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Monday, May 16, 2011

Question on Breathing Exercises- 9th March 2004

I gathered today that the system of inbreathing and outbreathing together with the intonement of the word AUM was an ancient method used to reach knowledge of the universe (the brain being an image of the universe) but for our age, is replaced by thought and will.

Can knowledge of the universe still be reached thru the science of breath?
- M.

Dear M,
The Brothers have referred to the lungs as being the organ of the Ego. What a wonderful thought! - that we can reach knowledge of the universe through our egoic relationship, which implies also, a self-conscious effort and participation in the knowing. There is a huge paradox therefore, in relation to seeking out 'knowings' via breathing exercises alone, rather than the firsthand knowledge of self-consciously earned experience! I am just commenting (perhaps the obvious) because I still feel that we overlook true knowing when we turn to methodology in our esoteric and primal beingness. 

Abstract learning is not the same as sympathetic learning. 

Sympathetic learning comes from the soulic understanding of all life. At any time we can and do respond with an intelligence that ‘communes’ and interacts in ways that occur subconsciously. However, we cannot induce this form of learning in the same way through repetition and exercise. Exercises can reinforce etheric and astral learnings and beings, and moreover lead to more of the same, whereas sympathetic learnings are responsive to the moment but can actually teach the soul in many-levelled planes all at the one time. It is the higher knowledge through the Father, rather than the ‘captured’ knowledge, which is given a permanent place, but not plastic to the divine. 

With the knowledge now won by the ego’s effort and divining, there can be a sympathetic relay as well as the ‘permanence’ now residing in the consciousness (rather than being housed in the stomach or groin for example). It is free also to come and to go - the relationship of the entire being is different, stronger, free-er and alive.

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