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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Methods of Christ- 22nd April 2011 Easter

OUR Lord Christ was and is, likable.

He is, in majesty - apparently and most obviously - commanding, handsome and calm.

In issues not so apparent, His attributes could be described as adoring, passionate, energetic, cohesive, ordered, most serious, cultured (in the true sense of the word, and having all cultures within), momentary yet eternally focused, benevolent, enthusiastic, artistically creative, gentle, powerful, charismatic (in the pure sense), thoughtful, polite, considerate, playful, well humored, compassionate, persuasive, cooperative, altruistic, reverent, appreciative, friendly, sincere, utterly honest, straightforward, helpful, warm, approachable, extraordinary, talented, unselfish, objective, understanding, tolerant, problem solving, mighty, concerned, generous, humble, grieving, open-hearted, and above all else, most loving.

Today we celebrate His Being, and commiserate His Sacrifice. For He is the unseen Hero, Champion by default, defender of all Goodness; Lord to both creatures and men, for whom the Angels are mystified.

Christ, beloved of the Gods and Hosts ascending, with remarkable effort and concentration He bore our troubles, that we might have an eternal freedom within the fields of Heaven.

Christ You are no orphan, for Your Heavenly Father stands beside You - and we, in this grand order and family so tied, seek your Grace and supplication throughout the ways here and beyond.

Dear Soul of all souls, You know us completely - we ask that your goodness become apparent within our actions - that permeate our thinking, our willing and our feeling - that You are reborn in every moment that lives in the lives of men.

Dear Christ, Your very Presence brings the healing that is prayed for - and the Peace. Across the seas from life to new life, you carry us so. Along the plains of the ordinary to the hilltops of the extraordinary, you lift our souls. From the fires to still waters, our intimacy grows.

Luminescent in the most depressed of dark spaces, there is no place You cannot permeate and light. The immorality of fear dissolves where You go, and its treacherous mistruths also. No lie survives around you, hatreds dissipate, serpents lose their teeth.

Beyond a doubt, where doubts cannot reach, and further than the span of woe, to realms where only the good can go … in vivid plot, the widening girth of history wobbles, the dramatic procession of this, civilization. And with all of the clamoring, the building and later the dying, the constancy, amidst this brevity, remains. For finite living invests in resurrection - for one and for all - it could never hold confidence in earthly promises alone.

Demons will goosestep their way into a self-made oblivion. The conceited chatter vainly to only that of their sad reflection - yet even this and they shall be improved. For there is no creature immune to goodness, no entity who is so tragically cast out, that cannot be brought back into true love.

The methods of Christ are sufficient to the need - they encompass and surpass the degrees and scope of what once was. And the battering, the argument, the negotiating of evil for good; the descent into matter, into death and to darkness, the compliance, the subjugation, the trial and the pain - and then, the transforming, the redeeming, the life restoring ... all these events were endured in an earlier cosmic era, by our Beloved Christ to affect one for all.

With different faces and objectors, principles and principalities, yet essentially the same quintessential actions and results, this martyrdom had been played out before in an earlier story.

And from all of this is won our freedoms. From all of this, the might is enforced. And from true sacrifice by the one who will wear it, is so too the sovereign’s cloak.

The darkest of days was not a mistake - yet in overall measure, we still weep for His trials. For the burdens of hope, and the aspects protected, are there in His Care, in His Life, in His Work.

Our selves cannot measure all that Christ gives to us, in the futures now waiting, in the pathways to love. We know not His motives, His hardships or thought, but we can thank this Brother with all praise from our hearts. And strive to live so - as He does in Himself - with a clarity that puts need above everything else; with a vision that holds every heart dear within, and a solemn fealty to all that is Him.


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