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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elemental Elements- 6th October 2002

IT has been true to say that we are the dreams of the gods, sinewed and sewn, amassed and congealed with materials out from their imaginations… divinity expires and expels new life and an abundance of creativity with every outbreath of their living thought. 

Whilst our thoughts have ceased their life during the process of our very thinking them, the gods who oversee the spiritual realms are living thought - Divine thought - manifest. And in a cooperation alike unto no other, they combine to make up, support and maintain, all of the heavenly spheres surrounding them.

Sometimes it is almost as if there becomes a certain reversal of truth within the nature of things. Such as that thoughts do not merely represent the truth, as they appear to do within earthly experience, but are rather the original sources to all things, which later go on to collect more thoughts about them.

Often explained as being inside out, there are machinations and determinations which mirror-image the bordering realms. One could say, for example, that thoughts visit us, are drawn to us, can impinge upon us, can even live with us, but all the while are not truly experienced by us as anything other than semi-detached, unrelated, even unsubstantiated, occurrences. 

We do not require and nor do we perceive, thoughts which enter into our consciousness to impart their history or deliver pure truth when we are thinking them. The experience of the thinking can absorb our minds without there being recollection or further knowledge of the thought's precedents or even its true nature. The consciousness, even at its brightest within this world, retains the thought material in quasi neutrality, for it is that the 'skin of the thought' is all there is left to go by at this level, at this time, in our thinking. 

We identify thoughts as being conveyors of reality, but not having a reality or personality within their own nature. Yet in spiritual terms there is no 'middle man'; and within the spiritual reality, that which is, is, and that which isn't, isn't. Likewise, and just to be a little more complex, there are families of angelic beings, demi-gods (exalted masters) and even adept men, who all share the one name, having assumed the identity of their preceding hierarchical mentor. Chains of individual entities can all go by the one name, the one 'personage' which verily is, but certainly also isn't - all at the one time!

However and extraordinarily also, the family of Man inherently goes by the one name whether assumed or unassumed - namely: Christ. Our beings indwell in Him and we are His Living Reality. 

Composites of tattered thought-remains constrict our spiritual mind's knowing, like some seaborn crustaceous hanger-on, layering an armor-like sheath all over the indwelling cognition. Like bone over brain, like bone over brain.

And within our everyday searchings and contemplations, there are moments in which we strive to go within and search for the living truths, sensing with an inner divining the world of thought beyond the crusty veneer! This sensing is pleasurable in itself, full of hope and expectation. Just the moving forward in lively inquiry brings a spiritual release to the soul and to the ego. 

Such divination goes right to the heart of the spiritual beings we seek out also. There is a union quick to be consummated through our seeking truth through love. If you go to the thought (for example, and not especially):


We can bump up against our skull (our crustaceans of former thought remains) and go no further (i.e. saying to ourselves: 'this is too hard for me' or 'how can one ever really know?'), or we can bump up against our skull and move out further with our inquiring impetus and feel the sensation of this pushing forth from the barriers of our rigidity into the fields of possibility. 

When we have entered into possibility we are enlivened, and in many respects we are healed. Think for one moment of the materialist, the man or woman who cannot come into the field of possibility, but is entrapped within the collection of thought-remains (the remains of thought-remains - the dust from the skin of the thought sloughed in thinking). This materialist may experience dementia of the mind or dementia of the body, but what is always apparent is the dementia of hope alongside this rigidity of thinking. 

If you do not exercise the striving to know, then it eventuates that this gift from the fields of possibility - that of hope - becomes more difficult and then impossible to experience, elemental to our thinking.

Hope is Carbon, is manifest in Carbon, in a family of names. 

Now firstly, if we remember the few words said alluding to the chain of names shared by associate beings who assume identity and therefore are, yet are not, one and the same, we can also apply this to the contexts in which we often give names to realities which share identities - which are and yet are not the sum total of the name we have so given. 

Carbon may be identified as belonging in the one grand chain of Divinity known as Hope, yet in the highest and purest context there was indeed a spiritual entity at some point preceding Carbon that also went by that name and characteristic. And before them, there was another, and so on - back in time and before time and so forth et continuum. 

Hope is enabling. It will take you wherever you want to go. Hope also bears the consensus of Father God, which is precisely why it is effectual, life-giving, Holy Spirit infilling and enabling. Opti - expanding - optimism. 

The Sun forces which operate throughout the Carbon complex, correspond directly with the egoic action and Will of Christ. The Blood of Christ = Sun/Etheric vitality = Carbon. Firstly, this is why within the two pillars [Jachin & Boaz] the bloods are honored so deeply as they are. 

The pillar of Carbon rises out from a fixed place, through to the finding of knowledge. The rock of the skull actually gives solid ground to the base of this pillar. The pillar is upright and extending on through to hope and via hope we extend on into the knowledge and connecting with the ultimate reality of that which we are searching for union with.

The fixed nature of carbon holds therefore two offerings - within its own nature are dual components and these component characteristics actually contradict each other constantly. Carbon gives body to form, but also license to go beyond that form into yet another. 

Can we find also such contradiction within the very Will of Christ? For He has created and made possible the material of the World, but it is as unfinished and must continuously disassemble and reassemble in order to develop a'further. 

There is a knowing required which is Divine, which determines when to be fixed and when to give way. We can use this picture of principle within our own lives, but fundamentally we can respect it as an esoteric marvel. To determine this fixed nature and to inspire at the same time potentiality for difference, is a beauteous and complex signature to this Divine Will of Christ. And daily within the physical realm, this determining is in action from the minute to the magnificent.

Furthermore it takes a consciousness intelligent enough and a Will as comprehensive as it need be, to be this determining within the World and Man. This is no small principle, for in it also are keys into the karmic negotiations ever at play, as well as the chaos which would otherwise threaten our stability within the Cosmos.

Now in relation to Man, there is a further comment to be made. Yet another principle, is that within Nature we should take only that which we need for ourselves. Any surplus becomes dangerous. Even surplus of virtue unused (and particularly if it is unused) becomes a poison to us. This principle can be used in relation to breathing techniques, both in regards to over-breathing in general, but also in consumption and the retention of CO2 as well. 

You see it might be anticipated that if we understand in part some of the inherent qualities which livingly impart the same to us, then it is tempting to believe that an abundance is valuable. Spiritually speaking, a little of something (anything) is a lot. In point of fact, there is a Cosmic Regulator (you guessed it) that determines within the conjuncture of combining natures just how much of anything is required and it adapts accordingly. Beings and their emanatory environments/influences adjust and adapt to each other continuously. Once again it is also needs based etc. You cannot warehouse any profitable gain in Heaven. You cannot bank the valuable; it must be spent and then replenished. 

Also, if I have beauty I do not have too much or too little - beauty is beauty and is beauty. If I love, I love, and it can neither be quantified by too much or too little. All love is apt, and all love is of purpose and it is not amountable.

If I am afforded the grace of forgiveness (either to myself or from myself) it will not be measurable either. If I experience joy there is no such thing as one joy or ecstasy being measurably higher or better or larger than another's. It will be what it is, and so it goes. 

Divine Life modifies, but never censures. Yet also, quite wonderfully, no being may overtake another or consume another through being 'more powerful'. And so you see that the whole conceptional promise of more is falsely based within the spiritual realms. If any one being had more and that meant more power, more entitlements etc., then we would have collapsed in a vortex of hierarchy minutes ago. Nothing purchases more for ourselves to take more for ourselves. And physically speaking, when we take more than is necessary for our good health or happiness etc., then it instantly becomes a difficulty in our lives.

In this you could find the principle of severity. Severity does not mean hardship but 'to sever', to cut away that which is surplus. This is also one of the qualities of Carbon. That the sun-forces which act to inspire a vehicle for the existing of life to come, also have within their impetus a severity which knows on its own how much is too much. Once again we must bow to the higher intelligence operating here. That because Christ fully knows the needs and specifications of all, He is there within the formative and life-sustaining forces determining an overall homogony and harmony from the inside of each and every structure.

It is not enough to look to an Ahrimanic influence to find such regulating and wisdom as is described above. Uniformity is uninformed! Uniformity is not sensitive to the individual prescription - which, by the way, alters moment by moment. The 'mean' is mean. (Would you care for ten more potential bumper sayings? :-)) This is why it is impossible to translate biology into spirit, if at the same time trying to establish an 'ideal' physical criterion. 

One cannot counter one deficit with another. There has been a theory put forth which speaks of the Luciferic imponderables causing upset and disharmony within both the being and body of Man. That there can be questions and doubts which of themselves are poisoned in such a way, that there is no way through from them to finding answers or truths of any worth and resulting from this condition, the individual experiences constriction psychologically or physically. The theory in relation to this suggests that by adopting the 'strengths' of Ahrimanic orderliness, one can step from the internal realm of not knowing to knowing, and desist from those mysteries which are causing painful dilemma. 

We can add to this by saying that there is a fair indication that a person who is experiencing questioning without hope, without penetrating through the dead-space of the thought-remains through to that field of possibility which does lead to further finding - then firstly, it would appear that there is a definite lacking of Carbon transacted in some measure. However, adopting some Ahrimanic influence to counter this problem can only aggravate the concern of lacking this element, as it is that Ahriman and his objectives are Materialism. To be fixed without levity and brevity is to be non-compromising, non-responsive and non-alive. 

As said before, the interrelations between all spiritual beings are wonderfully adapting in continuous and sympathetic exchange. That is how life works, and works only through the inherent Wisdom as made real through our beloved Christ. The 'stay as you are' approach - the fixed and hardened nature of the composed and orderly Ahriman - is that same dementia of the inert and unresponsive being, though formerly human. In no ways will this influence bring health, healing or inspiration. 

It also follows, that by increasing one's loving inquiry into living subjects, connected to excitingly inspiring thoughts beyond this material sphere, one will come to a better relationship with Carbon and be enabled to seek and truly know - and if not to know now, at least to sense with optimism and hope the promise of fully knowing one day. 

Conundrums in themselves live all about us and travel with us constantly. Questions and knowings yet to be realized are a fact of life, without them becoming overwhelmingly deleterious to our consciousness or physical health. However the kinds of dilemmas which provoke the individual into an internal mayhem are usually with the same face: disappointments that drag and delay the leading consciousness within. At every movement forward in the thinking, there are derisive objections issuing from within the individual himself, preventing his striving further out into those places and spaces where the beginnings to answers can be found. The conundrums are not unanswerable in themselves or lacking truth, it is just that the individual deems himself incapable of answering them in the immediate, and there is a tension of will subjecting physical tensions within in the process.

The organization of the ant and his farm does not require Ahriman to reside. If you ever get to speak with the being of the Ant you will find him an expert problem solver into the bargain. You can ask of the ant to find you a wisdom outside of his immediate experience and he will have the ways and means of finding this knowledge also!
There is an outstanding and unique relationship the ant has to Carbon. The ant has never seen Ahriman though - in all of his experience!

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  1. The Boaz pillar represents the Kabbalistic quality of Severity- as the Jachin pillar represents Mercy.

    >There has been a theory put forth which speaks of the Luciferic imponderables causing upset
    >and disharmony within both the being and body of Man. That there can be questions and doubts which of themselves are poisoned in such a way that there is no way through from them to finding answers or truths of any worth and resulting from this condition, the individual
    >experiences constriction psychologically or physically.

    You can find more about this here:
    "In such an ether-body there is then not the human, but the Luciferic form, the form of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is the being who brings doubts, who torments the soul with questions."

    "The legend of Oedipus describes how the human being faces the Sphinx, how the Sphinx torments him with questions. The picture of the human being and the Sphinx, or of the human being and the Luciferic powers in the Cosmos,..."

    The Balance in the World and Man, Lucifer and Ahriman- Rudolf Steiner


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