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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Anti-Christ- 1st June1996

THERE used to be a test, a competition held for would-be initiates where there were a great many hearts held out upon platters and one was to be chosen, to be then kissed reverently. The hearts came from a variety of beasts and were of various sizes; whilst as well there were some which were just portions thereof. This was a ceremonial gesture of importance. This was to prove the discrimination of the man who had the choice to know.

Not one of them did ever come from a human; that is, of those which were laid out and presented upon a dish ... and should the student have gone to any one of the people who watched on and gave them his first choice and his kiss - they with the living heart, not incised nor exorcised - this friend was then proven well placed within this order.

Lessons and exercises are seldom confined to one plane of application, and in spiritual definition are never to be held as physically literal alone. The spirituality of any substance belongs firstly to its realm. Whether or not it is caught in amongst the lower ethers or the physicality which seeks to call it down, it does primarily begin and end and hold relevance in higher worlds.

Therefore we cannot divorce these worlds and speak only upon physical terms when the higher worlds are relevant. The physical sciences may be confined to study and document the physical factors regardless of the immeasurable and unseen. Whilst this is limited (and postulations do not have spiritual orientation) it is qualified upon the level that it investigates to a point. (That point being the physical perimeter of course.)

But then when we come to the thinking involved within the spiritual sciences where it is that our testing and weighing is amongst the non-apparent or seemingly-apparent (from a physical standpoint that is). Then we acknowledge that our processes cannot afford to be so fixed to any one level, but that we are required to move with a fluidity which eases in and out of the prima to the child so born, and by way of the imaginative comprehension whereupon quite often we are called to make improvise.

The lesson of the heart was not one in which the object was to make the student appear foolish. It was not a gentle joke with a lesson that was merely symbolic. It was not a physical test of anatomy, as to what lay before them quite obviously upon the plate presented. It was not a question of them complying with what they thought they were being asked to do.

Firstly, we do not recommend this as a teaching example or workshop activity to be used, however, the point from it is good enough and so we begin by the mention ... although, admittedly, some of the drama has gone from the exercise (you really would have had to have been there, as they say). The students were most serious about this and every other matter. They have prepared for the inauguration during pending lifetimes. Their characters are defined yet given, their resolution is clear, their love is almost complete.

This schooling in the past has been known by some of our students we address today who have not the same shelter which was provided before. They have returned to the world a'further. But some of you would know the old ways well.

Out-numbering our numbers were the ones who did not require that their students developed their own thinking. Contrariwise, for reasons both wonderful and sinister, it was discouraged to the point where the student would disown their own ego for that of their teachers lest they should be discharged from their lot. Our empathy is that we are Christian Christians according to Christ. In no other school is this free thinking permitted or advised. Whether archaic or progressive, let the question be: "Are the students required to retain and develop their own egos?"

The student is not above the master, nor qualified as an equal in what there is to be learnt, else the master would not be the master in this instance. However, the master may in no ways dominate the student into a conciliatory agreement, for this will only damage and weaken the ego of the up and coming soul developing so. The schools of Anti-Christ mark a man thus.

All men bear Christ within their imprint already, and were they to develop most naturally, then it is of consequence that they shall emanate the resplendence of Christ's own Nature and be just like Him. This is the paradox of the gift of ego. Its character in maturation is ordained - implying also that those egos which are not holy will not go on to further existence.

So when a being seeks to change not only the hearts of men but their egohood as well, it is to corrupt the path he has been given and make an alteration which will bear its signature instead. To do this it is then required that the souls who fall under them are willingly obedient and obligingly submissive to the point where they will forfeit themselves for that which they believe to be higher and worthier. Yet there is no trade, no equal trade, for in this the exchange is of soul also, soul to false god who has marked the ego for his own.

The question was: "Does the Anti-Christ know that he is not the Christ?" The very remedy lies in its opposing point: "Do men know that they are indeed the Christ?”, for should they come to know this well then all of the glamor of the Anti-Christ would fall away as but dust and filth, for imitation may well be a flattery, but with no proper substance within it, it is but a dangerous deception.

Yes he knows that he is not our Christ; he well knows what it is that he is not. He has not the stretch of joy that spreads the stars. He is irritated by the rosy aureole of the morning and the playfulness which extends the etheric fields. He is even dubious about love's freedoms making it ever stronger, for he is not compelled in the way of men; his strength builds upon itself, working to an invert law, one which the souls of Man could not survive upon.

The Anti-Christ holds to a false-glamor in everything - appearance is everything! (Remember that.) This is why we begin in the example of the hearts - look and look again, and then look to the hidden as well! For in the Anti-Christ he is singular, singular in level and in placement, for he would not want men to delve into inner truth, he would rather that they are caught in the fancies and seductions of the material world alone, and by such it can happen that they shall deny their Christ within and thereby deny Him also.

He isolates and then attacks. When men cease to commune with other like souls, they leave themselves also. Christ brings us to Him, and to our knowledge of our own selves through others. Selflessness in this true sense (not selflessness for gain of a greater ego superimposed upon our own) is there that we shall have the support of each other's Christ qualities as well - those which will lead us into manhood fully pronounced and glorious, one to be defended and to be guarded as the most precious gift of Him as well as of self….and to know God.

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