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Monday, June 29, 2009

Charisma- 21st May 1991

ELVIS PRESLEY was a unique and very notable individual. His popularity and influence breached a spectrum of all manner of people, who when his fame was at its highest peak, could not have put to words the impression that his voice and image touched them with. There was no actual explanation (then and now), as to the overwhelming charisma and presence this man commanded.

The songs sung, the words that were uttered and slurred, did not have to be significantly exceptional. Elvis brought a frenzy of rapture with just about anything he did or said.
Here is a life lived, almost as if in the shadow of a curse. A curse, if it can be imagined, that one was: worshiped continually, harassed perpetually, was given all the worldly goods desired or imagined, and yet had no idea whatsoever in how or why this was effected.

One immediate consequence of such a curse was of course the loneliness endured. The second and most apparent in later life, was the debilitating effect that such adulation caused in weakening the individual's resistance to a point where artificial means of escape were relied upon, until they ceased to assist this tired soul.

Here was an enigma, as to why Elvis Presley suffered from an unbearable charisma.

Elvis had a twin brother, who died at birth (had actually died some time before, with insufficient placenta). The brother's destiny was such that there were great aspects marked out for his life, and the changes this soul should have wrought had the birth occurred happily. However, the individual Elvis was to have taken a more insignificant course, as far as worldly matters go, and had not the will or interest to do otherwise.

The timing of the births was essential to both, but when the soul of the brother had withdrawn, he (the stronger of the two) had imposed his etheric body in that of Elvis, who became as a dual individuality with one consciousness - in many respects haunted by the individuality who would not dissolve, but rather cleave to the life and body of his brother. Almost as an honest mistake in timing and in identity.

The brother had a strong purpose fired to bring with him into this life, a purpose that was never effected or realized. But it did however, bring to the individual Elvis that same quality of presence that was commanded by the soul of the brother. Here was a strong and powerful leader entangled in the carrying on of a pop-star glitter existence. And also, an individual who in innocence had little or no understanding of any particular direction in popular life - suffering under the pressure of mass adoration (and pressure it was) in pain. For no matter what was achieved he could never live out his own life or that of his brother's.

The only sympathy Elvis felt in life with another individual (because of his dual nature), was with his mother, as here was a relationship both individuals had a close bond with. Her presence was a comfort to him, there was a place in the world by her side which he knew was right. But in all other instances he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and hindered by the smothering events that encompassed him until the end of his days.

We should pity the plight of such a man, and from this understand that in no way would one sincerely ask for charisma and the ensuing popularity of its own, with no particular use to put it to or no capacity of will to manage it or its consequences.

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  1. The books Elvis read:

    Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ
    By Levi

    Autobiography Of A Yogi
    By Yogananda, Paramahansa

    Cosmic Consciousness--The Classic Investigation Of
    By Bucke, Richard Maurice

    Esoteric Healing
    By Bailey, Alice A.

    First And Last Freedom
    By Krishnamurti, Jiddu

    Huna Code In Religions
    By Long, Max Freedom

    Impersonal Life
    By Anonymous

    Infinite Way
    By Goldsmith, Joel

    Isis Unveiled (2 Volume Set)
    By Blavatsky, H. P.

    Leaves Of Morya's Garden Book 1 1924
    By Agni Yoga Society

    Leaves Of Morya's Garden Book 2 1925
    By Agni Yoga Society

    Life & Teaching (6-Vol Set) Of The Masters Of.....
    By Spalding, Baird

    Masters And The Path
    By Leadbeater, C.W.

    Meetings With Remarkable Men--All And Everything V2
    By Gurdjieff, G.I.

    Mystical Christ
    By Hall, Manly Palmer

    Only Love
    By Mata, Sri Daya

    By Gibran, Kahlil

    Sacred Science Of Numbers
    By Heline, Corinne

    Secret Teachings Of All Ages
    By Hall, Manly Palmer

    Cheiro's Book of Numbers by Cheiro
    The Gospel According to Thomas by Raghavan Iyer
    New Mansions For New Men by Dane Rudyar
    Through The Eyes of the Master by David Anrias
    The Wisdom of the Overself by Paul Brunton


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