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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beauty, Truth & Love are Easy Messengers- 24th October 2002

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in
heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
- Matthew 11:29-30

IDENTIFYING love in its purest being, in its expression through us, is given to us by Paul with a message of ease. The 'doing it hard' sin-drone/syndrome is contrary to the message itself. The very moment we become disengaged from the experience we are showing forth a very lack of ease; yet it is ease which qualifies love, and for that matter also qualifies truth and beauty also.

Spiritually, the highest of medicines work simultaneously within the giver and the receiver - a perfect synergy of cooperative powers, responsive and fulfilling to one another, bringing a unity to both.

Charity is honorable. Faith also is honorable. Love is higher. To honor love is not to discount charity. Yet we can, as Paul does, understand the qualities rather than try to confuse the two. For example: One can be charitable out of a sense of duty or generalized ethic. If you are removed enough from the transaction to know that you are putting effort into something which does not return any immediate or recognized benefits, this by definition is charity. If we have a self interest then it becomes no charity. 

To give something, to offer something, without seeking reimbursement, is charitable, yet if it is an awkward effort or displaced by an interior burden, it is not love. Charity may in itself be a loving act, peppered with the highest of intentions, yet it does not in itself display true love.

If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not LOVE, I gain nothing.
-1 Corinthians 13:3 [NIV]

[Note- The King James Version has it wrong (charity/love):
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not CHARITY, it profiteth me nothing.]

Also, if we are to be charitable and speak out loud of our actions, then it is that they are deeds which have not come naturally to us; and this is the point of today's paper. The unnatural act is not Love infilled. Effort is effort, charity is charity, patience is patience etc. etc. however if we are determining love as it moves and works within us and throughout our combinings, we find that love does not ever compromise the lover.
Charity, for example incurs karma. Love does not. 

When I greet the morning and am moved by the fragrance of that air which circulates all around me, then passes into the nostrils and speaks to my soul of the beings that enliven the spaces about me; when I move into an ecstasy of knowing, yet unknowing, and feel the expectation within the vitality given to the new day and its glorious heraldic entrance through this splendor, when I meet with this bright fresh light and rejoice in my eyes, give thanks in my being, and love God for all of His Gifts to Creation, I do not stop and think that I am being loving by experiencing these things! 

It would not enter into my consciousness when I reach down to pick up an infant and attend to his sweet but saturated fragrance that I am being loving! Loving you see, is not difficult!
Loving should not be thought of as ever being difficult. If it is difficult it is not Love. It may be something very nice, incredibly honorable, but it is not Love. Love is not obligatory, but the freest of spirits you may ever imagine! 

This is not to say that Love does not bring about incredible deeds and efforts, braveries and chivalries; in point of fact it will effect within the lover great blessings of capability and giving, hitherto not thought of as ever being possible. However and noteworthy, if there is true love there it will not require reflection, artificial motivation or hesitation in its apparition. And most importantly (here is the point to be made out loud) we are not ever obliged to love! So the connotation that one must love, therefore do all the above, does not work because we cannot falsify (and thereby degrade) this pure being. We cannot bid it like some forlorn angel which has mercilessly become engaged in willful invocation. Nor should we believe ourselves less than ourselves or less than our Father's children, because we know that which we love and that which we do not, and have difficultly loving all. 

The commodities of Heaven are characteristically wonderful! There you will find beauty to be natural to the soul - the awareness of beauty when it presents is not difficult. Truth does not over labor itself, but presents with fluidic apportion. The highest of truths are life giving and life affirming (in the occult meaning of the word: i.e. in actuality) and life promulgating. 

Why this point is so important to this age, is because men hold to deflated views about themselves and of the Heavens. This meagerness becomes a sadness which is contrary to hope, and being contrary to hope will inevitably erode the faith, and the life within the being who doubts his true love and himself.

All men and women have the right to true love. If we do not experience and express the reality then what shall reflect back in Heaven? What do they see and discover from the dull and disheartened? 

Why is it that folk feel that they are not worthy of the spiritual gifts which come with ease? And also, why is it that men feel guilt at the very thought of loving? 

As said before, charity could be deemed more loving than loving because it is superficial and unrewarded etc. etc….and it is within us to identify the fact that selfless effort (i.e. an effort without love replenishing us) could be more noble than those acts and relations which are given to the sweet rewards that love infills us with at the very moment of our loving. So men are accustomed to feeling guilty when they feel good. They imagine somehow that Christ Himself struggled with His obligations and gave forth with mercy and tenderness, but did not actually become empowered by sheer joy in the minute by minute transactions. What do you think? When you stop to consider this, now at this time, do you picture Him to be in joy?

All giving can also be all self. When Christ interacts with us especially there is a combining and our happiness becomes His happiness. Charity is not an act of combining. Once again, we are not saying that charity is in anyway undesirable or untoward. Charity is so vital to our soul life, to others etc., for it is what we can do when we do not love enough. Charity is what will become in us and work in us, gathering knowledge of our investments, and one day or perhaps not, we will work a new world and a new self out from this charity. But it is also remote and separate.

You cannot have it both ways. Charity bears Karma, Love does not. Charity does not combine, yet gives; Love gives but gets back. We are changed by love, we are affected by it. We expand, we become open, we enter into transaction by our love; at this time though, this is not possible with everyone and everything in more of a way than already most naturally exists.

Let us also honor the fact that in truth we do combine with the body of humanity (though it goes unsaid and unknown - which is a key characteristic of true loving) as part of an organic transactive incorporation of love in every breath, in every way. 

Those that underestimate our love, our natural love, are false accusers. Ever-present, Christ loves within us, and in ease this is most natural to us. Without ease our quandary decries His Majesty and His Joy. 

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