THE full cycle of the seasons is as a complete day for the Earth. The solstice marks the increments substantial to this day; and no more apparent is this than at the outer regions of the poles. As with the twenty-four hour day, where the ebb and flow of extraordinary influences push forth in waves lapping at the shores, so too the global day has its premium episodes of receiving through unlocked gateways, the greater surges to and fro of extenuating cosmic influence.

The Heavens permit glimpses at such times, of the Elemental Thrones. There are optimum stages of relay and communication. The Earth does cease her chatter for a time and lends an ear to the extraneous community of globes. There is a meeting and a linking, an embracing mind to mind, soul to soul, at the solstice points of open linkage.

This is the connection of the initiate's pilgrimage with starry landscapes foreign and unexplored - haste back, lest the impulse weakens and doors do close. The trek follows the pathways that the solstice times allow. Ambassadors go out and neighboring friends do visit - foreign exchange in the extreme! With a two day visa!

Much change occurs at these four points [including equinoxes] in time. A sickness will turn, an inventor will find inspiration, and a prayer will be answered. Many souls will be called to depart and withdraw as the tenuous restraints to a single lifetime will snap. The next wave of waiting babes showers in, governments will change direction, seeds will swell with anticipation, some waters will putrefy, some will sweeten. The colors of the globe will brighten; the Earth, alike to a house with fresh whitewash, will be renewed - spring cleaning time in seasonal interlude, the winds of change travel over the globe.

Hopes will conclude. Hymns that were sung take form and fly out. These are the times when the little floating wishing boats of the Japanese find their destined shores. Currents in the seas are revitalized, potencies turn back upon themselves. Poles are strained and then relax, as the tide comes in and then goes out again.

Frequencies will alter, clocks may start and stop, prophets will visualize, and marriages will break or strengthen. Sons will depart the home, daughters will depart from childhood into womanliness; babes cut teeth and learn of their toes, the pupil is put to challenge by the teacher. Thousands are committed to asylums, whilst thousands are released. Many a rock does crumble, many a fish back-flips.

So we celebrate the equinox calendar, for the flurry and impulse of opportunities received. Our home is truly with roots in outer connecting starry pathways, which are closer in influence to our beings at some times in preference to others. At the solstice we find renewal and subsequent cessation, marking new and dramatic confrontations in daily life. Here are the times of seeding with fresh impulse, where aborted grains of unrealized hope become as chaff, and new grains are formed from the bosom of Cosmic life herself.

Remembering too, that stars need not be visible to promote their influence and contribute to the cosmic family trust. The activities so described are resulting from our planet breathing in and expelling that which converses in the higher and lower spheres of global interaction. A slight shift in a given range of perception entertains a further multitude of colourful, yet sparkling orbs within effulgent range.

At the time of the solstice light a sparkler, clash some cymbals, burn the old garments, plant a tree (maybe an ash). Of course, do not drive frantically in your motor car; and beware unstable and irrational cats who might hiss and spit and claw because of their sensitive disposition to such change. Contemplate the universal communion; and if one is very quiet, they may hear somewhere in the distance a party going on! For every global day is a birthday.

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