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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Predawn Knowing- April 16th 2011


THE arcane period between memory and the present becomes the pre-dawn aphasia which is saturate with pure reason and Divinity's call. This sanctum of the Holy Spaces endures all and corrupts none - and eventually is that passage unto death.

The peace of the dying is sweet, after the remorse has fallen away, and it holds yet that same and beloved peace that the newborn have - cradled in a supernal knowing, blessed and caressed by all of the goodness around them.

In this respect we depart our innocence during life and recall, and forget the most powerful of happinesses that uphold us even so.

This pre-dawn knowing, this tide of supernatural love, is there:

• in the quiet
• in the spaces
• in the moments
• in appreciation
• in acceptance
• in a vision
• in seeking
• in religion
• in gentleness
• in ambiguity
• in some forcefulness
• in all things true
• in the pre-dawn itself!

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