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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lion & the Fish

One day a lion was crossing over a bridge and a troll leapt out at him - roaring and gnashing his huge and horrible teeth, shaking his scraggy hair and pounding with his bare but hairy feet upon the rickety mount.

The Lion, who was very dignified and courageous said to the Troll "look down there and see the God of the River" and the Troll leaned over, looking hard at the water. Suddenly the sun appeared, and he could see a face staring back at him! It was his reflection of course, but nonetheless, he was quite taken by it, so taken that he leapt off the bridge and into the water.

Just then a curious fish was swimming by. He looked up at Lion and the two mutually regarded each other for awhile - in great consideration. This is to say that each knew their place and also the place of the other - and from this came great appreciation and strength also.

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