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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dancing in the Ten Dark Worlds 7

7. Fear of exposure
The little finger on the active hand designates sexuality and the various aspects which are divinely related. Essentially this is a force which is current also. We have, in this active virtue, an ability to combine with another distinctly different power, and to creatively manifest something yet more different again a'further. So although placed on the smallest of digits, there is a talent here for receiving more than one personal force here, and a requisite also for being open to receive these forces. 

Some individuals are secretive by nature and quite fearful of having their 'true selves' revealed. Some, by choice, do not seek to combine on any level - physical or spiritual - and do not feel prepared for the management and interchange of vitalities as are necessary in the description above. 

In part of course, these interchanges occur regardless. Everything we do, even in sitting in the quiet, brings life into us and we to it and there is a sharing, a combining, and something else resulting from that activity. However, for those who have a fear of being exposed, the individual carries shame, a shame which is generally put upon them from one major event earlier on, and lastingly inhibits them from a real and meaningful intercourse.

Whatever this shame began from, it had the kernel of this person feeling less than worthy. Somewhere at sometime the forces which rejoice in becoming very important to others and to the expectant cosmos, become inverted into a tangle of confusion. 

Fortunately the source of the shame - the event itself or simply the original feeling - can be found very easily by the man or woman who chooses to intelligently reflect upon this subject. Problems are never far away from us and always begging to be heard - which is very good indeed, should we wish to heal them and move on!

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