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Friday, April 15, 2011

Not a Bullet, but a Bulletin- 28th January 2003

GHOSTS rattling chains are quite frightening to consider, let alone see - wraiths of darkened import, bemoaning life and completing death - ghosts rattling chains. Any man (or sub-man to be more accurate) who would have war inflicted upon the gentle families and folk of this earthly domain, are as ghosts rattling their own chains. Karmicly they bring death upon themselves. Presently they cause terror by their inhumaneness and by their perpetuation of sorrow. But do hear this, sweet hearted souls, they are but a very small few who would kill and be killed.

Life has radically changed within this dear world. The consciousness of all men has been usurped by a much higher compassion and empathetic reasoning - namely Christ. He claimed the domain of death and redeemed its once worthless value. He infiltrated the oldest of principles, equality, and renamed the law - now LOVE.

People have a sense of selfhood, a feeling for their community and for their brothers, and if you ask your neighbor if he desires war within his heart, in his life, upon his young, and inflicted upon others too, he will tell you that such a consideration is insanity. Every nation's majority are desiring of life and a peaceful life. Please hold this close to you when you next hear the ghosts presuming that they know the mind and heart of the world. Be aware that the majority here have a beautiful voice, one which calmly needs to answer these ghosts firmly and decidedly.

The world media and the internet offer scrutiny and communication unlike ever before, giving the 'common' man his eyes and his voice with a far reaching love. As citizens of the world, folk can make use of this incredibly well, and instead of perpetuating the arrythmiaic fears, men and women can reassure each other firstly that most individuals within this world are good, if not great, people.

Communicate more. Find new international friends. Be clear that the hostility comes from madmen, only from madmen. Pray for the insane. Pray for the dictators, pray for the diplomats. Do not be complacent or accepting of madness. The bullies of the world have an obvious and disruptive presence, and whilst they cannot be tolerated and should not be given any license to continue, we cannot harm the innocent purely because of proximity.

There is such a danger spiritually in attitude when undue aggression takes hold of an environment or community. In itself it will cause more sickness today than ever, because such an attitude conflicts with our higher forces that now abide within the each of us. If we give over to an aggressive response we will cause ourselves to tire our own life, for living contrary to Christ is the most tiresome and depleting path we could go by. 

Please do not let a handful of demonic men depress you about the current way of the world. For the truth is that men are good, and great and beautiful, becoming more wonderful in every way all the time. The truth of this world is that for all of its struggles and difficulties there are many more important things to cherish and be thankful for, and these ghostly men are but voices from a now long gone era that only ever understood valor in terms of divisive and determining wars. War itself is now an outdated and useless interaction. 

You yourself can actually find the strength of ego and of love to dismiss even the most revered of texts and prophesy on this subject. Why? Because the Crucifixion and the Resurrection claimed the world just a short while ago. There can be no war to decide the truth of this. Death was met with and resolved. The souls of men were saved. The Earthly domain was claimed. Yes, ☺as that famous author once said "War - what is it good for?" Nowadays - nothing!

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